TPG Daily Links: A Clicker Is You

Before you click on the comments to enter the contest, a few changes.  We felt having only the first person with the right answer as the winner was not a fair way to handle this giveaway.  From now on, we will run the contest until 9pm US Mountain Time and randomly choose a winner from the entries who offer the correct answer.  A rundown on how the contest works can be found here.  Good luck.

Today’s giveaway – Deus Ex by Ion Storm via


Crucial M4 Adrenaline 50GB Cache SSD Review – The SSD Review

10 Things to Consider Before Setting Up RAID – Techware Labs

Plextor M3 128GB SSD Review – Hardware Look

Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger – Torrent Freak

Digital Storm’s Cryo-TEC Cooling System in Gaming Computers – Digital Storm

15 thoughts on “TPG Daily Links: A Clicker Is You

    • As I said before, I am guessing more for fun, than for a prize, but I am finding new rules quite strange. Because after first “looking like a correct guess” post, next attendants could just copy / paste the right answer and take a part in raffle with no effort.
      Then if somebody really wants to win, he (or she) should hold till the last minute with his (or her) answer not to let it be copied by others, instead of posting it instantly as I did here :-D.
      Well, not seeing a row behind my back in this one though.

      • Yeah… I see what you are saying. We are trying to come up with a daily contest where all things are fair. Doing it the old way, once somebody posts the answers, game is over. Perhaps you have an idea we have overlooked? Anyone is free to throw ideas out there. We are all ears.

    • Thanks for commenting. You have the right idea. All you would need to do is post, “A Winner Is You” to be entered.

      Our original idea was to have a “first come, first serve” setup where the first commenter with the correct answer would win and the contest would be over. We thought about it a bit more and realized that was not fair to others who may be in other countries (I am in the US, but we get a lot of traffic from Europe) and not able to participate. So, we came up with the current structure where all winning posts would be entered and we would randomly select one.

      As Przemyslaw pointed out above, this has its share of problems as well. All in all, this is something new and it will evolve over time. If you have any ideas of how to make this a better contest, we are always open to ideas.

  1. There is no spoon.

    (Obviously, I don’t intend to win. 😛 )

    Huan: Hiding comments is not the solution, though the raised problem cries for one.


    • Why it is not the solution?
      I think that the option to make answers in comments invisible till the end of Daily Links Contest sounds quite good, the question is if Worpress have such a function, or if it is possible to add it to this site?

      • Hmmm, you can hide answers by making a poll. You can make a poll with checked “Allow other answers” option and “No comments”. Also, you can click “Hide all results”, but it’s not really necessary, because “other” answers won’t be visible anyway (I think, I have just made a test and found no way to make those “other” answers publicly visible).
        So this way the answers won’t be visible.

        Unfortunately it would have some disadvantages.
        1. there must be at least two answers other than “other” to choose, which is not a big problem I think, just “I don’t know” and “I won’t tell” would do the job.
        2. I’m afraid that participants should do both: write a comment with his/her name and email. Just to let know that is taking a part, and put an (invisible) email. Then make a vote in the poll chosing “other” and typing in an answer, and also the same name as used in the comment, to make it possible to match invisible answer with an invisible email to process the list for winner.

        Does it sounds too complicated?

        BTW, is the above contest over yet? A winner is who?

      • Because no way you want to hide all comments and there is not any proper regular expression (or any similar formal or neural logic) to hide the misspelled but correct answers as well.
        Regardless I think your idea mentioned down there could work. I am not familiar with the WordPress engine though.


      • Uh, max 3 level reply encapsulating. So your solution is up there, not down here. 🙂

      • I have registered a test wordpress account just to check what possibilities are available, so the one with a poll and comments, is tested and working. The only problem is if it isn’t too twisted to use.

      • I really do appreciate your enthusiasm on this contest, but I do not want to change themes in order to make it work. For our theme, I would have to use something called, Polldaddy. Frankly, after looking at the options, it would not work for what we want to do.

        We will go back to the drawing board on this. Again, thanks for the feedback. if you have any other ideas, send them to admin at truepcgaming dot com.

  2. The obvious solution would be to create an e-mail adress just for the contests, and the participants would send an e-mail with the answer.

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