Weekend Giveaway Extravaganza: Diablo III Beta, The Witcher, Defender’s Quest and Waveform

Thanks to GOG, Blizzard, Eden Industries and the fine gents who gave us Defender’s Quest for providing TPG with giveaway codes.  We have four (4) codes for Diablo III Beta, one (1) for The Witcher, one (1) for Defender’s Quest and three (3) for Waveform.  To enter this contest, create a gaming-related story using the four game titles.  The catch is you cannot use the titles in reference to themselves.

Rules and details are below.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 72 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Create a story using all four titles

You cannot use the titles to describe the game in your entry.  For example, you may not create a story which says, “I got Diablo, The Witcher, Defender’s Quest and Waveform for Christmas.  Best Christmas ever.”  “Witcher” can be used as the name of a character, town or something similar.  “Waveform” could be something as simple as a town or spell.  You can also use just “Diablo” and “Defender” in your story.

Codes will be given away in the following manner:

1st Place – Diablo III x2, Waveform and The Witcher

2nd Place – Diablo III, Waveform and Defender’s Quest

3rd Place – Diablo III and Waveform

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their codes shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  This will be one of the most difficult contests to judge. 

EDIT (4-17 @ 6:05pm MST):   After much deliberation, the winners are Ted, Andrew and Filip.  The difference between 1st place and 7th place was very minute, but in this case, there could only be three.

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48 thoughts on “Weekend Giveaway Extravaganza: Diablo III Beta, The Witcher, Defender’s Quest and Waveform

  1. So, while I was trying to find a beta key for Diablo III, I found out that there was a story contest between the second one and The Witcher ! I didn’t know much about the witcher yet, so I might give it a try, and then I found this little place, where I could find this one Diablo III Beta Key and
    access to the Witcher, Defender’s quest ( Which apparently is a Defence Tower, Oh god I love these games ) and even Waveform, a surprisingly original independant game I didn’t even know about before, but which looks really interesting.
    And so, here I am, writing a wall of text for some keys, hoping I could at least have one.
    Probably not such a good story, but at least it’s mine.

  2. I was on this quest called defenders quest, i had to draw my sword against the witcher. i was on my way through the desert when i started hallucinating. before i passed out i remember that everything was blury.. like everything was in waveforms. i then woke up to nothing but darkness, when i heard this evil voice saying “Not even death can save you from me” i turned around to see what i didnt belive, the devil. Hes name was diablo, i were actually pretty nice. He will grow on you.

    Damn that was a good story, bro.

  3. It all started when our over-heralded star, Defender, woke up in a foxy forest. It was the fifth time it had happened. Feeling really concerned, Defender stroked a banana, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). Unaware of the bleakness of existence, he realized that his beloved Dragon was missing! Immediately he called his annoying neighbor, Witcher the Wicked. Defender had known Witcher the Wicked for (plus or minus) 153 years, the majority of which were saucy ones. Witcher the Wicked was unique. She was intelligent though sometimes a little… stupid. Defender called her anyway, for the situation was urgent.

    Witcher the Wicked picked up to a very mad Defender. Witcher the Wicked calmly assured him that most albino cats grimace before mating, yet Indonesian devil cats usually sassily cringe *after* mating. She had no idea what that meant; she was only concerned with distracting Defender. Why was Witcher the Wicked trying to distract Defender? Because she had snuck out from Defender’s with the Dragon only ten days prior. It was a eccentric little Dragon… how could she resist?

    It didn’t take long before Defender got back to the subject at hand: his Dragon. Witcher the Wicked panicked. Relunctantly, Witcher the Wicked invited him over, assuring him they’d find the Dragon. Defender grabbed his refrigerator and disembarked immediately. After hanging up the phone, Witcher the Wicked realized that she was in trouble. She had to find a place to hide the Dragon and she had to do it deftly. She figured that if Defender took the wannabe go-fast Civic, she had take at least eleven minutes before Defender would get there. But if he took the Waveform? Then Witcher the Wicked would be ridiculously screwed. Waveform was Defender’s new car.

