GetGames Sale – Human Revolution, Serious Sam 3 and Batman Bundle

GetGames is currently offering great deals on some of the best PC games of 2011.  Deus Ex and Serious Sam both activate on Steam, but it is not clear if Batman does as well.  Keep in mind both Batman titles do require Games For Windows Live.  Noah Baxter seems to be one the lucky ones as he had no issues with GFWL during his time with Arkham City.  Serious Sam ends at 18:00 GMT on the 28th while Deus Ex gets an extra 24 hours.

Human Revolution: $14.99

Human Revolution: Missing Link – $4.49

Buy Batman: Arkham City, get Arkham Asylum free

Serious Sam 3: $16.99

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7 thoughts on “GetGames Sale – Human Revolution, Serious Sam 3 and Batman Bundle

    • I don’t think so. As much as I loved the base game (spent 20 hours on it as well), I just couldn’t get into the DLC and could live without it. It’s way harder than vanilla DX:HR, the environment is boring, and the gameplay feels less open and more constrained. The level is fairly linear, with very little room to explore, and is packed with enemies. Unless you’re very very good at the stealth aspects, you’re going to get into a LOT of protracted firefights. There are only one or two opportunities to use any of the social skills and augs (which was my favourite part of the base game). Speaking of augs, you get stripped of them all at the beginning, so you’re starting over from scratch, which I found annoying because I loved my character build.

      Overall, the DLC feels more like Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell than Deus Ex. It lacks DX’s sense of openness and choice, which makes it not worth it in my mind.

  1. I don’t why, but I just can’t get excited about any DLC. Back in the day, games companies released ‘expansions’ that had a wholesome feel to them, full of meaty goodness that gave you a huge extra helping of the original game but with fresh ideas and new environments. These days they say “pre-order NOW, and get FREE DLC…”. So what gets me is that if I get the DLC the moment I install my game on release day, then why wasn’t it part of the game anyway ?

    I still have Arkham Asylum in shrinkwrap. I got it in a sale ages ago, and then saw it used GFWL after it had arrived.

    HR & SS3 at those prices are bargain though. That’s £9 for HR, and just over £10 for SS3. Sweet !

    • DLC, when used properly, can be a good thing. Team Fortress 2 comes to mind right away of a company using this method correctly. Also, Bethesda added two good pieces of DLC to Fallout 3 in Broken Steel and Point Lookout. On the other hand, you have companies like THQ and what they decided with Saints Row 3. Not sure if Volition had any say in the matter.

      I do see where you are coming from in that those who choose not to buy DLC that they are getting a lesser product.

    • I don’t get excited about DLC most of the time but some, such as Magicka’s The Stars Are Left are very much small scale expansions that add meaningfully new content to the game. That said, the existence of DLC has simply made me delay my purchases and wait until the inevitable release of a GOTY or Complete pack with everything included.

      • I think that’s the effect the new era of DLC has had on me too. Apart from Skyrim, which I had to pre-order despite promising myself I wouldn’t (I know, I’m weak…), the GOTY editions are the new ‘new games’ for me. I’m not sure if that is the intention of all the publishers, but from the people I speak to, most are also waiting or GOTYs (apart from Skyrim).

        I think Bethesda are also pretty bad culprits for the DLC thing. Morrowind had expansions, and they were truly that – expansions. The signs of the rot also started there though with some special arrows DLC, and some extra sounds for the Bitter Coast. With Oblivion, the rot was truly set in with horse armours etc. Then they did the mini expansions/DLC for F3 which were pretty good as you mentioned Adam, but imo were overpriced. I never know what they are going to do next ?!

        Still, HR & SS3 for those prices are bargains !

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