RACE Injection Review

By – Mike Andre

Racing sims are not quite as popular as most big budget arcade racers such as Need for Speed or Burnout so, for a sim addict like me, every new release is more than welcome. Race: Injection is not exactly a new release, as it’s a re-release of Race 07 along with all the expansion packs released so far but believe me, it’s worth every penny.  So let’s get into detail and discover why you should grab Race: Injection immediately after you’re finished reading this review.

Driving Is Fun!

For whoever doesn’t know, Race 07 is a racing simulator developed and published by Simbin Studios, mainly based on the 2007 season of the WTCC. The included expansion packs add a plethora of new tracks and cars, ranging from open wheels to historic cars, totalling 83 different car models and 40 tracks. That’s a lot. And all of that at a very affordable price.

If you like racing games, whether you’re more into casual racing games or simulators, Race is a fantastic game. Just tweak the accessibility options to fit your playing style, and you’re good to go. The accessibility makes it appealing, but what really grabs the player is the fantastic physics engine. Driving is a lot of fun and at the same time a great challenge. In this particular regard, it’s easy to forget this is a 5 year old game.

The sense of speed is great;  prepare to feel every bump in the road, especially if you playwith older cars. Driving a Formula One like car is vastly different from driving a Mini Cooper or muscle car. Whatever the car you pick the controls always feel greatly responsive, and unlike most simulators, playing with the keyboard is actually enjoyable. Playing with a wheel is still recommended, though the game plays nicely with a gamepad as well.

So Many Tracks and Cars, So Little Time

The tracks in the game are all based on real life circuits except for one, most of them being almost carbon copies of the real ones. As if having 40 tracks at your disposal wasn’t enough, almost each one has alternative layouts.

When you add that to the 83 different cars, divided in around 15 different classes, you realize that’s a lot of replayability.  Now, on the technical aspects of the game.  One of the main reasons why driving in Race is so immersive is the sound. The amount of detail put into the sound design is absolutely fantastic. Each little detail, such as the pilot changing gears for example, has its appropriate sound effect. Driving cars like the Camaro packs that punch you’d expect from a muscle car, while driving a modern car like the WTCC BMW feels almost like cruising on water in comparison.

Doesn’t look great? No problem

Now on the not-so-great side of things. A you probably know, Race 07 was released in 2007, 5 years ago, and as such the game doesn’t look on par with more recent offerings such as Need For Speed: Shift 2 and The Run, or the highly promising, Project Cars.
There’s a good side to that though, as it runs on really low spec PCs. In theory, it should even run on Intel powered graphic cards.

While the tracks are not exactly the most detailed around, the models are great and look exactly like their real counterparts. With so many cars available to the player, the amount of work put into each car model is surprising, even for a company with high standards such as SimBin.  Truth be told, from the company who brought us the magnificent GTR2, it’s hard to imagine anything less than great in that regard. Or any other aspect for that matter.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Your Money?

Yes, yes and yes. If you are into racing games, simulators or arcade racers, and you don’t have Race 07, you can’t miss this opportunity. Heck, even if you already own Race 07 and enjoyed it, you’ll love all the new cars and tracks. For only 30$ on Steam, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen lately. Actually, it’s more of a steal than a deal and should be snagged up immediately.

RACE Injection Technical Summary:

  • Time Played – 5 hours
  • Widescreen – Yes
  • 5.1 Audio – Yes
  • Bugs – None
  • Control Scheme –Keyboard or Gamepad
  • Availability – Steam
  • Demo – None
  • Review Specs – Core 2 Duo, Radeon 4550, 4GB RAM

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3 thoughts on “RACE Injection Review

  1. As a sim racer I would get it but it is tied to steam, which is a hurdle Im not jumping over. (a matter of principle)
    Good thing there are alot of other great, even better (imho) sim racing games such as Live for Speed and netKar Pro.

  2. so say i have race 07 and gtr evo with all the addons then buying this game would not be good for me .I love the race series and the comment about steam ? so your telling me you never played call of dutys mw2 ,mw3 and black ops ,the half life series ,lost planet ,1000s of indy games .you are also missing out on steam cloud save games ,log into you account from any pc download n play your games. You also forgot to mention Rfactor which is the greatest racing simulator ,even used by the pros to test setups and learn tracks /driving tech .Im a log time sim racer i started on the amiga with a make-shift wheel pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard on f1 champ .I have bought all the simbin racing games (most of them x2) and a multitude of logitech wheels my latest being a g27 a upgrade from my dfpgt .2 x gaming pc’s worth well over £5000 for the both of them .The graphics are simple but still more detailed then gt5 which is the best racing sim on a console but comes no where nr this for realim .
    So dont listen to next man ,if you have not got the race series and have a pretty decent laptop and a wheel linked to your ps3 then buy this for a real racing experience .The only thing better is driving a real car around the track 🙂

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