RAGE Steam Code Giveaway: Which Three PC Games Do You Take Underground?

Another week, another TPG giveaway.  This time, in cooperation with id Software and Bethesda, TPG is offering two (2) Steam codes for their apocalyptic shooter, RAGE.  To enter, tell us which three PC games you would select to bring with you if forced to live in a pod buried underground for the next 20 years.  Also briefly describe the reasons why you chose those particular titles.  You can pick any game from any time period as long as it was released on the PC.

The winners will be picked by members of TPG based on their favorite responses and sent Steam keys via e-mail shortly after the contest is over.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your three games and a brief reason why
  • Try to keep entries to a few paragraphs

This contest is over.  Once again, thanks to everyone who participated.  With only two codes to giveaway, this was a tough call.  The winners are Simon and AlphaProsptector.

46 thoughts on “RAGE Steam Code Giveaway: Which Three PC Games Do You Take Underground?

  1. I’d bring Fallout 2, Battlefield 3 and Ultima Online with me. Even though I haven’t played UO for ages, an MMO could definitely ease my solitude and that MMO must be UO. Also as an RPG junkie and a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction I need to have the best CRPG (in my opinion) with me, and it’s Fallout 2. Well the last spot should be a shooter with online capabilities and I would say Call of Duty 2 if BF3 wasn’t released. Since it was released, I’ll say Battlefield 3.

    Thanks for the giveaway TPG and id/Bethesda!

  2. 1) Morrowind. The Elder Scrolls game I first fell in love with. I will still play it despite the ugly graphics.

    2) Nethack. I’ll probably never beat it.

    3) Planescape: Torment. Great story. Actually, I need to go replay that.

  3. Supreme Commander Gold Edition: the massive level of things would keep entertained for decades, unleashing large scale battles and madness with oversized mechs. And I love mechs, giant robots, missile barrages, etc. Considering you can extend a session for long periods, it surely guarantees you quite a lot of playtime.

    Unreal Tournament 2004: this game was incredible when I got it. Then it got skins, mods, maps, modes, so much, SO MUCH content. Content that nowadays is being charged indiscriminately. This thing came in 6 cds, with over 40 maps and heaps of modes from the go. The bots were actually pretty clever, it had a built-in music player, a lot of configuration options, so much stuff that I miss nowadays. Just put Iron Maiden’s The Wickerman in the music player and you are set.

    Beat Hazard Ultra: another endless game. You can power both UT2k4 and this epipleptictastic monster of awesome with your music library. My only gripe is that I would need an immortal pad to keep playing it for two decades but I sure as hell can do it with the keyboard and the mouse, as that’s how I got most of the score goals. Ultra simply offers so many options to mess around, I love it. Iron Maiden works quite well here too.

    Matt P.

    • UT 2004 is a classic in my eyes. It took what the original did and made it better in almost every way. I remember playing the demo for UT back in 99. It took me 4 hours to download the 60MB demo on my lousy 33.6 connection.

  4. Minecraft (trapped in a pod underground you would need a creative outlet)
    Binding of Isaac (never plays exactly the same twice so the replayability factor)
    Counter Strike 1.6 (competitive outlet, great community and one of my fave games of all time)

  5. I would bring with me The Witcher 2 because I just love that game, Fallout New Vegas funny enough but i like it more then Fallout 3 and counter-strike global offensive because it’s counter-strike need i say more ?
    Thx for the giveaway

  6. I bring with me The Witcher 2, because of the the plot, the fun and the well done scenarios of the game. Also, because I am big fan of Witcher stories.
    Civilization V, as the game possibilities are almost endless and one can take many approaches to win the game.
    Warcraft III. I played long time ago, and play now sometimes. Really great RTS, and well balanced gameplay. The game against the PC is not forgiving on this one.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Thanks for the entry, Alex. The RTS genre is something I have had a hard time getting into. I know games like StarCraft II, Company of Heroes, Civ, Sins of a Solar Empire and Empire at War are fantastic titles, but I have never been able to enjoy my time with them.

  7. Minecraft: The infinite world means infinite resources, which means I could probably build forever.
    Mount & Blade: Warband: After hundreds of hours with the Mount & Blade games, there are still many things I haven’t done. I could spend a long time with this game conquering the entire world, experimenting with different play styles, or just amassing ridiculous fortunes.
    Sword of the Stars: There’s no better way to kill a lot of time than with a good 4X game!