    Before she could come up with any reasonable ideas, Witcher the Wicked was interrupted by eight oafish Diablos that were lured by her Dragon. Witcher the Wicked yawned; ‘Not again’, she thought. Feeling displeased, she aptly reached for her dull pencil and fearlessly punched every last one of them. Apparently this was an adequate deterrent–the discouraged critters began to scurry back toward the disease-infested jungle, squealing with discontent. She exhaled with relief. That’s when she heard the Waveform rolling up. It was Defender.


    As he pulled up, he felt a sense of urgency. He had had to make an unscheduled stop at The Salvation Army to pick up a 12-pack of wolverines, so he knew he was running late. With a quick leap, Defender was out of the Waveform and went sassily jaunting toward Witcher the Wicked’s front door. Meanwhile inside, Witcher the Wicked was panicking. Not thinking, she tossed the Dragon into a box of bananas and then slid the box behind her canoe. Witcher the Wicked was worried but at least the Dragon was concealed. The doorbell rang.

    ‘Come in,’ Witcher the Wicked surreptitiously purred. With a apt push, Defender opened the door. ‘Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some selfish self-righteous ass in a ‘modded’ Civic,’ he lied. ‘It’s fine,’ Witcher the Wicked assured him. Defender took a seat just perfectly far from where Witcher the Wicked had hidden the Dragon. Witcher the Wicked belched trying unsuccessfully to hide her nervousness. ‘Uhh, can I get you anything?’ she blurted. But Defender was distracted. Before the all-seeing eyes of a perpetually displeased diety, Witcher the Wicked noticed a pestering look on Defender’s face. Defender slowly opened his mouth to speak.

    ‘…What’s that smell?’

    Witcher the Wicked felt a stabbing pain in her kidney when Defender asked this. In a moment of disbelief, she realized that she had hidden the Dragon right by her oscillating fan. ‘Wh-what? I don’t smell anything..!’ A lie. A stupid look started to form on Defender’s face. He turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. ‘Th-th-those are just my grandma’s gerbils from when she used to have pet albino cats. She, uh…dropped ’em by here earlier’. Defender nodded with fake acknowledgement…then, before Witcher the Wicked could react, Defender aggressively lunged toward the box and opened it. The Dragon was plainly in view.

    Defender stared at Witcher the Wicked for what what must’ve been nine hours. Before the all-seeing eyes of a perpetually displeased diety, Witcher the Wicked groped indiscriminately in Defender’s direction, clearly desperate. Defender grabbed the Dragon and bolted for the door. It was locked. Witcher the Wicked let out a enchanting chuckle. ‘If only you hadn’t been so protective of that thing, none of this would have happened, Defender,’ she rebuked. Witcher the Wicked always had been a little insensitive, so Defender knew that reconciliation was not an option; he needed to escape before Witcher the Wicked did something crazy, like… start chucking live hand grenades at her or something. Duly ecstatic about the looming crises, he gripped his Dragon tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels.

    Witcher the Wicked looked on, blankly. ‘What the hell? That seemed excessive. The other door was open, you know.’ Silence from Defender. ‘And to think, I varnished that window frame four days ago…it never ends!’ Suddenly she felt a tinge of concern for Defender. ‘Oh. You ..okay?’ Still silence. Witcher the Wicked walked over to the window and looked down. Defender was gone.


    Just yonder, Defender was struggling to make his way through the swamp behind Witcher the Wicked’s place. Defender had severely hurt his double chin during the window incident, and was starting to lose strength. Another pack of feral Diablos suddenly appeared, having caught wind of the Dragon. One by one they latched on to Defender. Already weakened from his injury, Defender yielded to the furry onslaught and collapsed. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a buzzing horde of Diablos running off with his Dragon.

