Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Steam Code Giveaway – Your Biggest PC Gaming Regret

TPG, in conjunction with Bethesda, are giving away three (3) Steam codes for Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.  To enter, use the comment section to post a story about your biggest PC gaming regret.  Bought a game or piece of hardware at launch against your better judgement?  Purchased a game or piece of hardware only to see it go on sale the very next day?  Tried a new brand of component but ended up disappointed?  Tell us all about it.  Your regret could score you hundreds of hours in quality entertainment.

Not sure about New Vegas?  George has you covered with his Op-Ed piece on playing New Vegas after he put over 250 hours into the game.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your biggest regret in PC gaming.

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their Steam code shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who told their stories.  Having to pick three was a daunting task, but the winners are: Martin, Thomas and deadrody.

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43 thoughts on “Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Steam Code Giveaway – Your Biggest PC Gaming Regret

  1. Yesterday … Yes just yesterday bought a new set of PC ready for battlefield. Too bad the motherboard – gigabyte z68ap-d3 , cannot install windows 7 at all ?!?!?!?!? After few hours of debug , found on google that this this m/b is having ‘a little bit’ of problem. LoL … So no bf3 , no win7 , no PC…

    Now got to upgrade other brands of m/b , gigabyte will not be a choice from now on :p

      • There are settings in bios that have to configure. Based on what technician says , there are options of AHCI , IDE and Raid. But it didn’t work although I tried.

        But it was okay later when sent to shop for debug …. Hehe WONDER what is wrong ? I don’t know …. :p

  2. Three years ago I had to replace my old monitor as it started showing a very blured screen. I’ve made a research, and found a nifty LCD in a nice price in some online shop. So I’ve ordered it. In a few days I was unwrapping a box, taking old monitor down to the basement, and connecting brand new one to my PC. It worked for about 10 minutes. After that it blacked out. I’ve sent it back for replacement and took old one up from basement. After 3 weeks I was again unwrapping a box, connecting new LCD to my PC, but it wasn’t new one, just the same, repaired. And instantly I’ve noticed a dead pixel in the very center of the screen. I was really unhappy and regreting my choice of shop, but it was not the end. In a day of using, dead pixel has multiplied into 3 dead pixels, and a day after, there were 6 of them. So once again I’ve sent it back for replacement and took the old one from basement. This time it was 3 weeks of waiting to receive new one. Fortunately another piece, not just previous, repaired again. Unfortunately, it was displaying a pink picture. Everything, from my gray wallpaper, to any game I’ve tried to play was freaking pink! The good thing was that this time I haven’t dismissed old monitor to the basement. The bad of course, waiting another 3 weeks for a replacement. At last it arrived. All ok. If you don’t count missing clip for wires of course. But I decided to live without it. Didn’t want to deal wit this shop again. So much torment, and I just wanted to save a few bucks.

      • As you probably can suspect of my name it was an online polish shop, called “shift shop”, quite a big in fact.
        And in context of my experience the name is somehow a pun :-), as “shift” might be translatet into polish to a verb “posunac”, and this word in polish is quite ordinary and common, but also might have coarse meaning, it’s close to a verb “screw” in english.

      • Well this was the first time that I was buying from them, and I think it’s quite understandable that it was also last time :-).

