TPG Daily Links: Tomclickery

On tap today are links from around the world of PC gaming and hardware.  Rebranded 600 Series, amazing 3D printing, OCZ SSD review, a Wasteland 2 interview, the best cinematics in gaming and more.

PC Hardware/Software

NVIDIA Introduces Two New Rebranded 600 Series Cards – PC Perspective

Acer Timeline Ultra M3 & NVIDIA GT 640M Review – Hardware Canucks

HP ZR2740w Monitor Review – AnandTech

3D Printer Project – Hack A Day

Ubuntu 12.04 Is A Mixed Power Story – Phoronix

CM Storm QuickFire Pro – Cooler Master

OCZ Vertex 4 Indilinx 256GB & 512GB SSD Reviews – Legit Reviews


Wasteland 2 Interview – Rock Paper Shotgun

Taking a Peek: Legend of Grimrock – Distraction Gaming

The Best Cinematics In GamingLeviathyn

2 thoughts on “TPG Daily Links: Tomclickery

  1. I keep waiting for the SSD prices to come down drastically but it is taking too long. I just hope that when they finally do there isn’t something better out there already.

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