Site Issues

We are currently seeing an issue where only the last seven posts are being displayed on the home page with no links to “Older Entries”.  Support e-mails have been sent to WordPress and we are waiting on a reply.

UPDATE: WordPress decided to make a change to how certain themes handled front pages posts.  This was done without gathering any opinions or feedback from those who use these themes and implemented by WordPress last month in a sectioned roll out.  We are now trying to use a workaround to fix this.

UPDATE 2: Stand down Red Alert.  Using this workaround, we were able to get the main page to show our normal 20 posts.  However, even after clicking “Load More Posts” the site does not load any further.  We will work on fixing that as well.

4 thoughts on “Site Issues

  1. Although it was a WordPress issue, I think it might be time to switch over to a new theme at some point :). I find this current one has a large amount of padding everywhere, creating a little too much white space in my opinion.

    • We have gotten that complaint before, and we agree to a point. Out of all the newer WordPress themes, this one seems to be the most easy to use. We wanted one where the site was not busy and used unnecessary tactics to keep your eye away from the content.

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