Skyrim Steam Code Giveaway: Your Favorite Bethesda Game Moment

In association with Bethesda Softworks, TPG is offering two (2) Steam codes for their RPG hit, Skyrim.  To enter, simply use the comment section to post your favorite Bethesda developed RPG (Daggerfall, Morrowind, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skryrim) and a corresponding funny/sad/awesome story from that game.  Winners will be selected by a member of TPG based on their favorite entry.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your favorite Bethesda game moment
  • Try to keep entries to a few paragraphs

The contest is now over.  The staff here at TPG loved every story told, but only two can be chosen.  Those winners are Karel S. and Baris E.  Your Steam keys have been sent.

Although not developed by Bethesda, one of my funniest moments playing an RPG in recent memory was New Vegas.  My playstyle is normally straight ahead using brute force.  I loaded up New Vegas for the very first time and began talking to a few people in Goodsprings.  They informed me the best course of action in attempting to find the man to tried to kill me was going south to Primm.  I knew this was the road the game wanted me to take, but I needed to see New Vegas right away.  I headed north from Goodsprings and found my way through a small valley.  In the distance, I saw something blinking orange.  As I got closer, I saw what appeared to be a flying bug of some kind.  I thought to myself, “How cute.  A little fly.  No problem.”  I pull out my Varmint Rifle with every intention of quickly sending this insect to the ground.  Looking down the barrel, I begin to pump lead into seemingly helpless creature.  Three shots! Four shots! Five shots!

No effect.

A few seconds later, I crumble into a heap below the uninjured Cazador.  After reloading, my puny weapon and freshly created character started in a southerly direction towards Primm.

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70 thoughts on “Skyrim Steam Code Giveaway: Your Favorite Bethesda Game Moment

  1. My favorite Bethesda games moment must be New Vegas with its crazy mutants. I just love using the hammer and goin meele against them. Also i love the mutants in the power station who believe you are their savior. Pretty cool stuff. Just love the atmosphere in Bethesdas games. THe music, characters! Its amazing!

  2. Oblivion:

    I think it all started with stealing a horse. I hadn’t been playing for that long, and I didn’t want to wait however long the game wants you to wait to be able to own a horse. So I stole one. I easily out-rode the people who weren’t particularly happy about my having stolen their horse, and starting adventuring.

    Amidst the adventuring I forgot all about my grand-theft-equestrian escapades, and happened to return to town. The instant a guard saw me, he knew. His eyes probably narrowed and everything. He called me “Criminal scum”, and advanced on me as if it had been HIS horse!

    I had lost my horse between then and now, so what followed was a merry chase around a large rock, during which I killed the guard extremely slowly with pitifully weak arrows.

    What I want to know is, how did he recognise me that quickly? I’m sure I had stolen the horse in a different part of the world, and it’s not as if I’d seen any wanted posters. Were his friends THAT good at describing criminals that as soon as he saw me, he knew? His mental picture was so finely tuned that he suffered not a moment of hesitation?

    I’ll never steal a horse again. I promise. Until I start playing Skyrim.

  3. Well, let’s see, I think my favourite moment was in Oblivion. At first I decided to follow the main quest but I was told repeatedly that it wasn’t very good, that I should install dozens of mods and such so, after saving Kvatch the following happens:

    Chat: “Hey, did you install Hentai Mania? It’s an awesome japanesque mod (it’s korean) that replaces many vanilla dungeons mobs with awesome, deadly women, nice bosses and superb armors+weapons.”
    Me: “No idea. But I’ll give it a shot!” (Silly me)

    That’s where the main quest ended and my “let’s visit all this dungeons” tale began. Time to get myself a Cyrodiil map. Where do I go? I pay a visit to Fort Istirus… only to find dead bodies and silence in the first rooms.

    What the hell happened here? (real life comment: Da f—?)