  3. Okay, my story goes like this:
    It was my 9th birthday, or was it the 8th…? Doesn’t matter, I was a little kid, completely in love with video games, so what I asked for a present was, of course, a videogame (no surprise there). I asked for something good, “something like Doom!” I said, because I spent a lot of time shooting legions of demons and having fun with it. So then my parents left, on the quest to get a game to put a smile on the face of their boy.
    Then it came the day of the party, time to open the presents, there was a lot of stuff from family and friends, I was looking at them and thanking everyone for the gifts, until it came the time to open the suspiciously shaped-like-a-videogame-box-ohmygod present. After ripping through the paper with such excitement, in front of my eyes there was a game called “Unreal Tournament”. Never heard of that one, but at that time I didn’t read almost nothing about videogame news in magazines and things like that; and the images of the box suggested a game in which you use guns, and you shoot… like Doom, you know?.
    Days later, after installing the game (which I can’t remember HOW I did it, I’ll explain you why in a minute), it was time to give it a shot (heh). So it started, with a “weird menu”, and after battling through it, I was in the middle of a ship in space, without explanation. I liked the graphics, sure, but after some minutes of trying to understand what was I supposed to do, some realization came into my mind: this isn’t like Doom. Where are the doors? and the demons? WHERE’S THE EXIT? Why I have to shoot someone and wait for it to come again? Is this the only thing I have to do? Of course the package included manuals and things like that, but the thing is (and what was trying to get earlier) English isn’t my native language, and when I was a kid I barely understood it, so it was a giant “I don’t get the meaning of playing this” as my opinion to the game. After only less than an hour of testing it, I believe, I took the game, gave It to my parents and said the dreadful words: “I don’t like it”. They were okay with that (although I saw some disappointment in their eyes because they didn’t get what I asked them, thinking about that makes me feel terrible), a couple of days later we went to the store and changed it for another game (which I can’t remember now).
    That was my experience with the game until lots of years passed, when a friend insisted me to play with other people of our classroom, that I realized all the fun of the fast gameplay, variety of weapons and maps, all the strategy behind and the concept of playing with others and having lots of fun destroying each other to pieces. If only I had the patience to sit down, understand what the game tried to give me and carry on learning through trial and error (and of course, a better understanding of English at the time), I could’ve enjoyed a great game for a long time. This is a small regret I have in all this years I spent playing games.

    • Excellent story, Martin. I had something similar happen to me, but not in the PC gaming area. My parents asked me if I wanted a Super Nintendo or Turbo Graphix 16. I chose the TG because, at the time, I thought the SNES had too many buttons.

      Yeah…. that is my worst regret.

      • I don’t even get a chance to see a real TG one in action, it is not sold here at that time. I only seen the the games running on pc emulator.
        I bought a megadrive due to price differences, I guess it is just little regret. I always admire those jrpgs, megadrive had so few of those.

  4. I had just bought a new TV and my brother and his girlfriend that I haven’t met before came to spend the evening at my house. We decided to play some Tiger Woods on Wii and what do you know. She loads a major swing and hits the ball while the Wii controller hits the TV doing a hole bigger than a hole on a actual golf course. I don’t really talk about her these days but her swing was pretty good though.

  5. It was right after I moved back to The Netherlands (and for the first time living on my own), that my pc gaming life really took off. I spend the first 2 years of college playing this UT mod Strike Force, almost non stop when I decided it was time for a change. Being a huge fan of the original Nascar game as a kid, I figured I had to give it another try, so I bought the latest Nascar game, bought me a Guillemot Ferrari Force Feedback Wheel and started up the game.

    Being used to playing in competitve ladders with Strike Force, I quickly joined a Dutch Nascar racing league. In my first official race I managed to stay out of trouble (going fast isn’t necessary, staying out of trouble is) through 2/3 of the race. I had just entered the pitlane from 2nd position when someone else crashed his car. I returned onto the oval course. The rule was to take up position behind the leader, I noticed the leader just coming around the corner so, being the good boy I am, I decided to stay on the inside of the track so I could pick up position behind the leader, like I was suppossed to. At the exact moment the leader past me and I wanted to pick up pace behind him, my car got slammed from the back. It was impossible to control the car and I smashed into the wall, which completely ruined the engine and ended the race for me.

    Completely confused I asked some spectators what just happened. They laughed at me and told me I got smashed in the back by the pacecar who wanted to get on the course because of the crash that happened when I was in the pitlane aswell. I never got so upset about dumb AI ever again. It was my first ever official race, and since then I never again dids I get so close to winning a race. I still regret my decision to let the leader pass, I should have just let him pass on the straight.

