TPG Command Performance: Trine 2

By – Mike Andre

Trine 2 is the sequel of one of the most pleasant surprises of 2009 and is now among the most anticipated titles for 2011.  Our heroes Pontius the Knight, Zoya the Thief and Amadeus the Wizard are back for their new adventure and boy does it look good.  Now that TPG managed to grab a beta version of the game, let’s see what we can expect.

The first Trine was well known for having beautiful graphics and landscapes, and its sequel is keen on continuing the trend by enchanting our eyes with absolutely gorgeous backgrounds, well executed animations and overall great visuals.

If we needed any proof that making a great looking game doesn’t require a million dollar engine, then here it is. What makes it all even more surprising is that Frozenbyte, the developer behind the game, is a relatively small indie company with no lush funds like your average mainstream developer.

However great graphics would be worth nothing if the gameplay wasn’t up to par, right?

Well, rest easy because the formula behind the prequel remains the same which means if you enjoyed the first one, you’ll surely like this one as well. Physics are still ingeniously used to create all kinds of challenges and puzzle; some harder, some easier but all of them equally satisfying to solve. It’s also nice to see how each puzzle has more than one solution without constantly resorting to the predictable use of the unique abilities of each character.

The way you can use objects from the scenery and use them against enemies to crush them or push them around is really fun as well. You can still upgrade your characters and learn new attacks and spells, with a special mention for the enemy levitation spell-obligatory if you want to feel like a happier looking version of Darth Vader.

When it comes to combat you are almost forced to use Pontius the Knight as the other characters are more directed at puzzle solving, especially when the enemies come in big numbers. Speaking of which, I hope there will be more variety when it comes to baddies by the time the game is released. Perhaps it’s too early to tell since this is only a beta, but given the clever use of physics throughout the game, I feel there is potential here for very interesting enemies which so far seem a little generic as far as platformers go.

Even though the beta only contained the first two chapters, it was still enough to leave a sweet taste in my mouth while we wait for its full release in December.  Assuming they don’t botch the release, you can expect a gorgeous game with challenging and satisfying puzzles. Who said having more of the same is a bad thing?

[Editor’s Note: For those of you who are currently playing the beta, please help out the development of Trine 2 by posting your feedback for Frozenbyte in their thread on the Steam forums.]

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