    After looting, I venture forth and confront a vampire that walked right into me. Wow, that was hard. Barely made out alive. Then more vampires show up and start confronting the remaining residents of the dungeon in a cruel battle. Me? I get kicked too just for being there. Save me, Akatosh! Add a necromancer to the mix. Good lord, don’t throw me skeletons and fire elementals! Eventually the orc adventurer shows up to save the day. Green is best! Finally someone who doesn’t try to kill me! So, yes, the dungeon got raided by a bunch of random inglorious vampires and I found myself in the middle of this epic mess! The orc adventurer rocks, just don’t poke him. He’s green and cool.

    We still got massacred by the dungeon boss, the sole survivor.

    Moral: even if you don’t like the main quests, just exploring and fooling around can lead to pretty crazy situations! That’s what makes these games so good. And boy, the mod looks so damn pervy, lol. But there is a challenge here. The bosses pack a lot of punch and use dozens of tricks. There is also a second part with even better enemy designs (some great, scary and very tall armoured things, demons, etc.) and bosses.

    Matt. P.

    • My bad, small fix: it was Lispand Tarn. And it was the other way around, the HM people invaded the vampires place. The orc was a CM companion. Now I get why he was there. My brother was messing with the save files before I played! Doesn’t change the fact we still got owned… Moral 2: share the saves with your relatives so you can get crazier results. 🙂

    • I love the modding scene too. Although I install mods that provide smaller fonts and better in-game navigation. I used to mod High Heat Baseball 2001-2004 and I modded almost every game that has a scene, but over the years, I have gotten tired of troubleshooting problems due to mods. Either that, or I am just getting too old to care. 🙂

  4. Oblivion –
    My favorite moment has to be from a quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline, where you are to be locked in a manor with a bunch of other NPC’s, and you have to either find a creative way to kill everyone in the manor, without getting noticed, or pit the other ‘guests’ against one another.
    By far the best quest in any game i have ever played.

    Mathias F.

  5. Morrowind: a sad moment when I started the game just few days ago (autumn sales…), and noticed that the faces you can choose for your charcter are really really HORRIBLE…

  6. That would be a moment from Morrowind:

    I was just starting out playing Morrowind, exploring, being amazed of how awesome it actually is. So, I was walking down a road, and suddenly heard a sound, which was getting louder quite quickly, until I realized that a man is screaming. That, of course, got me on my feet, I drew my weapon (Not that I could actually kill anyone, sheesh.) and starting looking around in all directions, just panicking, caught in the moment. No one seemed to be around, until *TWHACK* an old man fell from the sky.

    At that moment, I was totally amazed. That actually happened a few months ago, yes, I just tried Morrowind now, but I was just simply amazed. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything similar in any other game, words just cannot express what I felt at that moment. I don’t know how could describe it any other way, than I already did, but funnily enough, that one moment changed my perspective on games.

    Using the scroll and jumping from town to town was fun too. Hooray save system.

  7. My truly unforgettable Bethesda moment belongs to Morrowind, it made on me such an impression that it’s still clear in my mind after 10 years:

    I literally spent months on the game before finally deciding to complete the main quest and fulfill the prophecy of Nerevarine. Postponing it for so long wasn’t because I didn’t like it or didn’t feel engaged, not at all. I simply wanted to go through the world, all its challenges and problems and emerge as a character that would be deserving to be sung of by the bards in coming ages, be mentioned about in the history books with the associated grand achievements. It’s what I love about the Elder Scrolls.

    So I make ready and arrive at Ghostgate before venturing into the ash storm towards the Red Mountain. Inside, I come across an old man called Wulf who’s wearing Imperial armor. Strange, I’m sure that I haven’t seen him here before or anywhere else. It doesn’t seem like he’s on an errand here for the Legion. I initiate conversation.

    He says that he’s an old veteran from the Legion and hands over a coin that he calls lucky, wants me to carry it with me when I confront Dagoth Ur. I happily accept it a kind gesture and assume that it’s a heartwarming encounter since my character is an Imperial Templar herself. I make my way towards the mountain and later, come back. Wulf is nowhere to be found. I ask around but nobody recalls seeing such a person. I travel to Ebonheart to find some kind of information about him and visit the Imperial Chapels.