    A couple of years later I moved out of my student appartment to a much smaller one and I had to get rid of allot of stuff. I hadn’t played a racing game in a while and I decided to give away the force feedback wheel together with the game “Rally Trophy” to a friend of mine who needed a gift for his son. Thinking back on it, it isn’t my pacecar crash that is my biggest regret, it is giving away that force feedback wheel. To this day I still miss that force feedback wheel, it was a beautifull piece of technology.

  6. This is easy. Pre-ordered a Renegade Ops four pack on steam only to find out that the game was delayed two times and by the time it was released all of my friends were playing Skyrim and no one wanted to try the game with me. Also the game wont support any controllers besides the X360, and is impossible to handle with K+M. Money not so well spent i would say.

  7. So many mistakes…

    There was the time I read a THG article about how they overclocked a Pentium D 205 to over 4GHz using water cooling. This was just before the Conroe CPUs came out, and I was one of the few who got inspired by the “Pentium D price for better than Pentium Extreme performance” story. I only managed to get mine OC’d to about 3.8GHz (from 2.66GHz) and keep it stable. Even then the lights in the street dimmed when I turned the thing on. But, on a positive note, my ex-wife may have hated my PC, but the cats loved it. They totally ignored the radiators and just swamped the base unit. I wouldn’t say it was a replacement for central heating, but it worked well and kept my room nice and warm in the winter.

    And of course there is also Saints Row 2. I’m now old, bitter, twisted and I have very little faith left in humanity. I think part of this is due to working in tech support, the rest is listening to someone recommending Saints Row as a worthy GTA rival. Now I love GTA, especially San Andreas (imo one of the best games of all time) I don’t think SR1 ever did come out on PC, but I was regaled about how good it was on the X-tv-box, and so, like a crazy fool, I ignored my better judgement (which tbh isn’t that great… see the Pentium D situation above…) and pre-ordered SR2.

    Oh dear, and never again.

    To developers – I won’t list all my gripes against SR2, and Volition, however I will make a mention that PC gamers do at least expect a bit of effort when it comes to making a cross-platform game that WORKS on the PC. You have a platform that is 20x more powerful than a telly-box. and the opportunity to showcase your talent can elevate you to gaming god-like status.

    Or you can release Saints Row 2 on PC as an afterthought and lose any respect you may have once had from PC gamers…

    • I would consider SR2 as one of the worst PC ports ever released. This game is right up there with FFVII, Invisible War, High Heat 2004 and The Saboteur as some of the worst. I agree on San Andreas. I put over 150 hours on multiple playthroughs.

    • What sort of problems does it have, aside from the ridiculous speed problem. I did manage to find a fix for that, though it seems like the frame rate is pretty horrid as well, even on really new hardware.

      I haven’t played it much, but one of these days….

      Would be interested to know what other problems I should anticipate.

      • That’s the main thing – for a game that looks so horrible, the frame rate is appalling. By the time I had upgraded all my hardware a year or so after launch (just as part of my usual upgrade process every few years) I tried the game again and got a decent frame rate. But by then I realised the game is just so ugly, the controls are pretty bad, it had no personality, and that I didn’t want to play it anymore anyway.

  8. I bought an dx9 ATI x1900xt when newer card with dx10 were available and the price difference were not really that much at that time. Wasted 1 week of research before purchasing, when you look up older review, it is always top end card is better. There isn’t much to compare at that time also when there is not much dx10 games on the market. The card gradually unable to cope with newer games plus it is noisy and generates a lot of heat, I live in a tropical country where it is like summer all year round. The card can heat up my room in the afternoon, free heater with the sound of a blower in summer. After about 6 month the gpu fan starts to get noise and eventually died. That is my most regretful purchase for pc hardware.

    I took apart the fan from the card and here is the result..

    The plastic cover and the fan are no where to be seen. Oh well at least I get to take it apart. Another card to put in my mini hardware museum..

