November 2011 TPG Survey

Since we started TPG at the end of July, we have seen a steady increase in popularity and willingness from developers and publishers of all backgrounds to work with us in providing review copies, giveaways and time to answer interview questions.  We would now like to offer our readers the opportunity to give us the feedback we need in order to continue progressing in the right direction.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our ten question survey.  You can make this as simple or as detailed as you like, but the more information you give us, the better understanding we will have moving forward.

Thanks in advance,

TPG Staff

7 thoughts on “November 2011 TPG Survey

  1. Filled one too.
    I hope you”ll make this site a full-paying job and provide us with all the gaming and hardware news so I will never have switch my tab to another site. 🙂

    • That is the plan. All of the guys here deserve to be compensated financially for all of the hard work they put into their articles. Just like any other skill like welding, wood working or painting, writing involves a creative process and should be treated as such.

      Thanks for filling out the survey.

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