    The oracle believes that the old veteran was a manifestation of Tiber Septim, the founder of the Empire himself in the flesh, an avatar of the Ninth Divine Talos! I was totally dumbfounded and awestruck at the same time. I wanted to reload a savegame to see him once more, however none was left from that time or before. It was a fleeting, simple yet inspiring moment that warms my heart whenever I recall it, a very rare occurrence in games.

    It was like one of those unforgettable moments in life that’s come and gone without you knowing the importance of it at the time, like saying farewell to an old relative that would have passed on the next time you hear from.

      • You’re welcome and I’d recommend checking Morrowind out, it had its own kind of charm (I may be biased somewhat since it wasn’t anything like I played until then) and was definitely more old-school compared to newer Bethesda games. It should look decent enough with some graphical overhaul mods if it bothers you.

  8. Fallout 3 moment here:

    I was just cruising the wasteland (still pretty early in the game) and came across the “Charnel house” full of raiders.

    So I start trying to murderize them when this freakin super mutant jumps out of nowhere and beats a few of them to death for me, then he runs at me so I VATS and que a couple shots on his head when I realize not only does he register as friendly but he has a name……..Uncle Leo.

    As I talk to him, one of his options demands he give me his stuff (basically armed robbery) and he just tells me he’s sorry he cant give me more and hands over some clothes.

    After that he just wanders off.

    Frank K.

  9. The absurd fun of playing Daggerfall (back when it was new and I barely knew what I was doing) mainly came in the bickering my sister and I would engage in. I refused to kill innocent bystanders and would run from city guards if I accidentally infringed the local laws (sadly, very easy to do with the game bugs or if you weren’t paying attention). She, on the other hand, would run through the towns massacring everyone she crossed paths with and looting the guards for all they were worth. Plato and Aristotle didn’t have anything on those debates. 😉

  10. As I ventured to a fishing village in the hopes of paying for transport to save me from an endless walk back south, it came to my attention that I had no money left. I wasn’t in the mood for a long walk so I decided to get some money by any means necessary. And finally there it was, my chance, a lone fisherman who didn’t know what was coming to him. I walked silently and stabbed him from behind, for some reason he didn’t die (probably because I wasn’t very skilled with short swords) and fought back. I resorted to my unarmed skills and with my fists I finished the job. I looted his corpse and with the little money he had I could pay for transport back south, near my home. When I arrived home I dropped at the entrance the fishing pole I had acquired and went to my room to play Morrowind on my PC.

  11. Mine has to be Morrowind.

    I was pretty young at the time, and Morrowind was pretty much my first contact with a Bethesda game, not to mention an extremely open-world RPG.

    So I get out of the boat, walk through the dock (all the while gawking at the graphics and the music), enter the house, and start looking around. To my surprise, I could pick up a piece of cheese. Huh. I could also pick up a spoon, a knife, a fork, almost everything that I could lay my poor character’s virtual eyes on. “Why the hell would a game enable me to pick up all these things? I must need them and I must have them!” I quickly surmise.

    I was dead in seconds. I was hooked for life.

  12. Fallout 3, pacing along a giant robot, was quite an experience, only equivalent by Shadow of the Colossus. The sense of scale was truly amazing, making you feel so puny, in this giant battle, alongside this giant robot. I don’t remember many moments in which the game I was playing made me feel like a small cog in something much larger.

  13. I’ve had tons of great moments in Morrowind and Oblivion. But then I went back and played TES Arena.

    Perhaps one of my favorite moments was in the beginning. I played for well over an hour without swinging a weapon. I had no idea how.

    I ran like a mad man, swam to the brink of collapse and cursed those rats and goblins who were immune to my left-clicking. I thought that I was attacking them. I figured the game just didn’t have an attack animation. But since I was a thief-like character, I must not be strong enough to damage them.