  9. Back in 2002, I was young and big into Blizzard games.

    The big hyped up upcoming PC game was Warcraft 3, I remember making my dad take me to EB Games (Game store) made him preorder WarCraft 3 Reign of Chaos for me, when the game eventually came out, I got my copy and I couldn’t even run the game because my computer at the time didn’t even meet the requirements to run the game.

    I couldn’t play the game up until 2008 when I finally got a new & better computer, Lol.

  10. Thank you and good ol’ Bethesda for the chance to win FNV. I have been waiting for the GOTY/all dlc including version to be released for a while but I wanted to completely finish Fallout 3 GOTY first which I had a great time with and ended up clocking in just over 370 hours with that according to steam (I haven’t even tried mods yet). Btw I won Hard Reset back in November (thank you again for that) which I’ve played through twice now and thoroughly enjoyed despite the lack of quick save and strafejumping (=

    For a gaming regret I actually have too many of those, I guess I never learn! My most recent would probably have to be Brink, on paper it literally came across as revolutionary (I think that’s also how it was marketed iirc). The thing is, it did have everything.. it was a mutliplayer FPS game developed by Splash Damage, it focused on teamplay, objective based, parkour movement, beautiful artstyle, various classes.. you get the idea, it had tonnes of awesome stuff going on, but the game you received didn’t feel anything like the game advertised. In reality it was slow, very clunky, objectives were always the same ‘go here and press this button’, movement was severely restricted by the environment (bad level design) and was also clunky. The classes didn’t seem to have been thoroughly playtested either, Medic (also my preferred class in TF2) was completely useless, if you were a light body type, you had more chance of reaching low hp or dead players but you normally died yourself before you got there, your own crap weapons helped that. If you were medium or heavy you had no chance of getting there on time but you often got there alive, but unfortunately by the time you did everyone had already dropped out of the revive queue and respawned and was already behind you.. no one else ever played medic either since there was barely any point. The soldiers would just constantly spam grenades and flashes, blinding you at every opportunity. The engineers laid mines EVERYWHERE and because of the detailed colourful ground textures you couldn’t see them at all. The operative had absolutely no purpose, he was marketed as being basically the same as the tf2 spy and while he did have a few similar abilities it’s always obvious that you’re an operative and you couldn’t change disguise.. also when you got attacked you can’t defend yourself because your weapons are so weak in comparison and so you end up in the respawn queue a lot, like everyone else :]

    I could rip apart the game more but no doubt this ranting is getting a little boring now. I should mention the dreadful performance issues though (mostly on ATI hardware), my pc at the time could play Crysis on decent settings with no lag at around 50f, in Brink while using an fps cfg I could just get 20f. The hitreg and lag issues were also a major concern, probably the worst I’d ever experienced and I’ve played with Americans on the west coast on a 28k before =/ (I’m from the UK) The worst thing though, the absolute worst thing was that I participated in the Splash Damage forums for a ridiculous amount of time before the games release, I told all my friends and online friends that this game was going to be incredible etc etc hyping it to ridiculous levels. I even had it preordered for months at full price (£40).. and then 8 days after release it was on sale in my local GAME for £12 and the servers were dead within a month. sigh

    My most recent hardware mishap was with AMD’s bulldozer line, when the 2500k was released my PC was getting on a bit, but It was a Lanparty board and you can’t knock those things, they last forever! (it’s still in use as my fileserver). Anyway I decided that this was as good as CPUs would get for a while and it was time to upgrade, Intel had been consistently beating AMD but I kinda liked supporting them as they’re the underdog and they never let me down. So instead of going on past experience, reviews and hard stats regarding the 2500k and how it would beat anything AMD put out. The constant Bulldozer news filtering down kept making me want to wait it out just in case, more leaks/articles kept appearing with news that it had 8 cores, was extremely fast and would finally beat Intel this time around. Therefore I decided to wait..

