Mechanic Infantry Review

By Luke de Beneducci

Mechanic Infantry is a 2D platformer developed by Slak Games. Your role is comprised of standard gaming conventions, disaster has occurred and it’s your job to save the land, mostly. Slight twist, you’re a TV set with a wrench and it’s your job to save your friends while you power up your generators to get your infantry fighting again.

Run! They’re On Your Trail

The aim of the game is to get from one end of a level to another by hopping between different height platforms avoiding EMP rays that disable your character and saving friends from giant floating cages. Sound simple? Add being chased by a giant robot to the equation and the game becomes simply frustrating, which in my opinion is a good thing as it tests your patience. Anything that gets you emotive in any way has to be doing something to you. I view frustrating games as challenges, a sort of puzzle, which makes them more enjoyable for me. The game has quite a lot to do with the element of timing when it comes to diving between rays that can knock you out you have to be able to have enough time to stand waiting before a ray and be able to avoid being eaten by an evil machine, meaning that everything else has to be done in a rushed haste.

Survive to Live Another Day

When I saw that the game had a mode called survival I was very excited. I finally thought that this game may be able to add something to set itself apart from any competition. Sadly my hopes were quickly dashed; apart from a different look to the background the game is mostly the same. I couldn’t find any new features and from what I played the objective only had one difference, rather than reaching the end after a certain amount of discovery the aim was simply to save as many people as possible while staying alive, hence the name survival. I didn’t think that it was very well designed or contained anything very significant to separate it from the normal game mode and personally I would have preferred a few more levels for the normal mode.

Design and look

I feel that this game had a lot of directions that the designers could have utilised in their art for different levels. The game has 10 levels across 5 different worlds. Inside each world, the levels have a similar look which I found very blocky and rather annoying for my eyes, and so add to that each new world didn’t seem to add anything new just a new colour scheme and a slightly different robot skin. In fact, the only visible difference per world was the background otherwise all the platforms were plain black blocks with grooves cut in or ledges stuck out.  Overall this just added to the list of things that I found annoying about the game

Conclusion – Is it Worth Your Money?

On paper, this game may seem to have all the angles covered; an actual storyline, an interesting character, simple mechanics and interesting music. Sadly, these are poorly implemented into the game. For me, the storyline was good enough for a platformer. However, I found that the music and character, while interesting at first, were simply getting on my nerves and made extended play sessions of this game more of a chore than anything enjoyable. The mechanics at least were feasible to understand a simple use of the arrow keys for movement, however I felt that the tutorial would have been better represented in a text based environment rather than a pictogram speech bubble. Also the lack of a settings option on the main menu caused me some problems; not being able to adjust any of the sound levels or change key bindings was very frustrating for me. In my opinion, I would rather dish out more money for Super Meat Boy, which is a better rendition of the same type of game.

Mechanic Infantry Technical Summary:

  • Time Played – 4.5 hours
  • Widescreen – Yes
  • 5.1 Audio – No
  • Bugs – None
  • Control Scheme – Keyboard
  • DRM – Gamers Gate
  • Availability –Gamers Gate, Desura
  • Demo – Yes
  •  Review Specs – Phenom II X2 3.20 Ghz, GeForce 9800 GT, 8GB RAM

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5 thoughts on “Mechanic Infantry Review

      • Oh, I do have Super Meat Boy for over a year. It was real fun playing it, although a little bit masochistic 😉 at some point. However I had to finish the game, as my son insisted to see how the story ends. Hope that nobody tell him that there is another “true” ending that seems to be out of my reach.

  1. Interestingly, I liked the game very much. This could be due to the fact that I’m not that much of a platformer, so the rather simple taks (avoid rays, avoid chasing robot, free freinds) were ennough for me, where Super Meat Boy was way too complicated for me. For whatever reasons the whole thing ‘clicked’ with me after the demo, so I bought and played it. OTOH, I don’t think I’ll ever replay it, either.

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