How Television Gets Gaming and Technology Wrong

There are probably plenty of doctors who cringe at the dialogue from medical television shows.   Just as many real law enforcement officers yell at their TV screens because of the way a character is holding a gun or how they enter a residence during a bust.  For gamers, it is when gaming and technology is portrayed as something far beyond what can be accomplished today.  Whether writers of these shows truly have no idea how technology works, or they present ideas knowing it will garner a reaction from the gaming crowd, they remain entertaining.  The following clips will make you cry, laugh and punch your monitor all at the same time.

Who knew overclocking could fix bugs?


Apparently, there are more uses for Visual Basic than previously known.


Red Dwarf shows just exactly how far behind the times we all are. (Yes, we know this is a parody.)


Do you have a high-score in an MMO?  Not if Max Destruco has anything to say about it.




Always two there are.  No more, no less.


We have been duped for years.  Here is how IRC really works.


If you get passed Level 10 in Prince of Persia, something truly amazing happens.


Dexter must know somebody at Bungie.


Lo and behold we have a show that finally gets it right.  In the ABC series, Castle, Nathan Fillion blames the pixels.

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29 thoughts on “How Television Gets Gaming and Technology Wrong

  1. Hahaha !

    A priceless collection of criminal broadcasting. I’d say the database repairing defrag just gets trumped in to 3rd place by the 2nd place MMO high scores. Of course the #1 spot HAS to be the “IP address of DOOM !!”

  2. You guys do realize that the writers of these shows actually DO know that octets only go up to 255 in standard decimal notation, right?

    The point is, they’re trolling YOU, the nerd audiences. Not to mention their own competition to one up each other with the most absurd technobabble.

    • This has to be true. There’s no other explanation for such random nonsense. If it isn’t true then who who knew that IPV6 was just made completely redundant for another 10 years by a cute girl at a coffee shop with big hoop earrings ?

    • That does seem like something someone who got it wrong would say. It’s like saying “I meant to do that” after you fall off your bike.

      Screenwriters are either professional writers toiling against deadlines to push out entertaining story lines or they’re actually very well informed about police work, computing, medicine, space flight, being a genius and all the other things that people make TV shows about and are just trolling the audience in between the toiling against deadlines to push out entertaining story lines.

      Numb3rs is not a show about IRC. It doesn’t matter how IRC actually works. They just need a thing to be in this week’s episode.

      • Besides, the people doing the animated sequence presenting hackers sailing on the IRC ocean (or whatever) were professionals nerds, thus they most probably did know what all that thing meant and must have had a hard job doing that sequence, between hilarity and despair.

    • My guess is, it’s more of a cover-your-ass move so they don’t accidentally paint a target on some unsuspecting guy’s server. Like phone numbers that are always invalid by starting with 555.

      • Yeah Thats why we have things like Private address Space

        These blocks of IP’s are not publicly assigned and there for would be the equivalent of handing out a 555 phone number.

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  4. I love computers. I always know that if I read an article that misses out some important point (not referring backhandedly to this post!) I can just tell the computer “unmiss! Elaborate! Clarify!” and the argument will resolve itself into something that makes sense.

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    • Nope. I do not read Cracked and have never seen that article. I suppose two people within the enormity of the internet can never have similar ideas. By that thinking Burger King must have plagiarized McDonald’s and Target did the same with Wal-Mart. I am not exactly sure how posting video clips constitutes plagiarism anyway.

      In addition, I originally uploaded the NCIS MMO clip and the one from Ghost Whisperer.

      Why is it when one person has seen something online, she/he must assume every single other person on this planet has seen the same thing?

      • Because “journalists” are supposed to research the topic they wish to write about before writing about it to see if it has been done before.

        Kind of like how you have to check for patents before “inventing” something. Unless you are Apple.

      • By that logic, once a topic has already been discussed by a single individual, there is no room for others to do the same thing.

        How many stories have there been on the Mass Effect 3 DLC/Ending? How many different sites review the same games?

        If this were the case, everyone would be subject to IGN for all of our gaming news.

  6. its not only exclusive to computer nerds and law enforcement. Doctors yell at their tv’s too, especially when House is on, its rather funny when they stop and mute the tv and explain that the whole situation could have been avoided by a cheap test that costs 10 cents.

    • I mentioned that in my intro. I know of a few folks in medical school who have told me they hate watching shows like ER and House because of the total disregard for real medicine and science.

  7. They know the truth. They have consultants and crap to tell them where they’re screwing up. They just don’t care. 99% of people don’t know where it’s wrong anyway. Also, every profession they portray is subject to this. The point isn’t to realistically portray events, it’s to sell advertising minutes, which means being entertaining. You know how boring your IT job is? Yeah, that’s REAL. That’s truth. That’s not good TV. If you all got your collective way and TV became realistic, it would be just as boring as your life is. Do you really want that?

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