Diablo III Beta Giveaway: Your Saddest Hardcore Character Story

Blizzard was kind enough to supply TPG with ten (10) beta keys for their anticipated title, Diablo III.  To enter, use the comment section to share a sad/awesome/funny story about an experience you had losing a high level Hardcore Character while playing Diablo.  Please read the rules below before commenting.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your hardcore character story

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their Diablo III code shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is now over.  These were some very creative and fantastic stories.  Thanks to everyone to participated.  The winners selected so far: Maria, Allie, Marko, John, Brian, Wojciech and Elaine.   The last winners are: Kim L, Jarin and Julie Y.  Bonus winner is Andrew S.

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31 thoughts on “Diablo III Beta Giveaway: Your Saddest Hardcore Character Story

  1. My name is Marko P, and I will share my sad story with you.
    I lost my beloved Paladin about 3 years ago.

    Always have I been cautious with him, always cared about him being well equipped and ready to fight the forces of darkness.
    I was always keen on building powerful rune words for him, and it served us both very well.
    He was a shiny paladin, graced by 3 active auras at all times.
    His most worthy possessions were his weapon and shield, both of wonderful make and truly fit for a king.
    The weapon was a glorious scepter, with the Beast rune word engraved, granting a fanaticism aura.
    The shield was socketed to the word of Exile, giving a strong defiance aura, and casting the (skin saving) life tap curse on enemies foolish enough to come near.

    And, as always is the case with precious things, disaster strikes the first time utmost care is not taken.
    Distracted by a visiting friend I took my paladin for a spin through a part of the game world that was familiar to me, and within my avatars abilities.
    However, in a momentary lapse of judgement, followed by some really bad luck, I managed to upset a large portion of the nearby enemy population.
    This didn’t seem like a huge problem until I realized that some of them were actually an elite squad of hell’s minions.

    But, by then it was way too late to run.
    The paladin was now standing knee deep in swampy soil, surrounded by a swarm of enemies.
    This was their terrain, they were numerous, tough, and angry.
    The paladin was pounded from all sides, and the health bar was going down with alarming speed.

    But this was no time to panic. Only one thing could save him now. And yes!
    The random chance of triggering life tap fired, granting the holy warrior an instant refill of health each time he struck an afflicted monster.
    But now, he was at a standstill with the minions of evil, and all he could hope for was to outlast them.
    And last he did. He fought heroically for what seemed like an eternity, using zeal to strike all around himself, freezing his foes, regaining health and warding off death.

    Unfortunately, the champions of hell proved to much. But not for our hero. For his scepter…
    During this battle of attrition, all the equipment of the paladin slowly turned to shambles, his body sustained only by the constant inflow of magical energy.
    But, while the scepter was serving him, he continued to fight.

    Alas, the dreaded moment came, and the warrior of light was betrayed by his legendary weapon.
    He fought tooth and nail in his last moments, but the monsters overcame him by pure numbers.
    All that was left was a broken body on the ground. His life extinguished, never to be resurrected.

    For this was Hardcore mode.

  2. For me, the death was swift and painless. Hrothgar was, as his name might suggest, a berserker in true norse fashion. A giant, runed axe that sucked the life out of anything it hit in its whirlwind of death was his weapon of choice. I could stand toe to toe with almost anything in the game. I was mighty, until one day the game started reacting slowly while fighting some of Diablo’s more powerful guardian minions. The connection was lost. Upon relogging, poor Hrothgar had been burnt to a crisp.

    I can accept this. You don’t play hardcore mode if you’re the type that is going to get all anguished over the death of your character. Well, maybe you do, but here’s the thing — whether it’s your fault or not, when your character dies that’s it. And that’s how it is “in real life” as well. Sometimes you die because someone else messes up. In the end, Hrothgar’s death is roughly the equivalent of getting run down by a drunk driver. Wasn’t my fault, but I’m still just as dead.

