Desura Code Giveaway: Monster RPG 2 – Your Favorite JRPG Moment

In cooperation with Nooskwel Team, TPG is offering three (3) Desura codes for their JRPG title, Monster RPG 2.  To enter this contest, simply use the comment section below to post your favorite JRPG and a corresponding funny/sad/awesome story from that game.  Winners will be selected by a member of Nooskwel Team and TPG based on their favorite entry.  Also, be sure to read our interview with Nooskwel Team about how Monster RPG 2 was developed.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your favorite JRPG and corresponding story
  • Try keeping entries to a few paragraphs

This contest is now over.  The winners are alphaprospector, Dominic and Efe.  Your keys will sent early Monday morning.  Thanks to everyone who shared their story.

7 thoughts on “Desura Code Giveaway: Monster RPG 2 – Your Favorite JRPG Moment

  1. Vagrant Story for the PS1, I don’t remember much about it but I had a lot of fun with it back in the day. Also, I constantly accidentally deleted my profile because I was 7 or 8, and rather dumb, I must have replayed the start at least 4 dozen times.

  2. Definitely Chrono Cross. I even went ahead and chased the original soundtrack and imported it from Japan. The whole game oozes such a strange feeling of melancholy and sadness so particularly weird. The bosses are pretty impressive as well. But the part that stroke me the most, spoilers ahead, is when the main character simply stabs Kid (which now I realised was given some sort of aussie accent in the translation?) and you start the second part of the game. Combined with the Van Gogh setting you get after this scene, the whole thing left me speechless when I was younger. And we can’t forget that incredibly AWESOME opening right? Chrono Cross opening song is such a powerful one…

    Let’s not even mention the bloody ending. Soft vocals, an acoustic guitar and that’s it. Like Kobato’s music, it’s the kind of stuff that’s so good yet makes you so sad!!! Damn.

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