  8. Battlefield 3: Its the best tactical FPS game for now
    Dota 2: Best MOBA game EVER!!!
    Skyrim: A game with a very long complete history line with amazing graphics and a lot of stuuf armors weapons spells, this is a all in 1 game because have dragons elves mages nord, undeads just all!!!

  9. Defense Grid – It’s a good, fast-paced, challenging game that will help keep my mind sharp while my body withers away underground. Tons of replay value too.

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – I’ll need a little reminder every once in a while of the good old days ‘above ground’. Memories of turning 16 and getting my license….driving 200 mph around crowded city streets in my exotic European sports car without a care in the world….participating in illegal street races while outrunning the cops….those were good times.

    Painkiller – When the stress of living in an underground pod gets to be too much, I’ll need an old school shooter that I can blow off some steam with. Painkiller fills that void nicely by keeping it simple – kill anything that moves and follow the arrow to your next check point.

  10. Wait, do I have internet? I’m guessing no and I have no interaction with anyone. What about game updates/patches? ~.~

    If single player only:
    Anyway, firstly I’ll bring Minecraft. I’ll need something to remind me of what it’s like outside. I’ll build stuff out of memory and by the time 20 years has gone by, I probably should have my world pretty much how it was to the point where I rather live in my Minecraft world instead.

    Secondly, I’ll have to bring Oblivion/Skyrim. Only if there were mods. Vanilla game only last so long, and mods usually increase the length ten fold while fixing bugs and glitches.

    And thirdly, I would like a racing sim. I would guess rFactor would suffice.

    However, if there was internet; I’ll have minecraft with the following 2 multiplayer games.

    Counter-Strike 1.6; If I can get a scrim of 5v5 going, I’ll be a happy panda. I’ve been playing CS for years, playing competitively, playing casually. It’s a great game that is terribly hard to perfect. With that said, I’ll bring Starcraft also. You can only get so good at these 2 games where you can’t really perfect the game anymore. And that when the fun actually begins.

  11. Well I am going to guess that there would be no Internet access, and I will also assume that I am buried alone…

    So I would bring

    Minecraft: Endless possibilities is a must while buried underground, tho being underground it may cause some claustrophobia related issues…

    Dungeons of Dredmor: Randomised dungeons and a vast veriety of different builds should provide plenty of replayability.

    and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: A game that offers tons of replayability and also offer some more action gameplay compared to the other 2 games. But mainly I am still probably just depressed that GSC looks to have closed down.

    My choices would be different if the pod had Internet and or other people…

  12. Definitely games that can be played / modded for a long time (no Internet, I’m guessing):

    – Morrowind plus all the mods out there. That should be enough for 40 years at least!

    – Baldur’s Gate (and 2?). Because I didn’t have the time to finish it, and sadly I probably never will 😦

    – The Orange Box: What’s not to like?. HL2, Portal, TF2, and finally all the time in the world to learn to make the mods and maps I always wanted! 😉

  13. Assuming I have internet access…

    Left 4 Dead 2 – When I’ve not been on holiday or away for other reasons, I’ve played at least a game a day of Left 4 Dead 2, realism versus, since it was released. It appears that L4D2 won’t ever get stale for me.

    Counter Strike GO – Source is perhaps the only game I’ve played truly competitively, but since Global Offensive is so close to release, I’d play the “I’m being buried underground for 20 years, Valve. Don’t be jerks. Give me a beta key” card and take it down with me.

    Something with sexy ladies in it – A guy buried underground for 20 years needs some relief, you know?

  14. First one is Outlaws..Beacuse I love western games and this is the best..It’s a classic..I still play it again and again:)

    Second is a indie game: Bit.Trip Runner.. Music is my life and games too..This game makes combo for me:D

    And last..Some action: Batman Arkham City.. I like first game of Batman (Arkham Asylum) and this one is better than the first one so I think this three games are enough for 20 years:)

    Thanks for giveaway:)

  15. The games I would take(assuming it is an apocalypt situatuion):

    1)BattleField 3: If it’s apocalyptic situation, I would somehow make a lan connection to lets say.. 64 people(living in other pods) and play LAN with them. If it isn’t I would create an internet connection… somehow. 🙂

    2)I Wanna Be The Guy: It’s the hardest game I know and it would probably take me many years to complete.

    3)NBA 2K12: I have to do some sport too!!! 🙂

  16. 1- Call Of duty : Fast paced multiplayer FPS action. I love the game mechanices & the fluidity of the controls. Playing in a team of friends is a big+. Graphics, sounds, guns, maps etc

    2-Assassins creed : everything in the game.