    The reviews for Bulldozer started dropping, every single one claimed it was awful, I even checked sites/reviewers/mags I never normally would just to make sure it wasn’t some odd coincidence. I spent months waiting and pinning my hopes on that cpu, I missed out on playing some awesome games at release and sharing the experience with friends and/or family. It made me far more sad than it really, I mean it’s just a processor after all. For me though it was what it signified, that the underdog I’d supported for so long could come back from the BRINK (=D) and beat all hopes & expectations. More importantly though it meant something huge for the industry, that Intel had no competitor anymore, and when there’s no competition the consumer generally suffers. At the time though all I could think was that AMD had finally let me down but that was wrong, it’s easy for me to say but they let themselves down, especially when they claimed they don’t want to make consumer hardware anymore, that was just being cheap and taking the easy way out. I now have a 2500k, sorry AMD. I ‘may’ have gone a bit off topic sorry about that, I don’t think I’ve ever spoke about it in so much detail before hah

    Thanks again for the opportunity and helping me work through my past issues and regrets haha (=

    • Thanks for the stories, Thomas. I have not played Brink and I guess it is for the better. I have been an Intel fan since I left my dependable K6-2 500mhz back in 2002. For me, Intel simply had better performance and still does. I am currently running a Core Duo 2 1.86Gz oc’d to 3Gz on air only since I got it back in 2006. I chose wisely, I suppose. 🙂

      • For sure, at that time I went the other way and purchased the X2 4400+ clocked at ~2.8, unfortunately the performance levels didn’t stand the test of time that the C2D has and I bet it will still be good for a few years yet (I hope my current 2500k does just as well). hmm I guess I should’ve dropped the extra cash and gone for the X2 6400+ BE.. yet another regret? ha. As for Brink I’ve always wanted to try it at LAN to see if my opinion would change at all but I’m either too busy or too scared to say ‘Hey guys, Let’s play BRINK!”

        Thanks for reading all that btw. I hadn’t realized it was such a wall of text, wish I had trimmed it down more sorry!

  11. Simple:

    Hot on the heels of the Steam Xmas 2011 sale, I fired up the Steam Store and saw Flatout 3 on sale for $10. Hot damn! Flatout 2 was awesome. Played through it twice and still occasionally fire it up for some fun destruction.

    Regret ? Flatout 3 is easily the biggest piece of junk ripoff game I’ve ever bought, bar none. And in this day and age with all the information I could access that would have screamed “run in the other direction from this game”, I didn’t even stop for one second to check said information.

    Biggest waste of $10 in my entire life.

    • Our own Mike Andre had the displeasure of reviewing FO3. I had to give him a virtual hug afterwards. Think Of the scene in Dumb and Dumber just before they head for Aspen.

      • Oh the irony. I just started scrolling down the front page and there it is.

        That is too funny.

        I only played it long enough to win one race. I cannot believe a sentient human was involved in the release of something so unbelievably bad.

  12. It does happen at times. especially during big steam sales. last summer steam sale is my first time buying games during sale times and i was really astonished by the sale prices being so much cheaper. and i bought some 150$ worth games(in sale prices) games during the first 3 days and later i discovered the daily deal and etc things and i got to know that i have spent almost 75$ more by the end of the sale.

    i wouldn’t have been much disappointed but i didn’t even download or play most of the games that i bought which made me regret more. i learned to buy wisely during next big sales on steam.

    another regret is buying brink at full price during launch, more due to confidence in bethesda and i had worst problems with it. it ran bad on my amd card and i had to work hard to handle those modded drivers, fixes and etc things for first time. at last i have managed to run it fine and it isn’t that bad game as people complain. and there was a quick price drop soon almost by 50%.

    and another regret, not a regret exactly, call it realization, never buy games from ea sports. i’m a fifa fan and have been all those yearly installments of fifa over the years, i finally realized that there are better games to spend money than the same thing over the years again and again. though i have bought all the latest revisions of fifa after 2008, i’m still stuck with fifa 08 and rarely played the later ones. i did’t find any reason to buy those again.

    and hardware regrets are more common and i don’t feel bad for them like these smartphones which always become obsolete within a year and i don’t want to recall the episode of my first ssd that failed and i lost all my data. i’m back on normal hard disk now.

    thanks for the giveaway tpg.

