TPG Blackout In Protest Of SOPA On January 18th

TPG will be standing alongside Reddit and hopefully many others who will shut down their sites on January 18th in protest of SOPA and PIPA.  Starting at 8am United States Mountain Time and running until 8pm, there will no staff activity, no articles will be published and social network updates will go silent.  We hope to have a landing page with a brief message about our stance along with useful links which will direct readers to information on SOPA and how damaging its passing would be to the internet.

We understand how important protecting an IP can be for PC gaming developers, but with the ludicrously vague language SOPA currently has, we cannot support it.  We will post a reminder the day before.


TPG Staff

6 thoughts on “TPG Blackout In Protest Of SOPA On January 18th

  1. Really? So…you’re going to protest legislation that you claim may cause your website (or other websites) to be inaccessible by…making your website inaccessible? I’m honestly curious as to how you think that this type of “protest” is going to impress anyone. Inconveniencing your users is a self-defeating way to make your point. If a service I’m using starts taking itself offline over political squabbles, then my conclusion is that I probably don’t need and won’t rely on a service that’s likely to be unavailable at any given moment due to a fit of pique.

    • We are not shutting down TPG to impress. We are doing so in a show of solidarity with other sites (Reddit, Destructoid, Wikipedia, Mojang, Cheezburger Network, Cynical Brit) who also believe this ridiculous bill has the potential to destroy the internet as we know it. This is not a matter of us throwing a tantrum or pique, as you referred to our actions, nor is this debate in Congress a mere “political squabble”. If this piece of legislation passes based on its current language, a lot of legitimate online journalists will find themselves out of business. What we are doing is no different than those who go on strike to protest unfair or unsafe working conditions. We believe those who understand and support our position will not be inconvenienced for the 12 hours we are offline. We have also contacted our local lawmakers by e-mail and telephone to voice our concern for SOPA and PIPA.

      If you are not well versed about SOPA and PIPA, please view this video created by John “Total Biscuit” Bain of the Cynical Brit on what exactly could happen if these bills pass.

    • In addition to everything Adam said, it’s the best way to get the word out to people who still aren’t paying attention to SOPA and PIPA. This bill WILL destroy the internet as we know it if passed and people don’t realize it. The more sites that blackout, the more likely it is people will start to take notice, and that’s what we need.

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