Elias Toufexis Interview (Voice of Adam Jensen)

Conducted By Adam Ames

Elias Toufexis, the voice for lead character, Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution took time away from his busy schedule to answer to few questions for TPG.  Elias talks about how he got the role, his fondness for video games and much more.

Were you a fan of video games growing up?

Huge. On Nintendo (Contra, Castlevania & Punch out!) and Computer (Wing Commander, Doom and Deus Ex!)

Where did your career in voice acting for video games begin?

My first video game I got from a normal audition for Need For Speed. It ended up having a lot of voice work in it. I think that was 2007. After that it was Rainbow Six Vegas 2. It continued from there.

How did you end up getting the part of Adam Jensen?

It was a just from an audition. I didn’t know anything about what I was auditioning for.

Did you play the original Deus Ex or read the story to get a feel for the type of character you would be playing?  Did you do any other research for your role as Adam Jensen?

I did play the original and I re-visted it after I booked the role. I also watched what the producers told me inspired them. Movies and the like

Describe a typical day working in the studio on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

A lot of drinking water. Most of the time I’m with whatever actor I’m talking to. Which is great and actually rare in games and animation.

How long did it take to complete your portion of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution project?

About four years of recording two or three times a month. Every now and again I’d think I was done and then they’d come up with another side quest!

Do you prefer to play a protagonist or the antagonistic?

The great thing about Jensen is that he can be both. In film / tv I usually end up playing the bad guy. Most of the time they’re much more interesting.

Are there any subtle similarities between voice acting and stage acting?  Which do you prefer?

No matter what the medium I try to approach it from a character standpoint. So basically they end up simply being a performance regardless. I love doing video game work, especially because it’s getting closer to film with all of the motion capture we are doing these days. I haven’t done stage in 5 years mostly because of the time put in is too much and I’d rather spend the time with my family. Film and TV has a fair share of hours too, but there is so much downtime I can bring my family on set with me. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

How much of Adam Jensen is in Elias Toufexis?

More and more as I get further into the game. If the question were the other way around I’d say that there is a version of Adam that has a lot of me in it…but you have to make the choices in the game that I would to find him.

Was there a role you were extremely excited about landing, but came up short?

Every other week something like that happens. I wish I was Annakin Skywalker. No wait, those movies stink.

For every “Yes” you receive in the business, how many “Nopes” do you get?

I calculated a ratio a few years ago. I think it came down to ‘for every 11 auditions I do I book one’. So I’m told ‘no’ 10 times a month or so. I’m a working actor who’s done popular shows and videogames and characters who does nothing else for a living and I’m still told no very often. It’s a tough business. But I knew that going in.

What do you enjoy in the downtime away from acting scene?

Mostly family. A lot of Zoos and Amusment Parks etc. I also love movies more than most people and I have a pretty darn good collection. -End

TPG would like to thank Elias for taking time to interview with us.  You can follow Elias via his official page and Twitter

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