Trine 2 Steam Code Giveaway – Real Life Co-Op Gone Awry

TPG, in association with Frozenbyte, are giving away three (3) beta Steam codes for their highly anticipated sequel, Trine 2.  All three winners will be upgraded from the beta to the official version once the game launches later this year.  As with any beta, there are known issues and bugs being worked on by Frozenbyte.  They have posted a thread in the Trine 2 Steam forums where you can read about these problems and post feedback for the development team.  We are also reviewing the beta ourselves which will be available next week.

Now comes the fun part: the contest.  Tell us about your worst or funniest real-life Co-Op moment.  Do you remember a time where yourself and a group of friends tried to work together for a common goal, but ended up being foiled time and time again?  Perhaps as kids, a friend or your siblings devised a plan to get cookies from an out of reach area of the kitchen only to get caught….. or worse?

Winners will be selected by members of TPG and contacted via e-mail with their Steam keys.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial along with your story

This contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We loved reading your stories. The winners are: Frank K., Lyubo M., and James K.  You should receive your Trine 2 Steam keys shortly.

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19 thoughts on “Trine 2 Steam Code Giveaway – Real Life Co-Op Gone Awry

  1. Sean B.

    Me and my brother were trying to climb a chain link fence walking home from school one day. It was pretty tall so I lifted him up. He got half way and got scared. I climbed up next to him and tried to get him to get over the top. I guess I pushed a little too hard because he flipped over the top and cut his shirt and stomach. I tried to race over the fence and cut myself on my hand too.

  2. I remember playing football with a childhood friend when i was about 10 or something…I kicked the ball a bit harder and it went on the rooftop of a nearby building. The building wasnt that tall, but we weren’t that tall either ;P And the logical outcome ? Build a ladder ! I have no idea what materials we used to build that ladder…It didnt even look like a ladder ! Anyway, my friend started climbing that thing, and he almost reached the top when it shattered into pieces…The ball is probably still on that rooftop /le sigh…It was a productive day !
    Damn my story sounds like a Minecraft adventure map hahaha ! But i swear its true ;D

  3. Kenny F.
    Hmm thats tough. The most recent would be playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 with my younger brother. We were playing co op and he was Mario and I was the helper star thingy. We had to use star bits to get past the part we were at. He thought he was doing it right but little did he know I switched his his remote and made mine 1st player. He tried to do it for a good 10 mins before he figured out what happened 😛

  4. We went cross country skiing on a class trip back in junior high. We were allowed to group out in teams and go where ever we wanted in the area. Long story short, we ended up at a cliff with an amazing view. A friend was close to the edge of it, with a strong breeze and a slip; he was hanging by the side of the cliff. This was pretty old skiing equipment so we couldn’t handily take it off plus with the limited time we had to pull him back up. So we tried our best to get to him but just couldn’t. Eventually he fell the 15~ foot cliff; landed on his left hand and arm. Broken, we had to find a way down there to help him back up. We looked every where but we could find a path down there. Eventually a friend went back to get someone to help. Stupidly it wasn’t our first choice but the path to where we were was pretty long and there wasn’t anyone around us. When help arrived, he was well acquainted with the area and found a path quite close but just covered by snow. It made us feel quite foolish indeed.

    • Typo in the “but we could find a path down there”. It’s couldn’t* instead of could. Didn’t catch it when rereading the paragraph.

  5. Hands down and highly recommended that you do not ever try this at home, my fave and worst at the same time was driving from Illinois to Seattle for PAX with my Friend. That in itself was not a problem. It was the stupid decision to be good charitable souls and offer a ride to a hitchhiking stranger at a gas station at the South Dakota border.
    For the first 2-3 hours or so it was okay, he mostly slept, farted and talked about this cousin in Florida. But it was around about 2am when he started to tell me about how his Dad used to beat him when he was young and how he was “John The Baptist” reincarnated. Apparently his Dad used to beat him and tell him this, killed a couple of his pets for sinning and so on….
    After a while i glance over at my friend who i thought was asleep in the passenger seat and i can see his eyes wide open and from what i could make out he mouthed “We’re f***ed” (which he later confirmed).
    Anyways to cut a long story short, my bud spoke up and asked that we stop at a gas station to take a leak. Gave John the Baptist $20 and asked him to grab some snacks while i filled up the tank and he took a leak. When he was inside the store we took off. Seemed like a good idea.
    PAX was great though.

  6. My friend and I thought of arranging a mass bunk of classes on occasion of Tron movie release. We informed all our classmates and everyone said they would like to watch the movie on release day. We managed to get 30 tickets of the movie somehow. We were waiting at the theatre, but surprisingly no one turned out! Next day, we got to know that our principal somehow got to know about the mass bunk arrangement and warned the students not to attend & he informed our parents. Finally, we lost money & got scolded

  7. Me and my friends were trying to move a closet to a third floor and because it seemed to be a nightmare to push it through the house, we decided to pull it up with ropes from a balcony.
    We were at the middle, when suddenly a rope snapped and the whole thing came down. It bashed into several pieces and we had to buy a new one.

    This time, we brought it up through the house, which turned out to be easier than we tought. 🙂

  8. Don’t know how much of real-life story it is but gonna try anyways: me and my friend were making a webpage for a customer, but the point is during the development and planning stage we haven’t contacted each other, since lots of other stuff came up and we just couldn’t find a while to talk; the tricky part is we were using one PC with webpage files on it, he was doing his part, left home, then I came back few hours later and continued from where he started, and so on. The result was pretty good :p

  9. When I was young myself and my best friend became obsessed with this strange panel he had in his bedroom wall. It totally looked like a hidden passage to us. So of course we decided there had to be a lost treasure or something hidden in his wall. You know like Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault! 🙂 We also had an Indiana Jones obsession. Well we weren’t very strong, so the most we could do was work with screwdrivers and stuff. So we totally tore up his wall looking for lost treasure! 🙂 We got yelled at, however that didn’t deter us. We kept at it determined to find out what was behind that strange looking panel. We sure gave his dad a headache when he finally saw all of our handy work. It turned out to be absolutely nothing.

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