    • Haha, I remember in the early years of Diablo 2, people used to actually contact Blizzard support and ask them to revive their dead hardcore characters, they would also give dumb excuses like ‘I let my lil brother play on my character” “my internet was lagging so I died” etc.

      • I would love to see some of the more clever customer support e-mails Blizzard gets for asking to resurrect hardcore characters.

  3. This was about 3-4 years ago I believe, I only play on Battle.net USEast (which is multi-player, if you’re not familiar with D2)

    So anyways, around this time… the game was filled with PKers, everybody in hardcore was out to get each other, there was even clans with the motive of joining a game and attempting to PK you.

    I had a level 51 Barbarian, not a high level but a good level for Hardcore mode, I was in Hell Act 1 I believe, I was going to kill Andariel which is the Act 1 boss, so I made a game called “Act 1 Kill Andy” after a few minutes in game 2 people joined, a Sorceress & a Paladin, we partied up and we went to the Catacombs to find Andy, 10 minutes or so into the game… the Sorceress took a portal into town and a few seconds later I seen the orange message pop up “xxxx expressed hostiality towards you.” this is the alert you get when somebody hostiles you meaning that both players can attack each other. I typed “wtf man” the sorc didn’t say anything, I wasn’t that scared or anything because he was in town and I was still in the catacombs, plus I still had the Paladin “friend” next to me, then the Paladin messages me and he says “It’s me and you together man, if he tries to kill you it’s 2 vs. 1 so we would kick his ass” in my head I was like HEY! this guy is right… let’s F$@% this sorceress up and give him a taste of his own medicine! So then I type “Okay come at me bro I’m here waiting for you” 3 minutes later the sorceress comes teleporting at us and here I am running after her trying to bash her head in with my maul and dodging her ice bolts, I begin to notice that she is only aiming for me and not the Paladin… I also notice that my Paladin “friend” isn’t even attempting to attack her, he’s just running and watching, so I’m thinking WTF…

    The Sorceress killed my Barb! and they both start LOLING and I’m like http://i.imgur.com/TmQlq.jpg

    Wait a minute… they both are friends and this all was a setup to kill my Barb! the Paladin pretended like he was going to help me kill the Sorc but when it came down to it, he didn’t do jack!

    I learned my lesson, which was never to trust anybody in Diablo 2 Hardcore mode & also never play Hardcore mode again, Lol.

  4. USEast. Level 66 Druid named Cennus. I went into a game to help my buddy out who was just starting his first hardcore character. He forgot to put a password in for the game. After playing for a couple hours and getting close to Andy, we had a Barb come in (level 1). I warped to town and asked if he needed help but he just left the game. I told my buddy to come back and replenish on potions. We were both at Atma and then a level 78 Assassin and level 81 Barbarian come rushing in, got hostile, and killed us both. I stopped playing Diablo for a couple months while my buddy never touched Hardcore again.

    It was a bad experience but, to be honest, Hardcore is the way to go in these games. It gives you a sense of mortality in this demon-filled game. I’ll be doing it again in D3.

  5. My assassin named Shain perished long ago, appropriately in the lonely tombs buried beneath the sands.

    She was swift and fierce and all that’s best of dark and bright. She was cautious and tended to creep along in the shadows, alert and ready to flee at the first sign of unconquerable foe.

    Alas, my ill-fated assassin!

    She couldn’t have known that morning would be her last. She sold off the goods from last night’s haul to the bored peddler, tinkered a bit with her Horadric Cube, and finally ventured forth. The tomb looked like a promising challenge, and really, she felt powerful with her newly gemmed armor.

    The tomb held frightening monstrosities who had been known to occasionally wield lightning, which burned and charred unwary folk. She crept in, easily dispatched some lowly minions, and lo and behold, a shining enemy with all his henchmen advanced, bathed in a fearsome light and with sparks of lightning playing around their figures.