    3- God Of War: it’s story , graphics , game play are awesome!

  17. Uh, tough one.
    1. Diablo 2 – Best aRPG, endless fun…
    2. Counter-Strike : Source – Also, endless fun, even with bots! 🙂
    3. Return to Castle Wolfenstein – One of my favorite games, of all time!

  18. 1. Dwarf Fortress – Because I finally had the time to learn how to play it.

    2. Deus Ex – Because it’s the only game that gets better with each play through. Also when I get out of the hole, the world is probably pretty close to that of Deus Ex, so I can prepare.

    3. Minecraft – As long as I still have internet access down there, so I’d probably get 20 years worth of updates (go Notch!) and joining various crazy online servers would keep me entertained. It’s my kind of MMO.

  19. Seeing as I’d be wondering why I’m down in the pod and what’s happening outside, I’d pick:

    1. Fate of the World. Playing through scenarios of what might be going on outside – assuming there was anyone left when I was put into the pod in the first place.

    2. Zork (or if allowed, the whole anthology). This would be the ideal text-only game to play in a cramped pod with no view outside. Keeps the mind and imagination active.

    3. And third… Microsoft solitaire! Just kidding… but in the same vein, I’d simply choose a chess game like Chessmaster to pass the time. Replayability is virtually limitless.

    • The theme was loosely based on the story behind RAGE where you are one of the Earth’s elite and asked to be buried in a life sustaining pod due to an asteroid hitting the Earth.

  20. Three old school games for there endless replay value.

    1. Apezones Battleship Chess. A great indie title that put you in the drivers seat of tiny ships to sink, still on my hard drive after close to seven years.

    2. Masters of Orion 2. Sci-fi 4x that is always up for a game, and can be played endlessly.

    3. Some version of Hoyles card game. Because life in a pod is way better when there is Gin involved.

    Alright seal me up and make sure the power stays on please.

  21. 1) Minecraft – it offers virtually limitless amount of fun, gets updated all the time and is a huge timesink even outside the underground bunker.

    2) Skyrim – it is closest to “another world” and the perfect escapism…something that would be needed when stuck underground. If I could not explore beautiful nature in RL, I would at least do it virtually in Skyrim. Plus new content all the time thanks to mods as well (I assume people would make them even underground :-)).

    3) Tetris. Nothing will ever beat good old tetris in its replayability. I cannot specify which version exactly though, I assume there are plenty. Actually, I remember having plenty of fun with Acid Tetris, so that one, for example.

  22. 1) Fallout 3. Since I am going to be stuck 20 years underground I might as well play a game about the current state of the world :).
    2) Skyrim. This is a no-brainer for me, Each time I will start this game over there will be a slightly different experience.
    (for both games above I cam make my own adventures).
    3) Minecraft. This game will be the one that grants me the freedom that I would probably seek after a few years stuck underground. It is the perfect universe where you can escape into and be FREE.

  23. 1) Civilization V – Random Generated Maps … god replayability
    2) Terraria – I want to explore. Since I’m stuck.
    3) GTA IV – Just so I can go around town, socializing to ppl and check my emails

  24. In picking my games, I tried to find three games that could help me not (completely) lose my sanity if I were stuck with them for 20 years. So, the games I decided on are The Sims 2, Pokémon Crystal and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    – The Sims 2: My imagination runs wild with this game, so I wouldn’t mind 20 years of living vicariously through a Sim’s life! 😀
    – I needed one plot-based game, so I chose Pokémon Crystal. Takes me forever to beat those Pokémon games, and I’m also the type that’s gotta catch ’em all.
    – Super Smash Bros. Brawl: This one has enough different characters, modes and games within it for me to enjoy playing when I’m not playing the two other games, plus I’m nowhere near a master at this game. Really enjoy playing it.

      • Crap, I forgot about that. PC games, hmm. Ok, in that case, nix Crystal and SSBB. Ummmm, instead I would take Neverwinter Nights because that game took me forever as well, and Left 4 Dead because the gameplay is different every time, plus I’m nowhere near a master at that one.

  25. I would take

    1. Plants vs Zombies : not skyrim, not multiplayer but hours of fun. tower defence re-invented. (hard time choosing b/w PvZ and dungeon defenders)

    2. Fallout NV: it would take forever to explore everything. i can keep myslef entertained.

    3. Mirrors Edge: Nice graphics, addicted. Its short, but it’s entertaining everytime you replay.

    I love many other games(Civ 5, Portal2 etc) but choosen so those i believe that can keep me entertained everytime i play for 20 years.


