Water Galaxy Review

By Luke de Beneducci

Water Galaxy is a fun 2D physics based puzzle game created by Wired Games. I love puzzle games and mostly physics based ones. Thankfully Water Galaxy doesn’t fail to disappoint.  it has a well-designed gameplay system coupled with a storyline which in my book is a great bonus.  Your task in this game is to save the people of the planet Saphira, which is running out of water. To save these helpless people you have to guide water from certain planets to your mother ship, however it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Dodge Those Planets!

The reason this game becomes challenging is because of all the other planets, gravity wells, warp zones and other such obstacles placed around the game. Each planet in the game has its own individual gravitational pull and so sometimes you’ve got to counteract that or dodge the planet by placing a gravity well in such a way that the water goes where you want it too.  I spent quite a lot of time feverishly moving gravity wells all over the place and getting frustrated with myself but I still couldn’t stop playing; this game is simply so absorbing, it’s almost like a time machine, sit down to play and then it’s suddenly almost two hours later.

Things gradually become harder as you move up through the different solar systems, bringing in new elements of gameplay for you to learn and therefore more complex ways of solving problems. Eventually the game does something that takes it, in my book, from good to great. It combines all of the elements from earlier and puts them together meaning you have to use brain to overcome challenging situations. For example, a level combining gravity wells, gas clouds, warp zones, ice and fire planets means that things now take time to figure out, time that is incredibly enjoyable, even when you’re not doing the right thing you’re still learning what not to do and that is still made fun because the game draws you in when you feel you’ve gotten the full points and then your hopes are shot down, leading to a further few tense tries.

Create Your Own Galaxy

Another great feature that makes this game even more fun for your money is that fact that you can create your own levels. This is easily done by using the same editor that I’m told is the actual Wired Games level design tool. You can easily create planets of different sizes, drag them around the map and add any of the features you might come across while playing the game. From stars to gas clouds to warp holes, anything can be added to your own custom levels.

Online Mode

Following on from the ability to create your own levels is the ability to post them online for other people to play or if you’re bored you can check out what other people are doing for a little more challenge. You can easily see whether the level is good or not by looking at the amount of likes it has and you can also see who made the level. So if you find a good level, you can keep a look out for the same person.

Conclusion – Is it worth your money?

I fully recommend this game. It is simply an incredible amount of fun gameplay for a great price. Even if you’re not a great fan of physics puzzle games like me, you will definitely enjoy this game a lot. It’s easy to start out but hard to master and the great functionality of being able to create your own levels or play ones made by others make this game so much better. The features such as level creation simply take this game to an entirely new tier. My only two problems with the game are the fact that you shoot water with the spacebar and not your mouse while my other problem was the shortness of the game. Neither of these are serious issues though and I will eagerly be awaiting future Wired Games developments.

Water Galaxy Technical Summary:

  • Time Played – 6 hours
  • Widescreen – Yes
  • 5.1 Audio – No
  • Bugs – None spotted
  • Control Scheme – M/K
  • DRM – Done
  • Game Acquisition Method – Review Copy
  • Availability – Indievania
  • Demo – Yes
  • System Specs – AMD Phenom II X2 3.20 Ghz, 9800 GT, 8GB RAM

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