    But then God came down with His clever smile and restored Defender’s Dragon. Feeling pleased, God smote the Diablos for their injustice. Then He got in His wannabe go-fast Civic and whizzed away with the fortitude of 20 venomous koalas running from a teensy pack of spotted wolf hamsters. Defender ran with joy when he saw this. His Dragon was safe. It was a good thing, too, because in seven minutes his favorite TV show, Two and a Half Men, was going to come on (followed immediately by ‘When legless puppies meet rusty razor blade’). Defender was excited. And so, everyone except Witcher the Wicked and a few malaria-toting disease-carrying chipmunks lived blissfully happy, forever after.

    • *Slow Clap*

      I sat here for the last 10 minutes trying to come up with something to say about your story. I am left with wanting to know where I can buy a 12-pack of Wolverines.

  4. They call me the Witcher, and I’m the greatest sandwich maker on the east coast. I can make you a sandwich that is so crisp and delicious that it will make you gasp in recognition of it’s glory. The waveforms I create with my sauces and dressings as I spread them over the meat has brought tears to the eyes of many.

    My speciality is what I like to call the Little Diablo, a sandwich small in stature but strong in bite. Made with a blend of some of the hottest peppers found in India, it has brought many men to their knees. There is a challenge at my deli, called the Defender’s Quest where brave souls attempt to complete the sandwich, none have succeeded. The last had to be carried away by ambulance – the Defender wins again.

  5. Fear shot through my entire body as I tore my way down the path. My life as a soldier of the Defender’s Order was being tugged from my hands, with nothing I could do about it. How would I explain my failures to our master? It mattered not. Time was of the essence, and so I ran and let every thought leave my head.

    Hours later, sweat poured down my body as I banged against the wooden gate, screaming for someone to open it. My fear built up inside me once again as I was allowed the thoughts of what I had seen earlier refill my mind. A creak was heard, and then the rigging of the wooden gate snapped and the door flew upwards.

    “Brother! Come to shelter!” A friendly Defender waved me in. “Tell me of your battalion! What happened?!”

    “I could do nothing! It’s my fault!” I dropped to my knees and scuffed my hands across the dirt, tears falling from my eyes. “All our men are dead! How will I tell the master?!”

    The fellow Defender blinked hard and shook his head, then bent down and grabbed me by the arm. “Together we have strength. I will be there with you when you deliver the news of your quest.”

    He jogged through the sanctum holding me by the arm, my legs barely able to keep up. A group of folk hanging around were pointing and asking questions, questions muffled by the rattling of our heavy plate armor.

    The Defender pushed the creaky old double door to the keep open and tugged me into the center of the circular chamber. I nearly collapsed to the floor atop our insignia, but held my head up to look my master in the eyes.

    My burly old master stood silent, staring past me with a burning gaze that could have given birth to a demonic king such as Agrashar or Diablo. He knew the news was terrible. He flipped a platinum coin around in his hands, with the inscription of a hawk shining in the torchlight.

    “Tell me what has happened, soldier! They’re all dead, aren’t they? Lost to the supernatural beasts from hell.”

    I froze for several seconds, and looked at my master. He still could not look at me. He would only stare behind me, into empty space.

    “Master… it is worse. Their bodies have been made profane… all 50 Defenders have been turned to the cause of the demonic, and they will be approaching our gates soon with swords of malice, their eyes and mouths agape, literally burning with flame! A tremendous wave, a legion of imps at their backs!”

    I choked on my words, coughing up blood. “I need a doctor, my lord!”

    The master stood stoic, and slowly moved his eyes down to me. The veins in his neck stood out, and he ground his teeth together. A low-pitched thump could be heard outside the keep, alongside the disturbed cackling of the demonic. “They’ve come for me then.”

    I asked why, shaking as I stood to me feet.

    “Because, boy. I am the last witcher in existence. And they will do everything it takes to leave us with nothing. But take heart. Though our Defenders be demons now, they do not have the hearts of the brave men you fought beside! Their form will be staggered, their tactics poor! So intellectually starved are the demons!”

    The master clomped back towards his throne and pulled a tremendous sword from a rack above. “Today, their appetite is to be sated with a throat full of sharpened steel!”

    As if in slow motion, he bolted past me, shoulder forward, and bashed through the front door like a ram. Orange light poured in from outside, our town already burning, women screaming and collecting the children as they handily were cut down.

