TPG Is Looking For Writers

TruePCGaming is now looking for additional Content Providers to write articles, reviews, previews and conduct interviews in the world of PC gaming including the Mac and Linux platforms.  At the moment, we are looking for two (2) writers to join our team.  Details and more information below.

While monetary compensation is the ultimate goal of how TruePCGaming would like to treat its content providers, at this time, it is not possible.  The site makes no money and nobody gets paid.  However, what TruePCGaming can offer are free games and hardware for reviews and testing, targeted online exposure, current developer contacts, and an official job reference for future employment opportunities online or otherwise.

No experience is necessary for this position. All you need to have is passion for the PC gaming industry and the ability to write informative content presented in a professional manner. Please keep in mind TruePCGaming needs those who can commit to a project and be dependable. We are looking for writers who can provide, on average, one article or review every 10 days.  It is suggested that you look around the site, read some of the posted material, and more specifically the About and Review Scoring System pages. That will give you a good idea of what direction TruePCGaming has for the future and if you believe you can be a good fit for our team.

To apply, please send an e-mail with Content Provider in the Subject Line to the address below. In this e-mail, please include a brief paragraph explaining why you believe TruePCGaming would benefit from having you as a contributor as well as a list of your top 5 or 10 PC games.  Feel free to also provide writing samples if you wish to do so.

admin at truepcgaming dot com

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