Review Update: Interstellar Defense Troops

By: Armaan Khan

Winter Rain Games has released an update to Interstellar Defense Troops, which corrects every single criticism I had about the game in my initial review. The “basements” have been removed, letting you get straight to building your defenses without having to waste valuable resources, and you can now sell any structure (recouping 75% of the cost) if you need to. It’s also much easier to select your buildings and units when zoomed out, and I had no issues with the interface at all in my playtime with the updated version.

Registration no longer requires you to copy a file into the program directory. You can now input a key into the purchase menu, which normalises the process to what gamers expect.

These changes make a great game even better, and Winter Rain’s fast turnaround in their implementation is a testament to their dedication as indie developers. Interstellar Defense Troops was worth the money before, and is even more worth it now.  Do not hesitate to pick up this title from the official site.

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