New Morrowind Overhaul Releases, Collectively Drops Jaws

Version 2.0 of the Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul was released the other day, and it’s made me fall in love with Vvardenfell all over again. Installation is gratuitously fool-proof. So fool-proof that creator “kingpix” made an auto-installer that yanks away control of your mouse and keyboard during the more delicate moments of the installation process. With all options maxed out, I’m playing on a Radeon 6850 at a steady  30 FPS (after installing a small water performance fix) and have enjoyed a mostly stable game with only one odd crash after 3 hours of play. Kingpix also included a list of extra atmospheric mods that play nice with MGSO, which can be found under the “personal suggestions” list of this document.

While the Skyrim modding community has just begun working on their ambitious projects, why not enjoy an already-completed ambitious project for Morrowind? Enjoy the gallery of pretty screenshots below.

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