    So on I ran. And I did quite well. I was grabbing loot and dodging creatures as best I could. I probably rested 4 weeks worth of time in that dungeon, but I made it out.

    Luckily by the end, I figured out how to right-click and drag.

  14. My favorite moment was from playing Daggerfall.

    I entered an mage’s guild building in a random town, this was my first time I’ve entered a mage’s guild. Inside, I smelled the spices and herbs for potion making, and off to one side, I heard an enchanter mumbling strange words. I looked around and saw an old bearded man in a corner, his eyes twinkling friendly. I thought I should introduce myself, so I walked across the room and greeted this old man.

    He ignored my greetings, saying that he have something for me to do if I’m willing to risk my life. An adventurer to the bone, I boldly state that I can handle anything this old man could task me. Smiling gently, he mentioned that there are some assassins who wants to slay him, and they will come at midnight. How he knew, I have no idea, but the thought of slaying assassins warmed my heart, and I agreed to the task of protecting him.

    I then sat down at a nearby chair, chewing on some leaves and sharpening my sword to pass the time. I noticed idly that some people disappeared mysteriously, but since this is a mage’s guild, that’s to be expected. When the clock struck midnight, a group of four assassins magically appeared in the room, I scrambled to my feet in surprise, and drew out my sword, fearing that I wouldn’t be able to get between them and the old man in time. The four men turned towards me, ignoring the old man entirely, and approached slowly. The old man continued to stand in the corner, his eyes twinkling, not a care in the world.

    I yelled, then charged into the group. My sword swinging wildly, I slew two men, but suffered grievous wounds. I fumbled for a healing potion with one hand, and tried to parry off the attacks from the remaining two men, but suddenly one assassin sank his dagger into my chest. I gasped, and clawed at the dagger, but it was to no avail. I collapsed onto the floor, blood trickling out of my mouth.

    My last vision was of the old man still standing the corner, his eyes still twinkling, and the two men idly chatting about how they’ll miss their companions, then the world faded to black.

  15. I had quite a laugh playing Oblivion, doing my first mission for the fighters guild and getting told to help this elven woman with a rat problem. I immediately remembered the first mission from the fighters guild in Morrowind where you ended up getting… exactly the same mission, where you had to kill some rats. I thought maybe Bethesda had lacked imagination this time around, not putting much effort on side quests and such but when I reached the elven woman’s house to help her with her rat problem, she starts the same as the Morrowind one … and then starts crying about cats killing her babies! She was a rat lover! She loved the hairy beasts and wanted me to get rid of the cats!

    I like it when a game developer pokes fun at itself and that scene made me laugh out loud. Didn’t see that twist coming at all.

  16. Oblivion.

    Still getting used to the game, I had learned that taking off my boots to sneak doesn’t really help when I have no experiencing sneaking around pickpocketing people. Nevertheless, I spent a good game-day following the same guy around trying to pickpocket and getting thrown in jail.

    Deciding this thievery business was maybe not for me, I left to go explore some ruins. But how could I resist a solitary rider on a lonely road? I wanted that horse. I would have that horse. … two arrows later, I realize I am (badly) attacking a guard and find myself thrown /back/ in the slammer in a brand new town. Well.

    And so I learned that I should just stick to magic.

  17. My favourite moment in a bethesda game was playing oblivion, I was doing the thieves guild quest for the gray fox, who was a honored thief, like robin hood was, which made me keep doing the quests. When I reached the part where I needed to infiltrate the elder council, I was amazed with the feat I was about to do.
    Imagine that, enter the main headquarters of the imperial legion, sneaking while they’re sleeping, and steal a ELDER SCROLL. It made my heart race, I stole it and took it to the floor below, when suddenly my sneak abilities weren’t enough, and made the Soldiers come after me.
    Racing for my life, I went to the escape route, which was marvellous, since it used the sewers yet again, making it clever and awesome. after that, I delivered the scroll to the Gray Fox and was really satisfied by that quest.