    • EA killed the sports PC gaming landscape years ago. In 2007, remember someone high up from EA Sports directly blaming piracy as the reason they were no longer going to release Tiger Woods, Madden and NHL titles on the PC. Sales for these games had been in sharp decline, but piracy was not the problem. It was the fact that EA treated PC gaming like second-rate citizens. The best Madden and Tiger Woods games were the 2004 versions and every yearly release after that, they were worse than the next. In addition, you have to take into consideration these were all lazy PS2 ports and patches were rarely released. If that is not enough, all you have to do is look at my review for Tiger Woods 12 to see how far EA has come. They go from blaming all there problems on piracy to flat-out lying about their product.

      2K Sports has made some good strides with the NBA series, but the MLB side has some major problems which hopefully can be fixed with MLB2K12.

      • yes, i’m hating the way ea & activision are dealing with customers. one day everyone will be sick with these yearly released games.

        i have just tried PES 2k12 demo and it is a fresh breath.

  13. I am really regretting that the first time I’ve played Fallout was just a year ago. Over 20 years after it’s release date. Just think how many times I could finish this game during those 20+ years! And it’s sequel. And the sequel of the sequel. And finally New Vegas.
    So many good games, so little time to play…

  14. I know this is a Bethesda giveaway but I won’t lie, my biggest let down about pc gaming in this century is Brink. I was a hardcore Wolfenstein: ET player, even played in a few tournaments, it was truly the best team based game for me back in the day. Even playing it on a public server was nice unlike a lot of online FPS. Anyway when Splash Damage released Quake Wars, I ran to the store and got it. It wasn’t so great like ET but it was good enough. I was also a Quake/id fan in any case. I wasted a lot hours and had fun playing it. So as you can guess, I have preordered SD’s new game, BRINK by paying $50. Trailers, previews, etc were all good and they hyped it so much. Then the game was released. There were lots of technical problems. Low FPS, audio, graphical glitches, you name it. Also there was no “real” singleplayer campaign, I knew what I would get from Splash Damage so it didn’t affect me, but most of people thought that $50 was too much for this game, and I think they were right. Right now, the online community of Brink is a ghost town. Anyway Splash Damage made me regret preordering Brink, though I’ll probably buy their next game but I’ll sure think twice before doing that.

  15. The old republic! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good game but after playing it for a week I couldn’t find the nerve to do it anymore. It’s just not as addicting as kotor 1 and 2 were for me. It was just a let down for me.

  16. One of my biggest regrets is definitely not playing the Ultima and Ultima Underworld series back in the days when they revolutionized RPGs. My parents disapproved of any game containing magic, so… yeah. I’ve tried going back and playing Ultima IV or Underworld, but just found them too clumsy to play.

    Fortunately some Youtubers sometimes record videos of their old favorites, so I’ve been able to enjoy the batshit insane early Wizardry games in that format (llamas in togas, lol). But it’s still not the same thing as experiencing it yourself.

  17. My biggest disappointment in gaming in recent years would have to be Civilization 5… Don’t get me wrong I had (and still do) tons of fun playing it alone or with my friend online but apart from some neat ideas that it came with it was also ridden with tons of bugs and such badly optimized engine that me and my PC alike laugh at the speed the World Map is scrolling (or zooming) at… All of it make for much less enjoyable experience than it could’ve been. Sure, there’s been some fixes and patches and one can play it now without the worry that it will randomly freeze or exit to desktop but there’s so much more in there to fix… I wish I’d known better and just waited another 2 or so years before getting it. 🙂

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