    Ever cautious, she began to slip away–and couldn’t. Her limbs were curiously unresponsive, and her face froze with the knowledge of her impending doom as the enemy advanced on her.

    Desperate, she called on every ability at her disposal, and found that she could still throw down her crafted traps and summon up her allies. But try as she might, she could not move from that cursed spot.

    Images flashed before her–a younger self in scratched leather, downing the demon in the cemetery; kneeling over the dying Rogue who had become her friend and attempting to revive her; sitting by the fire and listening to Cain’s memories; haggling with the beleaguered blacksmith over a particular piece just last night. She hadn’t known life was so sweet.

    She fought long, and hard, and drank potion after potion, desperately trying to live to the next second.

    But the end was inevitable. A last blow of lightning struck her, and she collapsed to the ground, and was fearsome assassin no more.

    * * *

    My mouse died at that most opportune of times, hence being unable to run or move. Farewell, Shain–you burned as bright as any before you were so cruelly struck down.

  6. Hello,

    I lost my hardcore character during a Nightmare run. I was so far ….think I was in the nightmare section in Act 3.

    These little creatures in the jungle killed me with masses. I fought so hard….but lost against the creatures of hell. I even had this full regeneration potions…

    Well after that my character was only a ghost in the wind…

  7. Was doing normal Baal runs with a friend, who was a paladin, to gain some levels before starting nightmare. On one of the runs he misclicked a hot key for sacrifice and all of a sudden in the top left corner we see “Shenoth was slain by Shenoth”. Why he had sacrifice hot keyed in the first place in HC I’ll never know, but was one of the funniest moments ever.
    Good old times 🙂

  8. ‘The Iron Maiden’ by Wojciech M.

    It was a rainy day in hell when Vanji and I finally arrived there through the red portal. Rainy, how is that possible, You ask? Well, that is exactly how my luck is – it always rains on me. Vanji was still a little dizzy from his recent resurrection after getting killed by Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. Yet, he was the one to pose the sane question.

    ‘Why exactly are You fighting with a spear, not firing a bow, like the sensible Amazon warriors do?’
    ‘It’s a matter of rules.’ I responded. ‘I want to prove, it is prefectly viable to be a formidable spear-wielding Amazon. Killing Diablo should do the trick. Besides, shut up and keep freezing the demons.’

    And so he did. With the help of his Glacial Spike and Ice Blast, I was able to cut through the endless hordes of infernal creatures and slowly make my way towards the Prime Evil inhabiting this foul world. It was a huge effort, and more than once we almost met our end, the fight with Hephasto being especially difficult, as he was literally the Blacksmith From Hell. Izual, on the other hand, posed little threat, the duel against him being more an excerise in persistence than in skill.

    Finally, after what seemed like days of exhausting journey, but really lasted a few hours maybe, we reached the Chaos Sanctuary, the home of our arch-enemy.
    ‘We are almost there.’ I explained to Vanji. ‘We must open the seals now, defeat him and it will all be over, finally.’
    ‘I have a feeling the seals won’t be as easy to open as it sounds’ he expressed his doubts.
    ‘They won’t, but we got through worse. Diablo is the real threat here.’

    We moved onwards, ready to challenge everything that wanted to block us from opening the seals. We moved to the rightmost seal first, soon stopped by a pack of Oblivion Knights, lead by Lord De Seis.

    ‘For glory and uniques!!’ I shouted running towards them. I tightened the grip on my trusty spear and thrusted it into the heart(-area) of the nearest demon. Three times.

    ‘You have died.’

    RI.P. Gabriella the Jabazon

  9. Hmm. Very sad stories, some of them.

    Well, I have a story that it’s not much good telling you about… “Oh, why is that?” You ask. Because I don’t expect you to believe me if you did! Oh, alright, I’ll go on…

    The event in question happened on my uncle’s farm in Virginia. My brother and I had just finished cutting a field of hay, and were enjoying the evening meal under the shade of an Elm tree. He went down for water by the creek, and while he was gone, I took a bowl that was filled with deeeelicious plum pudding and placed into it not one, but two large pieces of sheep s&#t. When he returned I encouraged him to taste the plum pudding. And as sure as I am standing here before you today HE DID! He ate it all! S&#t pudding!