  18. The only Bethesda game I have played to my knowledge was a few hours of Skyrim on my Mom’s laptop…and wow was it fun!

    My favorite moment happened happened when I was going about randomly conquering caves and forts (having no Earthly idea what I was actually supposed to be doing). I went really far on foot and ended up sneaking near a river. A few sabre-toothed tigers passed by me and I decided I wanted to fight them since I had never done so before…which I discovered was a really bad idea when I realized how many there were, and promptly jumped into the river to hide underwater (my character could breathe in water).

    Of course with my luck, the river was very shallow so the tigers just kinda swam a foot or so above my head. 😛

    A big shadow appeared and soon enough the tigers weren’t bothering me any more; a dragon had flown in so they became preoccupied with that. I immediately ran into the forest and let the dragon take care of them, then took it out with a bow and arrows (and lots of healing for myself…) once it finished with the tigers and decided to come after me. After that was over I decided to push my luck and find another cave to save the game in before quitting. After all, the dragon had taken care of all the sabre-toothed tigers in the area, right???

    So I followed a path around a big rock and walked right into a bear. Immediately I panicked and jumped off a waterfall (because it wasn’t a very far drop) and subsequently became stuck on some rocks. I stared up at the bear which apparently didn’t want to jump down (for some reason) then decided maybe I had a chance and could use my arrows on it. Then of course it falls down on my head…

    Somehow my character was no longer stuck so I backed away and kept shooting it with arrows (and magic too I think? I can’t remember). Somehow I pulled through and I was able to kill my first bear! Then I found a cave…yay.

      • I’m not sure…I guess The Witcher is an RPG? I have played some of that, and that is about the closest to Skyrim of any games I have played.

  19. My favorite Bethesda game is Fallout 3. One of the most amazing moments in the game for me (and probably anyone else who has played it) is when you leave Vault 101 for the first time and step out into the wasteland. For those few seconds, especially the first time you play the game and you’re not expecting it, it’s incredible.

    I love how the game starts out slow while you get familiar with your childhood and life in the vault. Then out of nowhere, the excitement builds as you race to get out of the vault in one piece. Once you step outside the vault, everything slows down immediately….the music starts softly and slowly builds….the bright sun blinds you as the landscape starts coming into focus….and you just stand there in awe as you look out across the wasteland and take it all in. Then for me, a slight sense of fear took over as I realized I was definitely on my own now and I had no idea what to expect or where to go next. It’s one of those rare, beautifully executed gaming moments that really set the tone for the rest of the game. I just wish the “level up” screen didn’t pop up so quickly and interrupt the atmosphere of the moment. The same technique was attempted in Fallout New Vegas when you stepped out of Doc Mitchell’s house for the first time, but it definitely doesn’t have the same impact as it did in Fallout 3.

  20. Oblivion.
    Late in the morning, just outside Skingrad, I was trying to decide what to do next, then I saw a Khajiit sneaking around a house. He slowly approached a woman sitting on a bench and pickpocketted her… and failed. The outcome is obvious : she got mad at him, screamed, thus alerted the guard near the city door. I think it was killed by the guard after trying to flee.

    It was an amazing non-scripted AI event that I never saw again.

  21. Mine would have to be Fallout 3

    I was at a fairly low level, 6 or 7 I think it was, I’d been wandering the wasteland in one of my more exploratory moods and heading back towards megaton when I bump into my first radscorpion. Once my pride and joy, my beat up laser pistol proves less than effective against it and starts jamming so I have to pull out my rifle and start plinking away at it, getting a lucky shot on it disabling its tail. By this point I was out of action points so was backpedalling and firing & swearing wildly but I finally got the kill shot.