    A smoke burst forth from the master as he spoke in tongues, whirling his blade around faster and faster, cutting down lunging demons and turned Defenders. A horrid high-pitched noise slung through the air, and all is black after that.

    I cannot recall what happened. When I came to, the fires of the village were out and the demonic force was nowhere to be seen. The master was gone as well. I stumbled outside to survey the wreckage. Defenders were already awake and tending to the needy.

    “The master is gone now,” said a Defender beside me. “None of us saw what happened. We all collapsed as you did. But the demons are gone as well.”

    I turned my head from side to side. We could rebuild, but the loss of life has been great. Nothing but silence, and the rustling of footsteps on stone as people bustled around the town, helping one another. A hawk flew overhead, making circles and shrieking, before gliding off over the lake to the west.

  6. It was a gloomy night when I was about to visit some Labs, to Level Up with some beverage, as I do every evening.
    But tonight the night was really grim. There was a Blizzard, raging like a loonatic Witcher in the Valley Of Forgotten…
    You catch this parallel I hope? Sad fable of the famous Quest. The story of Defender’s of this so called Eden (or I should maybe say Industries of Eden). His painfull struggle with a Diablo himself, that everyone knows too well.
    It was really frightening sound and look anyway. So I peeked throught the opened door, looked at the Waveforms of the snow and wind weaved together. Then I peeked once again, and finally for the Third time.
    This was surely no good time for a walk. Especially when I’ve noticed this Red little thing, which looks like Cheerless Dismal Puppy, lurking in the darkness outside.
    So I decided to stay at home and play some game. But what a Jinx! There is not even one game title that comes to my mind at the moment. Not even one at the Beta stage that I’d like to play tonight!

  7. The darkness surrounded him. It was a wet, moldy and breathless place.
    “A place?!” Where was he? He thought the sign outside said: Waveform, but he could not remember. He was sure that he had entered an inn, but things started to get blurry. The Witcher at the table across looked at him curiously. That was the last thing he noticed with his human eyes. The room went dim and then completely dark. He burst out of the darkness into the gloomy light struggling for breath. Fire and screams everywhere. Bones hit the ground. He cracked, he healed, and he was stunned. Petrified by what he saw and could not be. As he moved the bones moved. As the falling flesh moved, he moved. He felt rotting. He was rotting.
    “Come”, the opium whisper suddenly filled the inn. Diablo was calling for him.
    For days now he kept hearing the call, driving him crazy. His frenzy attacks became more common, especially when he heard that demonic voice calling him. He still did not feel the air filling his lungs, or what was left of them – “ribs and a steak”, he thought.
    “A steak… how did it taste? How did it smell? Like the men burning around me?” He could feel their limbs roast.
    The numb emptiness was taking over him. He started embracing the shadows. He could rest in them now. It was soothing, it made him rot slower… or this is what he thought.
    “Come”, the whisper came as an order and it bounced of the burning walls. There was no escape from it. The dust beneath his rotting feet and the screams of the men dying did not cushion the sound. It triggered the frenzy. He scratched his face with the nails and kept hitting it with his knuckles.
    “The name. THE NAME!” He knew that the knowledge of who he was and what he did is the only thing that would keep him resisting. He was the Defender, he protected the people, he sacrificed himself for the greater good, and now… he was losing even his own name. Once it was lost, he would be lost. Maybe… Maybe there was still time to save them, to save the world… Just one last attempt…
    But the name kept furiously flashing through his dead brain and he scratched for it, breaking the bones and healing, not feeling the pain, staying what he is – a demon. Then they were both gone, the voice and the name. His scream ended the frenzy. He lost it. The red Soulstone in his forehead shone brightly and it was the time to set off on a journey. There were no past deeds anymore. There was no name anymore. The sounds around him were hushed and even though he could see the flames surrounding him, he could not feel the warmth. He stepped out as the burning inn collapsed behind him and he became the Dark Wanderer.

