DOTA 2 Beta Key Giveaway: Your Best Valve Gaming Moment

Valve was kind enough to supply TPG with five (5) beta keys for their anticipated hybrid fantasy/action strategy title, DOTA 2.  To enter, use the comment section to share a funny/awesome/sad story about an experience you had playing a Valve game.  Please read the rules below before commenting.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your best Valve gaming moment

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their DOTA 2 code shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is now over.  The winners are: Nathan, Andżelika, Oscar, Philip and Jamie.  Your codes are landing in your Inbox as we speak.  Thanks to everyone who posted their stories.

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25 thoughts on “DOTA 2 Beta Key Giveaway: Your Best Valve Gaming Moment

  1. Obvious SPOILER warning.
    When GLaDOS was turned into a potato. I was hoping that she will shut up at last ;-)…
    But seriously, just oposite. When I found her down in the labs, and she was still talking a lot, this was really one of my best Valve gaming moments.

  2. My best moment for a valve title for me was when I realized that large amount of mods and skins available. Mods like “Action Half-life” and skins like JTHM made me realize that I wanted to learn how to be apart of the mod community and got me involved in an aspect of gaming I wasn’t aware I had a prior interest in.

    Jack K.

  3. I must say my best gaming moment was when I was able to log into steam from Iraq in 2003. It had been about 6 months between playing a real game and there was a somewhat decent computer setup that would handle CSS. There were about 5 other fellow geeks with me and we all decided to host our own CSS server. Valve and CSS have helped me through some stressful times. Thanks Valve and thanks TPG for the opportunity.

    Peace out

    • That is a great story, Nathan. I appreciate the comment and you for your military service. Anything particularly memorable about playing CS with your fellow soldiers?

      • Other than the fact I was the only one who played in Cal-O and no one else had any clue. So i destroyed them. But it was good none the less and gave everyone a time away from reality.

  4. For me, no doubt, getting my (then) last achievement for L4D2, which was “The Real Deal”, i.e., finish a campaign in Expert Realism. Perhaps we are not that good, but it took me and my friends three months of playing and trying almost every friday until the wee hours of the night. I know like the palm of my hand the last map of the Swamp Fever campaign, so many times we tried!.

    When we finally made it, some lost Friday at 4ish AM, two of us had a big row with our wives, since we were shouting like crazy!.

    Say what you will about achievements, L4D2 is not the same since I finished them all 😉

    Carlos P.

  5. Most rewarding story: Getting my first AWP headshot through the doors on dust2 in CS1.6
    Saddest story: Losing my companion cube it portal 😦

  6. When I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with friends at 2am, when you’re tired, it’s the most fun time! It’s all about having fun with friends!

    Now I’m hoping that I can win a key and have some fun on Dota2 with my friends! 😀

  7. One of my favourite moments on a Valve game actually happened yesturday afternoon. At my university, we have a computer society (which I’m a committee member of) and we host bi-weekly LAN events. Yesturday we were playing TF2, and naturally, I play my favourite (and imo) and fun class, the spy!

    cp_upward, I was defending and I ‘guised up as an enemy heavy and snuck up behind the big ball of them pushing the cart and single handly proceed to backstab all of them. I’ve never heard such loud cries of anguish after wiping a group of people out. Sadly, they came back with 4 Pyros and I couldn’t repeat that feat! 😦 Still, it put a big smile on mine and my friend who was sat next to me faces.

    Good luck to everyone else! I think I’ll read through them as they are posted as well, some of the comments have put a smile on my face as well!

  8. One of the funniest/strangest things in a Valve game was me playing G-Mod online, and i hear a door opening from someones headset.
    So after like 5mins of silence the guy who played screams “GET THE F**K OUT” to i guess its mother or something like this and then all we hear is a “AARGH”, something breaking and after 2mins or so the guy saying “sorry i gotta go”.
    Was pretty strange, when you think about it, g-mod is a pretty friendly game and hearing something in that is just weird.
    But if you scream at someone like that you have to face consequences

  9. Oh man, not sure if this counts as my *best* Valve moment, but my most… memorable Valve moment is definitely when my girlfriend broke up with me because of Counter-Strike.

