TPG Daily Links: Inconclickable!

For your clicking enjoyment, we have both SimCity and Orcs Must Die 2 gameplay trailers, a rundown on motherboards, a silent 1300 W PSU, guides to pets in Torchlight II and more.


Cooler Master Silent Pro 1300 Watt PSU Review – HiTech Legion

Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Snow Edition Review – Neoseeker

Mobile CPU Comparison Guide Rev. 8.2- Tech ARP

Hard Choices: Motherboards – Rock Paper Shotgun

Epic Gear Meduza Mouse and Hybrid Pad Review – Overclock3D

PC Gaming

SimCity Gameplay Trailer – YouTube

The Pets of Torchlight II – Official Torchlight II Site

The Political Machine 2012 Announced – Official Sign Up

Orcs Must Die 2 Announcement Trailer – Robot Entertainment

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