  8. Let me tell you a story.
    1456 B.C. Once again the evil raises upon the little village called Diablo.The elders say the greatest dark force is born as a Waveform,these are dark times.You could hear the babies scream and the womens crying,even the mens were scared.This time was different.As the sky was filling with dark clouds,a little kid stole his father sword and grabed a a wooden shield and started to yell:

    “As my grandparents died for this village,i will use even my last drop of blood to stop you”

    His name was Witcher,its said that hes on Defenders Quest.Right after that moment the energy around that village was getting higher and everybody feeled it.The boy had a such strong will that he was able to do almost anything.He wanted to revenge his grandparents that he never had to meet.

    Now.. its late go to sleep i will continue it tomorrow.

    PS:this was my story,my english is not that good so excuse any grammer mistakes.I have been trying to get a diablo 3 beta key for a long time participating in every contest i know.No luck yet.

    Good luck

  9. There once was a woman who was much despised by the other women in her town. She was known as a Witcher, because she bewitched many a man with her wild, lusty looks. She was of a form of shapely curves, what one might perhaps even call a Waveform. They also called her a she-devil, an El Diablo. But little known was the fact that the woman was no seductress, but a fierce Defender of her maidenhood. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  10. Once upon a time, after the year of 2012 when the world had gone under destruction by the one and only evil “Diablo” from the fiery Hell, there was a lone survivor of this world, who has mastered devilishy witchery in an effort to his own survival. The Witcher to stand up against in hoping to defeat the demon travels down to the burning fiery Hell, where he only finds himself crying in agony from his own defeat. The Witcher, realizing that he could not defeat the demon by himself with the immediate power that he had, he asks Diablo to kill him in order to travel to the High Havens and speak to the Archangel of Valor, Imperius, for he is the only one that could defeat the almighty Diablo. When the Witcher asked the Archangel to teach him a way to defeat the demon, Imperius replied with his words of wisdom implying that he should not look for powers in order to destroy and defeat, but should seek for powers in order to protect, and that is the only way to defeat Diablo. Imperius sends the Witcher on a journey to the other world so he calls, “Defender’s Quest”, and with him Auriel, the beauty of all Archangels, as a companion in order to find Tyrael, waiting to find some hope in humanity. On his journey to Tyrael, the Witcher falls in love with Auriel, who he desperately tries to protect from the minions spawned by Diablo, chasing after them to stop them from getting to Tyrael. After months of journey, the Witcher and Auriel finally meets Tyrael in his spirite-like Waveform, and who greeted them in warmth. Tyrael, knowing what the Witcher seek, gives the power of holy spirit that he beholds only to turn himself into nothing but a bright wave of light that would always brighten the ways ahead of the Witcher. So he travels the Witcher, to the fiery burning Hell once again to defeat Diablo once and for all.

    The ending comes once I win the contest 😉

  11. Lee L

    The year is 2492, the earth is a wasteland, burned by nuclear holocaust and molested by man’s never ending quest to find new sources of energy. The earth’s population is only me, everyone else is gone, this is my story, of our story, the story of humanity’s demise.

    In 2030’s new advances in quantum science had taken off as the art had been perfected by Dr Gretz Elkirn, some could say he was the catalyst but I like to think that he just happened to be the one that discovered fire, and it others used it to destroy. Natural resources such as gas and oil were drying out at an alarming rate, scientists believed that they would be out and that by 2153 there would be nothing our, and so the frantic search for a new energy source escalated, any company that had a science division was put onto the search for new energy sources. by 2142 nations had started to shed blood as they franticly started to battle over what resources were left however these wars only lasted until 2149 when the worlds prayers of energy were answered.

    The company “waveform” had discovered, using an advanced form of quantum science, a new source of energy, I have never found out anything about how it was made but the world had been saved and all celebrated as all there sorrows were slowly washed away, peace treaties were drawn up immediately, the “Waveform” reactor was quickly used and applied to every and all devices, the possibilities were endless, such perfection had been discovered, no waste, no loss, only gain. We should have known such things were only dreams.

