TPG Readers Using Internet Explorer 8

It has been brought to our attention that readers browsing the site with Internet Explorer 8 are seeing distorted pictures within our headlines and articles.  We have been able to duplicate their issues and are working on the problem.  For those of you viewing TPG from work and have no other browser alternative, we do apologize.  If you are still using IE 8 at home, we strongly suggest installing an updated and more secure browser.

Please consider using any of the following:




Internet Explorer 9 (Vista and 7 Only)


TruePCGaming Staff

2 thoughts on “TPG Readers Using Internet Explorer 8

    • I really get this is upsetting. If somebody told me to use another browser to view one site, I would be pissed too. We have scoured the internet looking for a fix to this problem, but we have come up empty. The fact of the matter is we cannot change or edit any of the code (CSS, HTML, PHP) because we are using a free WordPress theme on their free host. We are very close to moving a new paid host where we can make these changes, but that will not be for a week or two. None of us get paid for running TPG and coming up with the funds needed to move has been a challenge.

      I do not know what else to say other than, I am sorry.

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