  26. I’d take Dungeon Keeper 2, Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2. These games have kept me playing for so f’ing long that I’m sure they’ll keep me busy for the next 20 years as well ^_^

    Dungeon Keeper 2 is just a terrific semi-sandbox game which allows me to constantly try new things and it has varying gameplay options.

    Warcraft 3 as a game itself is very good, and it also has tons and tons of custom maps which’ll keep me entertained for 20 years for sure! 🙂

    Lastly, Diablo 2 makes me want to collect, improve, collect, improve, for eternity. I wouldn’t even notice I’m living underground 😉

  27. Damn I hope I didn’t miss it, my isp decided to do unscheduled maintenance for 7 hours, then I had to sleep, Yeah D=

    So I’m choosing Deus Ex & Stalker SoC for my first two since If I was underground for 20 years I’d guess there’s a good chance either one of these games may pretty much have become the future. Or not (=

    Deus Ex
    My absolute favorite arpg, every single time you play it you have a fresh experience and generally in my case, an improved one. You also see and hear so many new things along your journey that you missed the first/previous time around. I could happily walk around in circles, examining every square inch of a building and it’s npcs for hours just to listen to the impressive dialog (+trees) and wonderful ambient/electronic music that accompanied it. The game has so much depth and so much to uncover it’s hard to even begin to write about it, but if you’ve never played it I would urge you to try it and if you haven’t played in a while, play again (with mods maybe!)

    The second to last play through I did was nearly 2 years ago and I discovered more areas, notes, pickups, tidbits etc. that time around then any other, so maybe my habits of exploration have been growing over the years and are making me a slightly better player for it, helping me enjoy the games I like even more. I vanted Ohrange, it gefv me lemun-lime!

    Stalker SoC
    The most atmospheric fps out there, and improved further with mods from a dedicated community. I bought it on day one from a store (I can’t remember the last time I did that even), got it home and was completely taken in awe by it’s brilliance even having followed it’s development closely, I’d never played a game like it, there was so much to explore, find, loot, upgrade, tweak & err kill. The quests were always interesting but I’d get sidetracked regardless along the way and discover something awesome hidden in the darkness, which I felt I may have missed otherwise. Which is probably why I try and do absolutely everything when I play a game, not for achievements sake, but just so I know I’ve seen everything the devs made for me (the player) to experience.

    Walking around at night and investigating buildings and shelters at night was always an exciting but almost traumatic experience on some occasions due to the way the monsters would just appear completely out of nowhere sometimes, yet not feel out of place at all. So if I endeavoured to play Stalker for 20 years I’d either be heavily prepared for the fallout that lay ahead if the world turned that way or I would have gone insane from playing against all the horrors in the game and imaging what might be stirring just above the surface, either way- fun stuff!

    GSC, make it back someday!

    It was a tough decision to pick this over other high skill ceiling fps’ like quake or tribes and the fact that a fellow reader also chose it [: but I think It deserved the mention nonetheless, plus the bots are better!. UT2004 was simply put, a masterpiece. It kept everything that was great about UT99, brought it up to date and added even more content into the mix, you got so much game for such a reasonable price.. I’d even go far as to say it was ‘The Orange Box of it’s time’ and by time I mean 3 years prior hah.

    I could quite happily play against masterful bots in dm on deck or some tdm on rankin, maybe jump in for some vehicular warfare on one of the many huge open maps in any number of gamemodes, but lets not forget the wonderful niche that is vctf of course! Or for even more hilarity ctf instagib or another mutator for hours on end, then ramp up the speed until you go mad muahaha. Well that’s exactly what I’ve done for 7 years anyway and could happily do so again for another 20!

    • Actually I changed my mind… I’ll keep Skyrim but switch the others.

      X-COM UFO Defense, the original. I could spend a lifetime repelling the alien threat over and over again.

      Jagged alliance 2. With all the mods, there’s endless replayability, and all those different mercs to play with.

  28. 1) Myst because all of the childhood memories I have of it. It would be a link to my past life above ground.
    2) Orcs Must Die because it is probably the only game since childhood that I’ve been invested enough to care about my high score and placement on the leaderboards.
    3) Age Of Empires II so when I reemerge from the underground pod I will have learned how to properly be king of a new civilization (assuming the apocalypse had occurred in my 20 years underground)

    Also phew, that was close, nearly forgot to enter.

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