    There was little time to celebrate my victory though because I’d backpedalled within range of a group of a half dozen raiders who started firing at me. A quick and surprisingly lucky grenade toss had 2 of them crippled and were easy to finish off with some rifle fire but then I ran dry of ammo. My laser pistol came out and started to do some damage but was jamming every time I reloaded so it was out of action leaving me with my 10mm pistol. A bit of skill from FPS games coupled with some lucky damage rolls dropped 2 more of the raiders quickly and my recharged VATS took down one more so it was down to me and one raider. She was pretty much undamaged and a lucky shot took her gun out so she was down to melee but I was down to 4 shots, only one of which found its target in her face and whilst it clearly did heavy damage, it didn’t kill her. Fortunately I had a baseball bat for just such an occasion and she crumpled in a bloody mess after a few solid hits.

    Breathing a major sign of relief, I turn around to check that I’m clear to start looting bodies only to see one more small obstacle coming at me… a super mutant behemoth. To my enduring pride, I actually managed to get a hit on his leg before I was turned into red paste.

    It probably lasted about 10 minutes but damn was it some of the most stressful and funny 10 minutes I’d had in years.

    • Great story, Adrian! I had a few experiences similar to that in New Vegas. I ended up in Scorpion Gulch by accident. I took out the first few Bark Scorpions and traveled further into the Gulch where I dispatched some Radscorpions too. From out of nowhere, THREE Giant Radscorpions appeared.

      Yep. Took about 10 seconds or so and I died.

  22. Remember that old saying, ‘you never forget the first time’? Well, the first time I played Oblivion was unforgettable.

    Just… that whole opening was sublime. The music, the (at the time) mind-bogglingly gorgeous graphics, especially the aerial shots of Cyrodiil with the White Tower dominating the landscape. And, the icing on the cake, one of my favourite classical actors, Mr Patrick Stewart himself narrating.

    The prison break and tutorial were kind of dull, but they did the job. And then… I left the sewers. And… actually had to pick my jaw up off the floor. NOTHING prepared me for the sight of that gorgeous landscape, fresh and new and mine to explore. The white spires of Vilverin, the bandits nearby (hoo boy, those bandits… An excellent way to get a near-complete fur armour set right away 😉 ) everything told me this game was gonna be special. And it was right.

    So… there you have it. Maybe not as funny or mind-blowingly awesome as other stories posted here, but if I had to pick a favourite moment, Oblivion’s opening will do just fine.

    Honourable mention goes to the part where Valen Dreth gets his comeuppance courtesy of the Dark Brothefhood’s agent. The guy had it coming 😉

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  24. Oblivion.

    Being a young upstart in the Dark Brotherhood, my character was far from a paragon of virtue, but rather more a polygon of violence. She sprinted across the countryside employing great skill with both Sneak and the use of a bow to get high damage opening attacks which were usually fatal. On one fine Cyrodiil morning I scampered across the rolling hills and spotted an NPC in the distance. Seeing she was alone, I drew my bow, lined up my shot according to the distance and let loose. My aim was true, and the 6x damage for the sneak attack made for tremendous impact. I imagine my character smiled as the target fell to the ground.

    Then she got back up.

    I moved in closer at a 45 degree angle to keep her back to me and fired once more. 6x damage, down she went. Then she got back up. I adjusted my angles and got in closer, seeing no sign of necrosis, necromancy, or anything else of note. I put several more arrows into her with the same short lasting effect. If quality and quantity wouldn’t do this NPC in, I would have to forgo subtlety. I equipped a broadsword and moved in.

    The woman charged me, and I struck her down. Then she got back up. Her face and neck were covered in arrows, nearly every shot I had taken was a head shot and she was some sort of Renaissance Festival take on Hellraiser’s Pinhead. She had such sights to show me. More importantly she had such quests – as she charged forward once more, suddenly the game shifted into dialog mode. I had a selection of topics while she growled at me menacingly, teeth bare in furious rage as visible between a quiver full of arrows lodged in her skull. When I selected a topic she greeted me hopefully and positively as a hero to do some great deed for her and/or her people. When she was done, she resumed the hateful scowl.

    I accepted her quest and basked in her glare, chuckling at Madam Pinhead and remembering that Oblivion grants immortality to NPCs bearing unique quests.

