Oil Rush Released; Desura and Steam Versions Coming Soon

Oil Rush, a Naval RTS/TD hybrid developed by Unigine Corp, is now available for download via the UNIGINE Online Store.  The game will set you back $19.99 and will be released on Steam and Desura in a few days.  If you do not want to wait, your purchase will entitle you to a key for Steam or Desura when Oil Rush is made available for those platforms.  You can view screen shots here and watch the trailer here.  Be on the lookout for an interview with Unigine Corp on TPG in the coming weeks.

EDIT: Oil Rush is now available on Steam

Oil Rush is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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4 thoughts on “Oil Rush Released; Desura and Steam Versions Coming Soon

  1. Oh god the voice acting, it’s like someone hates my ears or something.

    Game is fun so far tho, once you get used to the lack of direct unit control.

    While the game looks great and it runs smooth as butter, I can’t help but be a tad disappointed with this as a show piece for Unigine TBH. Oh well it doesn’t really matter, as long as the game is fun, I will try jumping into multiplayer once I have gotten a better hang on the mechanics, since I just got to chapter 2 in the campaign.

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