TPG Talk Announcement and PC Gaming Round Table Discussions Coming Soon

TPG is extremely happy to announce our new audio internet show entitled, TPG Talk (working title).  This interview/discussion format will spotlight PC developers and PC gaming journalists along with various other members of the PC gaming industry.  Our first show will run in two weeks.  If you have any ideas for the format of this new show or future topics please let us know.

In a related announcement, we will be holding a PC Gaming Round Table Discussion Series.  In this weekly series, we will be talking with some of the best the PC gaming industry has to offer.   No dates or times have been set as of yet, but we are hoping to start sometime next month.  Topics will include PC gaming journalism, the PC indie scene, digital distribution, modding, widescreen and technical PC gaming and much more. The list of guests who have already agreed to appear reads like a who’s who of PC gaming.

Jim Rossignol – Rock Paper Shotgun

Ben Kuchera – Penny Arcade

Sheila “Jube” Lewis – Voodoo Extreme

Dave Traeger –  IndieDB and ModDB

Scott Reismanis – Desura

Tim W. – Indiegames

Agnieszka Szóstak – CD Projekt RED

Trevor Longino – GOG

Skip – Widescreen Gaming Forum

We are honored to have the above individuals highlighted in the series.  We hope the discussions will not only entrain, but offer a unique and informative perspective.  More details will be announced as we get dates and times solidified.

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7 thoughts on “TPG Talk Announcement and PC Gaming Round Table Discussions Coming Soon

  1. Some names I recognise, and some I don’t but looks a promising list, and I like the idea of the round table discussion.

    Looking forward to it 🙂

    • This is going to be a great series. We have also had confirmation from John “Total Biscuit” Bain (WTF is…) that he will be on as well. Dates and times are still being worked out.

      • Good news just got better. I know Total Biscuit and Jim Rossignol are serious PC gamers, and I also know Ben tried his hardest on Ars to steer his Opposable Thumbs articles towards PC gaming over the last year or so before he left Ars recently. One thing I’m interested in since his move to PA is if they have allowed him free reign to promote PC gaming as much as we’d all like him to ?

        Have you also watched any of the ‘Fallout: Nuka Break’ vids on youtube ? Not sure if the fan made vids were based on the PC version of Fallout 3, but they’re good viewing. If it was based on the PC version, maybe they’d have something to add to the round table (just thinking out loud as I’ve just watched ep 5 again – still waiting on ep 6) ?

      • Not sure how Ben is going to do with Penny Arcade, but it seemed Ars was mostly focused on console gaming for quite a while. Even then, I enjoyed reading his articles and reviews. I know early last year Ars (probably Ben mostly) partnered with Velocity Mirco in an attempt to offer more PC gaming reviews.

        I guess my only problem now is trying to decide who goes on with who. In the beginning, Sheila and Jim were going to head a discussion on “PC Gaming Journalism in a Console World” (working title), but now that Ben and John have agreed, I think this particular discussion will be a two-parter. If I were able to make this a televised or video event, I would have all of them on at the same time, but that seems highly unlikely. In this audio format, it would be difficult to moderate four people and allow them quality time as opposed to handling two.

        I will check out those videos as well. Thanks for bringing those to my attention.

  2. I always got the impression that Ben is really a PC gamer, but ‘made do’ with reviewing console games for the Ars masses. Like you, I still liked the console reviews, for me because of honesty, and on some occasions just sheer brutality. No game is perfect, and this is what I want to know as a potential buyer, even it means slaughtering a truly bad game. I can’t remember the exact game, but Ben did a ‘first impression’ rather than a review on some game and he slated this thing – the comments soon filled up with fanbois calling it a crap review, give the game a chance, terribly biased writing for such a respected site as Ars, etc. etc.

    I laughed.

    Hope the PA faithful like nerf-guns is all I can add to that.

    I mentioned the Fallout: Nuka Break fan vids as the F3 mods were discussed in another post. That just kinda reminded me. They’re well made, and good fun. The ‘making of’ vids are also worth watching. None of them are very long but they’re on my youtube subscribed list.

    Anyway, still looking forward to the round table, and to getting to know more about what those names on the list do that I haven’t been aware of before.

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