  25. i loved fallout, although new vegas appear to be little polished, fallout 3 made me very much involved into it. such a kickass game. i felt it bored in the first sitting, but it picked up later and was really holy experience. had it both on pc and xbox. it did had 300+ hours of playtime on pc, both evil and good 150+. i remeber i got it by exchanging my fable 2 copy with my friend, and was really sad, i cursed myself for not buying this earlier. picked up the pc version in the very next sale and this game is amazing.

    it took some 30 hours for me to complete this for first time, and replayed it 4 times, but still there’s lot to explore. the dlcs are awesome. they did add a 100 hours to playtime.

    the funny moment(it was a wtf moment for me at first), at some southwest part of the map i suppose, may be a glitch, a deathclaw appeared all of a sudden and i had nothing to do except to run. ran like hell, it came after me like a mad bull, jumped off from a cliff, broke a leg, took two steampacks, then before it came close, ran into water, got beaten up by mirelurks there, atlast came to shore, to my surprise the alien blaster(random drop) was lying infront of me, took it up and killed the mirelurks and immediately teleported to megaton. that was really hair rising moment then. i liked it.

    also the nades into the pockets made me giggle at first time. i took me time how to make them explode in their pockets ay first. that was really cool. i was doing some noobish things there.

    i always have more playtime for any game than my friends(fyi my steam rating rarely drops below 10 :p) but all my friends had more playtime on cod:mw2 than me, but i was aware, fallout 3 was the culprit. i conslidated myslef.

    this game can be quoted as sole reason for someone to buy xbox. i liked it playing it on pc though. i used to take screenshots and upload it to myspace then(i’m not using myspce now anyways ;p). the story part was excellent i would keep playing it until that really happens.

    and i didn’t find such an immersive game for so long. portal2 was a relief. i would have gone to valve head quarters and snatched the snacks from gabe and made him cry for not making half-life 3, if there was no fallout.

    and in elder scrolls series, all of em’ are gems. oblivion is awesome, but i liked morrowmind much, though it didn’t have great battles or whatsoever. but it does have a rich world, landscapes. i only had few hours into oblivion. i just picked it up in the recent steam sale and its so far great. i can see myself doing the quests again and again and again.. after i complete the game once. it does have so much of replay vaue. i’ll again share my oblivion experience after i have completely done it on tpg if i get a chance. thanks.

  26. My moment of gaming life was in Fallout 3.I am an old school rpg player so i liked to wander wasteland as a true scavanger,i used to pray on weak and take whatever i can,kill if necessary than leave without looking back.Honor,duty,friendship these were not the droids i was looking for ever.

    I found a glitch in the game and took more companions than the game allowed.We were like 5 wastelanders wandering through out desert.My next target was hitting National guards supply depot.At this time while walking in desert in middle of nowhere i heard a vertibird.I shaked in my trenchcoat a good loot was coming right to my doorstep i found a good cover and looked to air.But something was wrong there was a second one,two vertibirds flying around and soon they will drop enclave soldiers in double amounts.I checked my weapons and amunition,could i handle this?I mostly thrusted Jericho and Fawkes for they were the expandable meat for my survival.Than i realized the painful thruth..

    The third vertibird appeared from no where,what the hell was this how am i suppose to survive against this kind of firepower.They dropped three different points around my covering position for five seconds i tried to count them.Too many power armors and officers i just crouched and tried to shake myself for the shock,and than they started to fire..

    I remember lots of red lasers coming through us,i couldnt even see the enemies.I started shooting randomly with my homemade railway rifle.My group retaliated at the same time Fawkes is a beast with that gatling and the rest put up a good fight with the guns i provided them.But the sitution was grimm.

    After a few minutes of hardcore engagement we started to take the upper hand.How could this be?Than i realized the black red armors on the horizon,Two power armors and a robot raining down death and destruction to scumbag enclave from a hill.The outcasts have come..

