LAN Party Wiki Rolls Out

On the heels of the recent launch of PC Gaming Wiki, comes the ultimate guide to LAN parties know as, LAN Party Wiki.  Here is a quote from their site:

Through the help of the PC gaming community, the LAN Party Wiki hopes to provide intimate details on planning every single aspect of LAN gaming, no matter how large or small your planned event may be.

We hope LAN Party Wiki takes off and has just as much success as PCGaming Wiki.

9 thoughts on “LAN Party Wiki Rolls Out

  1. 5-6 years ago I could give one of my kidneys for a working site/wiki about upcoming LAN parties. I guess I grew up since. Still, it’s a good idea. 🙂
    Good luck taking off.


      • 😦
        As you see I am on the other side of the globe. Please give me half a year to get enough money and I will move into your state with my fiancée. 😛

        But to be more serious (if that was not serious enough) I wish you good luck with TPG. First I came here for a giveaway that I have won as well (you know that already), from then on I am a honest reader of your site and I still think that you are unique. I see that you are in a need of writers/authors but I am terribly sorry that I cannot volunteer because I don’t have enough time now and in the near future. Please keep up the good work. I really appreciate the time you put in providing decent content. (I am aware the you were the one and only poster in the last 1-2 week(s).)

        Regards as always,

      • I appreciate those comments, Greg. We do our very best to provide fantastic content and I am glad you see what we are trying to do here. PC gaming does not have enough legitimate strong voices so we are glad to offer our own.

  2. Hey Adam!

    Thanks for the shoutout! We love the blog and the PC Gaming Wiki– Andrew helped us out a lot in the early stages, before we had a presentable version.

    Randall Ma

  3. My buddies and I run a LAN night on Sundays. We still enjoy playing like that the most but we’ve been seeing too many games head towards the online-only sign-in crap (ie. Starcraft 2).

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