Tavern Of Heroes

From north of the border comes Optim Game Studio, a new three-man development team hard at work creating a point-and-click RPG entitled, Tavern Of Heroes.  Here is the lowdown:

Tavern Of Heroes follows the story of a small tavern located in a kingdom ruled by might and magic. Many heroes from the surrounding regions enjoy the fine ales and the great atmosphere of the tavern. The fate of those heroes will be intertwined depending on your decisions. As these heroes form parties to further their goal, more of them will show up in the tavern.

You follow on the development of Tavern of Heroes via IndieDB, Twitter, Facebook and check out their trailer here.

4 thoughts on “Tavern Of Heroes

    • It definitely looks inspired by Battleheart, for sure. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though, because I’ve always wanted a PC version of Battleheart and highly doubt MikaMobile will ever provide one.

      • I fell in love as soon as I played battleheart. Being a WoW player, I though the game could’ve been more deep (proper aggro system, dynamic generation of items, levels, deeper character customization). Also, adding the more precise control of a mouse and keyboard allows us to make the game more difficult.

    • Battleheart was indeed the reason we started that project and it’s never was a secret. I loved that game and wanted to add content to that wonderful play-style.

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