    Later when I told him, he deleted my favorite hardcore hero, Unkie_Turd. But I haven’t told you the ending, that’s the best part!

    To be completely honest, sir, I have no brother, it was me! I ate sheep s#&t!

    • Ah, so I didn’t win after all…

      In any case, I hope my story made someone smile. I’ll see you all in a few months. 😀

      – Ben J.

  10. In my experience, my best hardcore character story would have to be in act 2.
    I was in a public game with 4 random players partied together, we were fighting in the arcane sanctuary.
    We ran into not 1, not 2, but 3 elite groups at once. One was the flying phantom thing, it shot fire in a spray forward direction, and was ably to fly over all the barriers and stuff. We literally had to run across the whole map, to avoid it. We couldn’t kill it, because right behind it, was a lightning enhanced goatman. The third I think was an elite that gave off thorns aura, and it spread to all 3 groups of monsters. The fight against them became bunched up at a giant choke point. We couldn’t go around, and we couldn’t lure them out, the stairs were the curved stairs, and if we tried to get too close, we’d get very close to dying.
    I eventually was trying to fight them, one by one, at the choke point, with my paladin, there was a barbarian hanging back, and a sorc blasting from afar. What happened was I got hit by something that knocked my health super low, and i couldn’t get out fast enough. Everyone else stood there dumbfounded when i died and didn’t react fast enough, and the sorc and barbarian died too, when the monsters flooded in.

  11. There once was a sorceress named Jillydilly
    Who was apt to run willy-nilly
    Said Jilly with a laugh,
    “I do like it rough,”
    And away would rush Jillydilly.

    Her staff and robes stood her in good stead
    Keeping her safe when others were dead
    So ever more heedlessly
    would rush Jillydilly
    And dance where the wise feared to tread.

    The day came when Jilly’s friends wept
    At the reckoning that could not be sidestepped
    Careless Jilly ran
    Into a full demon clan
    that slaughtered the young sorceress adept.

    Over Jillydilly’s corpse did her friends kneel
    Little knowing what they were to feel
    For though they loved Jilly
    They knew that really
    JIllydilly’s haste herself did kill.

  12. Hi my name is Kim.

    My story takes out in the early Diablo 2 LoD. Ladder was just reset and me and a couple friends wanted to get to the top. We farmed day in and day out those nightmare runs :/. When we were around 85 all of us and in the top100 ladder we decided to get above the others we had to go to Hell difficulty. What happened next was okay. We farmed and reached 90 fairly fast. Then I had some irl issues to attend and then when i was back online they had farmed further. So in my effort to catch up i went solo farming hell difficulty and ended up almost catching them. Then all of a sudden my power supply burned out on the computer and i died. To what you may ask… When i was just farming lower act 1 stuff, the power supply ran out just as i entered the place “The Smith” and as all of you know you wont survive long on him. I was furious. Later to find out that at least i have a sad story for this :>

  13. These are wonderfully detailed stories. This is turning out to be one of our best giveaways in terms of creativity. I am loving it. Well, not the dying part, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  14. Well, your rules list doesn’t specify Dialbo. . .

    So I had an HC angel in Sacred 2. I had, until that point, been doing every single quest I had come across. For anyone that has played Sacred 2 — that’s a lot. I was in the second area and level 60 when Christmas came.

    Christmas came with a special zone with special armor. I complete the zone easily, and then took the time to put on my wicked cool armor. I was walking around with it, when a low level mob bounded along and killed me in 2 hits, because the santa bikini special armor set gave about as much protection as it sounds like it gives.

