PCGamingWiki Launches

PCGamingWiki has been launched today sparked by a user on reddit.

Here is a list of the current bullet points this wiki will cover:

  • Latest patch or fan patch
  • Mods that are considered essential
  • Skip DRM methods
  • Skip introduction videos and cutscenes
  • Steam/digital distribution/retail differences
  • Save game cloud sync and same game locations
  • Borderless fullscreen windowed
  • Console commands and cfg files

Members of TruePCGaming will make every attempt to assist in updating and adding to this wiki.  We also ask if our readers have a few moments to sign up and help out as well.

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5 thoughts on “PCGamingWiki Launches

  1. Hi thank you for the lovely coverage of the wiki. It’s been a rollercoaster going from 3 editors to over 200 overnight.

    I am very much enjoying this site, and I think that your content is very well written. It makes me feel a little sad that you are not able to monetise all this hard work. I hope that it pays off eventually. I have a little experience with hosting and WordPress so please contact me if you need any help at all! I’d love to see this place grow some more.

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