Site Update: Images and Changes

As you can tell, there are some issues with our image hosting company.  Support e-mails have been sent and we are awaiting their reply.  In the meantime, we will be using our backup URLs, but it could take a few hours to get this corrected.

EDIT (April 4th, 2012): Things have gone from bad to worse with the image issue.  The hosting company is still having problems.   We are trying to get this taken care of, but our backups are not working either.  Working on a fix.

On a positive note, we are sprucing up the place by adding quotes and small images to the Reviews and Interviews section.  We feel confident you will enjoy the additions as they add a new dimension to our presentation.  We would still like to know how you feel about these changes.  Please use the comment section to let us know how we are doing.  Keep in mind, it will take a few days to completely add everything, so if you see something a little strange or out of place during this time, we are simply within the editing process.

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