    I did not play the computer version of that game again.

    • Yes, they did specify.

      “To enter, use the comment section to share a sad/awesome/funny story about an experience you had losing a high level Hardcore Character while playing Diablo. “

  15. Although this is going to seem like no effort, it’s the saddest thing that’s burned into my memory.

    I’m not REALLY that much of a hardcore person to begin with so making a hardcore character was kind of a stretch for me at the last minute when I was getting bored with Diablo II before LOD came out… I made a necromancer named Vexar and I thought that I was going to die in the first few levels because I was pretty careless about dying in regular mode. However, I progressed without dying and grew to love young Vexar who grew to become level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60…and eventually level 61.

    Pretty confident in my skills with this new Pet Necromancer (because I’m lazy and would just like to create things that will kill for me) that has survived through so much, I convince my little brother to play with me on Hardcore mode and start to PL him. We finally get to the High Council in Act 3 and cocky me runs right into the council room with like a million skeletons, skeleton mages, and an iron golem (why I used the iron golem back then is beyond me…). Literally as soon as I stepped into the room my computer (as it was a piece of junk) starts slowly freezing due to all of this lag I’m creating with my insane amount of pets.

    All of a sudden I cannot move and this chill comes over me… why can’t I move??? “Noooo!!!! must be lag!” However, I failed to see for another couple seconds that across my screen are the red letters “YOU HAVE DIED PRESS ESC TO CONTINUE YOUR DEEDS OF VALOR WILL BE REMEMBERED”. I was heart broken. 13 year old me yells to my brother in the other room (who had been following me) that I had died. I spent another few minutes staring at the screen in disbelief…. how could my UBER pet necromancer die? /sigh

    I never played hardcore ever again. Hope you enjoyed the story 😀 Thanks for hosting this contest, haven’t gotten this off my chest until now :_(

    Would love a beta key 😀

  16. My name is Andrew S and my story may not be the saddest but it was certainly infuriating at the time.

    It was Act 2, Hell. I was playing alone as a bowazon specializing in guided arrow and pierce, a combination they later removed from the game (But it sure was fun!). If I recall correctly, I was facing a greater mummy (It may have been Radament, but it was too long ago to be sure) and he was especially fearsome. One of the dreaded MSLE (Multi shot Lightening enchanted). Ordinarily one would just ignore such a beast, but I decided to test my mettle. Thinking that I was very clever I popped Slow Missiles and launched a barrage of guided arrows. With his globs of white sparkly death moving so slowly, I could easily avoid each one with no danger of being hit. When he was down to about 15% health the lightning he spouted just ceased inexplicably. At this point I should’ve thought about the absurdity of the situation, but I was more excited about the fact that the bugger was about to die!

    Poof. That’s it. Game over. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

    My health was full. The mummy was about to die, but now I’m dead. I sat there for a good few minutes just staring blankly at my monitor. What happened? There was nothing near me, and I just lost the better part of the last couple of weeks. Once I was able to regain my composure, I decided to figure out what the hell just happened.

    As it turns out, there is a valuable lesson here. Slow Missiles sounds like an awesome skill against lightening enchanted monsters as it allows you to dodge the bolts with ease, but with a multishot monster there are so many bolts that the game reaches a hard coded graphical limit and just STOPS RENDERING THEM. Ordinarily bolts move quickly enough to leave the screen for this not to be an issue but not with slow missile. And thus, I knew the truth. My Bowazon was struck down by an invisible bolt of death.

    As of 1.10, the MSLE combination was removed from the game, but it still didn’t bring back those two weeks.