    We survived the day.I lost the pyshco girl and the dog but the moment was so epic i didnt even reload,Enclave was annihilated,the robot and one of the outcasts were down,the remaining soldier walked near me as nothing happened just looked me once saying nothing.He continued his duty alone in the wasteland.I took the armor of the fallen one,wore it (even though i had better armors) than i changed my gameplay.I became the hero not wasteland deserved but what it needed.Ended the game with the same armor and with a karma of saint..

    • Great story, Sertac. I never liked using companions in Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I just wanted to go my own way. Although, I did have Fawkes for a time in one of my playthorughs and he is indeed an awesome force.

  27. It’s nothing spectacular, and it’s really just a moment, not a story or adventure, but I still remember how I felt when it happened:

    It was when I played Morrowind for the first time — I had been playing only for a while, and I somehow got into Hla Oad, into one of the shabby old shacks. I was looking around inside, examining the furniture, and I almost stepped into the fireplace. I didn’t know whether fire hurt you in this game, so I jerked back so as not to burn myself.

    And at that exact moment, the owner of the shack said, in his deep, melodic Nord voice:

    “You like to dance close to the fire, don’t you?”

    And a shiver went down my spine. The game was real. I didn’t know then that it was a stock phrase I would hear dozens of times. At that moment, It was simply reality — I did something stupid, and the guy saw it, and laughed at me. He was amused. He was *alive*. It was that very moment that made me fall in love with Morrowind, and I never stopped loving it. Maybe, one day, another similar thing will happen. But to be honest, I doubt it.

  28. My favorite moment in Morrowind? The feeling when I first stumbled upon Dwemer ruins, finding this strange steampunk civilization advanced enough to create robots and utilize machines, yet to find no trace of a living dwarf at all (save for very late in the game when I found out one of them was still alive). The whole steampunk theme they had, while familiar to me, was very out of place in the alien-feeling Vvardenfell, and that made it seem even more intriguing. I loved it.

    Kinda short, I know, but it was just incredible.

  29. I was so excited to here when Bethesda was taking the reigns over on making the next installment of the fallout series; FO3. I felt so immersed into this world, making it a reality in my head. They did an awesome job at creating this into a 3d world. I put myself into the position of the vault survivor and making my way into the post-apocalyptic world. So I made my own video of me owning all the ‘bad guys’ as I try to survive. Was so much fun!
    Link to my video on youtube:

  30. My most memorable experience was with Morrowind, and it had a little outside help. It was just after I got the game and I did not know much about it. I was near the first dwemer ruin you are sent to and just minding my own business when the ominous fighting music came on. I looked all around and did not see anything till I looked up and saw two cliff racers. I sat there waiting, for a while, for them to come down and attack me. However, they just sat up there talking and flapping like the jerks they are, when I suddenly heard a loud “buckaw” and then a thunk. After doing another look everywhere whirl I found a cliff racer behind me taking up the entire screen and trying to kill me. I was a low level, but I was the soon-to-be-epic-hero, so I had no worries at all.
    Before I could complete my first swing to kill the annoying creature, my parents cat did a flying leap from nowhere, onto my lap, and then charged head first into the desktop computer screen, hitting it with an audible, painful sounding “bonk.” Not only was he in the way (He is a big cat) he had scattered the mouse and keyboard in his charge to get the bird. I grabbed the computer equipment, and tried to move the fat cat, all the while hearing a bunch of thunkings. I gave up trying to move him and did my best to do battle around the twitching cat, because for some reason it did not occur to me to pause the game. The fight was hard because: it was my first play through, and the other two cliff racers had completed their geriatric decent. In the end I had lost around three quarters of my health, and the cat was looking under the computer desk for the birds, because of how they die on screen.

  31. Skyrim, i was watching my friend play it and when he had to go see the graybeards, there was a big snow troll and it killed him. After he died his game glitched out and the troll started to teabag him. It was hilarious

  32. My favorite moment was in Oblivion when I was trying to go up a hill with my horse, and all of a sudden, went flying into the distance, glitching through the borders of the map xD

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