Direct2Drive Becomes GameFly In January; Time To Re-Download Your Games

For those of you who use, or have used, Direct2Drive, they are being incorporated into GameFly’s new digital distribution platform next month.  Here is a one of the more important bullet points:

There are a couple things you can do now to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Download your favorite game purchases from Direct2Drive. We plan to have as many game files as possible available on GameFly. Just to be sure, please download your old game files before the transition.
  • Download all of your non-game files (like Prima Guides). These will not be supported by GameFly after the transition.

Once transferred, you’ll be able to access your account with one login across GameFly’s entire suite of integrated services: The GameFly Client, Web site, and Mobile App.

You can read the entire FAQ on the official D2D site.

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5 thoughts on “Direct2Drive Becomes GameFly In January; Time To Re-Download Your Games

  1. This is one of the most obvious and relevant fears consumers of digital media have to face. Time to re-download the whipping one game I ever bought from D2D. Any official word on what games are going to survive the switch?

    • I did not read anything in the FAQ said which games would be in danger of being deleted. I do agree with you. Personally, I like to buy my games in physical copy form from a B&M store. However, more and more PC games are only being sold through digital distribution or the physical copy needs to be activated online a la Steamworks.

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