  17. It was a cold winter’s day and I had just put my 7 week old to sleep, loaded up my computer after a hard week’s work at the office to play some Diablo 2. I’m the type of person who likes adrenaline rushes so I play HARDCORE only. I’m usually pretty good at keeping my toons alive, but obviously this is about hardcore deaths…. I wasn’t ready for what was in store.

    x.XCallipsoX.x was my lvl 83 frozen orb sorc early in D2 andshe was my pride and joy. Getting to hell was the goal and I had just started questing through hell act 2 Canyon of the Magi and Tal-Rasha’s Tomb. I am literally at the point where I THINK have cleared everything and was about to enter Duriel’s cavern … and all of a suddenI smell something that’s burning. However, I was so confident that I hadcleared everything that I run outside to check what it is… It’s my circuit breakersizzling…. However, this is not a story about power outages… I go back into theroom to find that x.XCallipsoX.x has died. To this day, her murderer has not been caught…it is a Cold Case…

    Hopefully she will be vindicated by a beta key ;P

  18. My name is Kim L, I am here to tell you the story of my beautiful Sorceress named Shiva, who is no longer with us…

    She was a tough girl who could handle anything! We spend much time together, fighting through the hot desert to the tropical and beyond.. high up in the snowy mountains! Nothing could stop us. Not Diablo nor Baal… Little did I know that I was going to be betrayed by my own cousin.

    I had been playing with my cousin since the beginning of Diablo 2, but since I played more my character started to get stronger than his. With more power and higher level I started to sense jealousy from him… we stopped to play together and went separated ways.

    The weeks went on and my Sorceress Shiva was now lvl 82 Hardcore. Nice equipment for my level and a lot of time invested in her. So much fun so much joy, we trusted each other 100%. I gave her blood when she was hurt and she protected me from the demons that we crossed in our path. We had the adventure of our lives. We though that we where going to be together for ever.

    Shiva had one weakness, she was addicted to my blood. My cousin knew that.

    One day I got a phone call from my cousin, he asked if he could come over. When he arrived to my house I was with Shiva in my room. He got a look at Shiva and said that she had grew up to be a beautiful woman. We sat together and the day started to come to an end. I started to feel hungry and went out to the kitchen to get something, I left Shiva and my cousin alone in my room.

    A few minutes went on and I could hear the house front door close. I went to the corridor and I saw that my cousin clothes where gone. Okey thats strange I said to my self… Then It hit me, SHIVA! I ran back to my room and opened the door. My glass of milk feel to the floor.. I was paralyzed…There she was..dead. My cousin had killed her..

  19. Obituary circa 05/2001

    Bartholew was a level 87 barbarian with some pretty leet gears. He is survived by Olga, his wife; Merriam, Paula, and Athena, his daughters; and Bart, Thol, and Lew, his sons—he was quite virile. He will be remembered for his fervent quest for The Grandfather blade, which he was never able to find.

    He was fighting his way through the burning deserts while away from his family when he lost his battle with Duriel. It took him a while to enter Tal Rasha’s tomb and by the time he could witness the beast himself, the Prince of Pain had laid waste to his well-toned bodice.

    He will be remembered for his courage, compassion and heart. 😥

  20. I have four hardcore characters in Diablo II, two in Titan’s Quest, and one each in Torchlight and Din’s Curse. None of them have ever died, but that’s not because I’m any good. No, it’s because I’m just that bad. I like the idea of a hardcore run, in concept, but in practice, this actually means I play very



    very cautiously. Buy a lot of potions. Level up much further than I need to for the next level, if the game will let me. I’ve never gotten very far with any of these characters. I probably never will- I keep creating new ones rather than letting the old ones die. This means I am probably the worst hardcore roguelike player who ever lived.

  21. There once was a Zon named Mooooooo
    Her bows were large and few.
    She got Windforce from Baal, too.
    However, sadly one day she flew
    Too quickly into UBER LAG goo.

    Her vision was narrowed
    And although she arrowed
    And didn’t feel harrowed
    She swiftly became Baal’s food
    The lord of destruction
    Didn’t feel like a muffin
    And ate Mooooooo for lunch instead.

    RIP my beloved lvl 99 Bowazon

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