Defenders of Ardania Steam Code Giveaway – Your Funniest “Duh” Moment

TPG, in conjunction with Paradox Interactive, are giving away five (5) beta Steam codes for the upcoming Tower Defense/RTS hybrid title, Defenders of Ardania.  All five winners will be upgraded from the beta to the official version once the game launches on December 8th.  We also had the chance to give our thoughts on the preview build we received last week.

For this entry, we would like you to tell us about a funny (or sad depending on the point of view) “duh” moment in gaming or while building a PC.  Wandered around in a maze for hours only to find a solution that took just a few minutes?  Spent some time trying to find out what why your PC would not turn on after a build, finally realizing the power cord was not plugged in?  We have all been there before so now is the time to let your misguidedness cash in on a chance at a free game.

The Rules:

  •     No Profanity
  •     One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  •     48 Hours Only
  •     Post your first name and last initial
  •     Try to keep your entry to a paragraph or less.

This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to Cameron C., Caramon, David F,  Tristan and Frank F.  Steam keys have been sent to your e-mail.  Please check your Spam folders if you do not see an e-mail from TPG in your Inbox.  You can now tell your friends this duh moment in your life ended up giving you a free game.  Thanks to everyone who went out on a limb to share their stories with us.

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19 thoughts on “Defenders of Ardania Steam Code Giveaway – Your Funniest “Duh” Moment

  1. There was a time when I used to buy all my friends’ machines. I normally used the same configuration because it was cheap and had a nice punch for the money. It was about that time that mainboards started coming with the second energy cable you had to connect, you know the 4 pin one.

    For some reason, this model of mainboard (I think it was an Asus) with the VGA card it was using (one of the first nVidias?. I don’t even remember, it was a LONG time ago) would work perfectly without connecting the small cable. So I thought to myself: ok, it must be optional.

    Fast forward a couple of years to the next machine I’m building. OF COURSE, I don’t connect the cable. It’s optional, you know?. So the machine just beeps and turns off. I look at everything. I test the mainboard inside and outside the box. I connect only CPU and memory trying to get the board to beep me a BIOS error. Nothing. After 3 or 4 hours I go to the store and change it for another one because it’s faulty!. Back home, of course, the same result.

    So a friend comes, I tell him all about it, and he says “you forgot to plug this in”. And before I can say “no, it’s not that”, the motherboard is POSTing happily. 2 minutes of reading the manual could have saved me a trip to the store and 5 hours of hair pulling.

    So nowadays I always read the mainboard manuals, even if I’ve built quite a lot of machines. It’s SO much better for my health.

  2. Cameron C.

    I had a really bad “duh” moment a few months ago actually. I had just bought the game Sanctum, and when I started it up everything worked fine. I started playing and when I got in game with my friend playing co-op, I noticed the textures were very blurry, so everything looked strange. I kind of freaked out and asked my friend if he saw the same thing, and he didn’t so I was pretty confused. I ended up actually EMAILING THE GAME’S DEVELOPERS about this “issue”, but they replied back saying it was just a problem with my game’s settings. I went back in game and adjusted the texture settings to “normal” (it was on “very low” before :D), and it fixed my problems. I think I facepalm’d myself at that moment. ^_^

  3. I experienced the effects of true smoke test while connecting my GPU to High Definition audio. Lots of grey smoke came from my PC and – of course – HD audio didn’t work. I couldn’t fix that so I had to turn off the computer. Good thing it still run.

  4. Think one of the most embarrassing duh moments I’ve had are from my World of Warcraft days.

    We use ventrilo for everything, and one evening I’d hurt my left hand from some DIY, so I turned on voice activation (I’d been running left ctrl to talk for about 5 years). All was fine, till my girlfriend came home from a night on the town with the “girls”.

    She was a little tipsy to say the least and we had a saucy conversation to which it seems the whole guild heard, since I forgot totally about the voice activation.

    To this day I still get teased about it! Total red face moment, even thinking of it again makes me blush.

  5. i was on lan party with my friends. had to play on batteries due to lack of enough sockets. my new lappy after a half an hour intence gaming still showed “2 hours battery left”
    then that scumbag laptop died in 2 minutes. 😦

  6. This isn”t actually building a PC, but almost, so here it goes:

    Many years ago, I bought a printer, nice and shiny. I brought it home, unboxed it, put in the ink cartridges and paper, plugged in a cable and turned on my PC.

    I was very excited, but when I tried to print, the printer didn”t work for some reason. I checked the printer and it seemed like it’s working fine, all the lights were blinking and everything. So I called my brother, who knows more about computers. He told me to install drivers from various sites and change settings through places I had never seen.

    We tried to get it to work for about 2 hours, when I realized, that I plugged in a power cord and forgot to plug the USB cable that connects the computer and printer. I plugged it in and told my brother that the printer started to work somehow.

    He still doesn”t know how I got it to work. 🙂

    Frank K.

    (I tried to keep my entry to a paragraph or less)

  7. I bought myself a new PC and wanted to put my old hardware in a smaller case with some shiny red, green and blue fans. So I took everything out of my old case and put it on my table.

    Then I had the great idea, to connect everything back together without a case. Just on my table. “What could possibly go wrong?”

    I saw pictures, where other people did it too and there they put the mainboard on some sort of foam material. So I took a foam material mat out of an old aluminum case and placed it under the mainboard. Again: “What could possibly go wrong?”

    I can only guess what went wrong, because I couldn’t figure the morse code out, that my mainboard sent my with the smoke signals, but this was the last sign of life my mainboard had. 😦

  8. Back in school, another student working in one of the computer labs thought that her computer was making too much noise. Naturally, she wanted to do something about this, and decided to turn off the fan. So, she looked at the back of the computer, and found a switch conveniently located next to the only visible fan. She flicked the switch, and the computer went silent alright (not immediately though). She’d found the 110V/230V switch on the PSU, and set the PSU to 110V while connected to a 230V grid (and while running!). That computer didn’t run anymore… (hey, at least it became quiet!)

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