    2005. What a year. CS was at its competitive peak, being more or less what Starcraft 2 is today – huge community, loads of tournaments, local and international, and everybody covering every single event. Counter Strike was *the* game back then, and it is what got me into eSports. Suddenly it was no longer “Friday night playing some CS with my mates”, but “training X, Y and Z strats with my team on de_nuke”. It was no longer “messing around on scoutzknivez” but “practising timings to rush B”. We set up our own server and this was serious business. No joke. I decided to get even more involved when I volunteered as a writer for a [now deceased] Latin American gaming portal. This forced me to keep up with all activity surrounding CS, including tournaments, new team sponsorships, roster changes; all the drama. I spent countless hours looki… wait, cross that… studying demos from professional teams, reading interviews with the pros, watching frag videos. I even skipped a class or two from uni every now and then to write articles. I was completely absorbed in it and loved every second of it. Thinking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  10. The best Valve gaming moment ever has to be in Portal 2. (Sorry, contains spoilers)

    When you’re paired with GlaDoS going through the various stages to fight back against Wheatly and the cheeky banter and sarcastic comments between you and a battery powered potato. Portal 2 is a great game and one of Valves best both in intuitive puzzle solving and voice acting.

  11. My best valve gaming moment… Every Valve game I experienced so far left me with a lot of unique gaming moments and memories, which makes Valve such a superb game developer. But when reading the word ”Valve” my first thoughts instantly goes back to the time when i first discovered CS 1.6, which also was the first Valve game I ever played. Several years back I remember getting my hands on the complete Half-life generation box, even though all I really wanted was CS, which of course was included in there as well. And from that moment on, my gaming “career” took off. Rushing home from school, logging into vent, getting ready to start playing and discuss several different strategies with my friends, which I came up with or heard about. I just got very dedicated to this game, spending a lot of time by just looking for practice games in IRC, which we could try our new made strategies on, and later using them in different kind of tournaments at the weekends. It is basically just all a big awesome moment of my life, which I am very thankful for.

    This was also not only the very first Valve game that I played; it was the first game that really got me stuck into the gaming scene and I believe it made me to the competitive gaming person I am today. Today, whether it is Dota, Starcraft, Quake, Warcraft or any other competitive game that I like playing, I am mostly getting very dedicated to them, always aiming to get better.

  12. It was when I was a real life moment while playing Portal 2. I was playing with my 7-yo son coop campaign, he likes the game very much, especially Whetley and Glados. And he understands a lot of a storyline and characters, although of course there were quite some moments that I had to explain him some background.
    So, we are somewhere at the second half of the coop campaign, and suddenly, he, while playing P-body, grabbed a chair, and threw it into over the railing into the bottomless pit, shouting in excitement “Look Glados! I am making science!”. I was really surprised and proud of him 🙂

  13. i own all valve games that are released

    i preordered left 4 dead 2, as im big fan of that series

    Also i enjoyed portal2 very much

    one best moment , when i bought portal2 with a friend, i played same day for about 14 hrs non stop

    thats my longest game playing in one day :d

    name: Ashish Rungta

  14. Has to be when I attempted to do the Little Rocket Man achievement in Episode 2!

    We died together, fell of cliffs together, got lost together, bathed in each others blood and sweat!
    But we suceeded together… as a team!

    Now I’ve lost my best friend..

  15. Running screaming from a witch in Left For Dead as my team mates blasted her and zombies swarmed around me.

    I was visiting my brother when he introduced me to the game. The intro wowed me and when I started playing I just couldn’t stop 2am in the morning later I was still blasting zombies, running screaming like a little girl and setting tanks on fire.

    What a great game…

  16. Best moments:
    When playing steam games with friends. They’re always as hilarious and the best moments.
    Games like TF2, CS:S, L4D etc, etc.

    Steam brings ppl together, that’s why I like it, and that’s why would love to get my hands on dota2 and play it with my friends! Peace out and good luck everyone!

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