TPG Daily Links 2001

As a golf fan, it is sad that the PC has been left in the dust.  After watching The Masters yesterday, I went to install my old copy of Links 2001 only to realize I lost it a few years ago during a move.  Perhaps one day golf will come back to the PC.  Until then, I guess playing Tiger Woods 2008 will have to do.  As far as real links go, we have 13 MMOs to be excited about, a GeForce 680 review, news on OSX getting hit by malware, news on Raspberry Pi and more.

PC Hardware/Software

AMD FX-6200 CPU Review – PC Perspective

Raspberry Pi Testing Done – Official Site

Apple’s OS X Hit by drive-by Malware – Bit Tech

EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC+ Review – Hardware Canucks

Toshiba Satellite P755D-S5172 Review – Tech Review Source

PC Gaming

10 Cool Things About Guild Wars 2 – Rock Paper Shotgun

Taking a Peek: All Zombies Must Die – Distraction Gaming

13 Anticipated MMOs For 2012 – Leviathyn

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