CurrentGen Interviews TPG

With all of the interviews TPG conducts, it was only a matter of time before the tables were turned on us.  Podcast broadcast vets Phil and Thez from CurrentGen reached out to us for an audio interview and we gladly accepted.  In this 90 minute PC Gaming Special, you will hear first hand how TPG got started, analysis on our scoring system, thoughts on the PC gaming industry as a whole and much more.  I also recommend checking out the rest of their Podcasts as well.  Click the link above and then either download the MP3 directly or use their in-browser audio player.

This was a great exposure for us and we thank Phil and Thez for offering to put us on their stage.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank not only all of the developers who have gone out of their way to make time to work with us, but every writer here at TPG.  Without the hard work and dedication shown on a consistent basis by Mike A & B, Carlin, George, Armaan, Nick, Nathan, Noah and Luke, TPG would simply not exist.

Thank you.

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15 thoughts on “CurrentGen Interviews TPG

      • Replace “watching paint dy” with “watching the output of GCC while it compiles”. At least with paint you get to inspect the variation of the color and shininess as the solvent evaporates.

  1. As with the others, I thought for sure I would get 20 minutes in and turn it off. I listened to the whole thing. I liked the connection you guys had. Was this the first time getting together? I looked around and did’nt see any other podcasts you did.

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