Hosting Move and Site Updates

We are happy to announce our move away from WordPress to a new hosting company.  This move will give us the freedom to alter the design of TPG as well as begin to place non-intrusive advertisements.  We hope to have the hosting move completed by next weekend.  We will post a reminder as that day approaches.  Below you can read more information about our exciting future plans and what this means for our readers.

In Regards to Future Ads:

Eventually, we would like TPG to become a full-time paying job.  To do this, we need to break into the advertising field.  We know this topic has turned many people off when browsing internet sites, and in some cases, rightfully so.  Let us assure you our ads will be relevant to the PC gaming/hardware crowd and will NOT include any full video, annoying audio, ad landing pages or auto-playing obnoxious nonsense.  You will not see ads for cars, deodorant or half-naked ladies pawning their new fashion jeans.  In the beginning, you will see simple text ads from GOG and Newegg as we currently have affiliation deals ready to go.  We are also perusing sponsorships from major PC component and system manufacturers.  We will not be in the market for advertising any games.  We believe advertising games on an individual basis is a dangerous road to travel, and as such, will avoid the situation all together.  For those of you with ad blockers, we hope you will add TPG to your whitelist.

In Regards to Future Design:

Anytime we have contact with a reader of TPG, we ask how we are doing and what we can do better.  The one piece of overwhelming feedback we get is in the area of design.  For the most part, our readers are happy with the ease of navigation, but do care for the “blogginess” or huge logo header.  Our goals in the new design will be to decrease the logo header, make the site look more professional, create an area that spotlights our best content while keeping the easy-to-navigate layout.  In addition, we will keep the promise given in the Mission Statement of keeping all of our content on a single page.

An Important Notice:

We do realize WordPress has decided to advertise their themes and site by loading a small pop-up at the bottom of your browser window after a few scrolls of the mouse.  Unfortunately, we can do nothing about this until we have completely moved to our new host.  We apologize for this small inconvenience and hope you know this is not how we intend to do business in the future.

Thanks from TPG:

We thank all of our readers who have stood behind us from Day 1.  TPG is growing up and we hope you will be here to see the strides we can make.

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