    Soon after Waveform reactors were installed around the earth some scientists found unusual readings, particularly sudden bursts of unknown forms of radiation building up within 5km of reactors and then quickly going down, they tried to make their voices heard but the world did not want to hear them. Over the next several years these bursts were recorded time and time again, sometimes months apart, sometimes it was mere minutes and the voices science were still ignored by the world.

    The bursts continued until, suddenly in 2343, a mighty nuclear like blast tore Paris apart, stories I’ve found say that the blast destroyed everything within 66 miles and that no one within the radius was ever found, no bodies, nothing, however the blast didn’t touch anything beyond that point. Countries rushed to investigate and were already threatening each other. However the

    world had changed that day, at the centre of the blast was fiery red…what could only be described as a gate. The burning arch is what the media had named it, however there was something else beside it, a figure in a black robe, I don’t know who it talked to or how but it called itself The Witcher. This is the first of them, the first of these creatures, these monsters of death, the herald of the end.

    The creature was of blacken scale like skin with a fiery like glow coming from beneath the cracks of the scales, with four horns but no eyes.

    This monster told the world that it would soon and that all that was known would soon never exist or never be proven to ever exist. Suddenly more of these creatures poured forth from the gate, all of different colors, shapes and sizes, it was rare to find two of these monsters the same. The world named these creatures the Diablo.

    The creatures were too powerful and too many in numbers, within one day Europe was dead and no voices ever came from there again. Suddenly the world was all too eager to listen to the scientists that had discovered the radiation bursts and had been monitoring it. They said that all the reactors need to be shut down and that they could never be used again until they stopped giving off the radiation signals. So it was ordered that the reactors were to be shut down and all countries were to unite against the threat of the Diablo. as the demons neared china it was decided that all troops were to be sent there to hold off and push back the invading demons, this was to know avail. The worlds armies were ripped apart, streets were painted red with the blood of countless soldiers, men were torn apart, set ablaze and even eaten in front of their comrades. After the defeat of China it was decided to launch an all out nuclear bombardment of Europe and Asia, On May 15th 2344 the world was made into a wasteland, Europe and Asia were the first but then the rest of the other continents soon followed, new Burning Arches appeared in other countries with new Diablo that destroyed everything and in desperation the opposing nations launched missiles at each other destroying all and leaving nothing but death and the Diablo behind. Some people managed to survive, hiding anywhere they could, but we couldn’t hide forever and slowly we were all killed or eaten, and now I’m trapped in this damn school, the only way out is the front gate but I can hear them out there, I was a fool to come this way but It makes no difference, If Diablo didn’t kill me then hunger, dehydration and time would get me. I’ve only got 2 more bottles of water left and a can of beans.. and a book that my father gave me as a kid, “Defender’s Quest” I loved this book when I was little and wasn’t running, but its all a dream, an illusion, no one ever wins, not really.

    • Sorry If this is a bit fail, never wrote anything, ever and I’ve never been good at English, and sorry that its not really a happy story but it’s the type of thing that I enjoy, but like its been writen by a 5 year old lol

      Much love, GL and HF everyone! made a change for one of my evenings!

      • The fact that you took this opportunity by putting yourself out there shows how much character you have. Thanks for sharing, Lee.

  12. The princess lead the young hero to the temple, where the sword he weld was to be returned once more, for all the monsters he slain,the blood that shed upon him and his shining blade.
    It was hard for the hero to imagine to let go of the sword he was chosen to be it’s master. Something deep within him wanted to him keep the sword, it wasn’t an urge, it was more of something more, much more. Was it greed that the hero felt? It couldn’t be, there wasn’t any source of evil will within him, at least what he believed.

    The Princess continued to lead the hero through the tourch lit wide hallways, their shadows dancing along the stone walls as they walked.
    ” Defender, the land of Witcher is great full to you, you saved our land from the darkness. The Goddess are smiling upon us” Issy thanked the hero in her natural soft but yet natural strict royal tone. Diablo could feel the hard lump in his throat, gripping to the handle of the sword tightly,
    forcing the lump to disappear. ” I-it’s not a problem Princess, it’s my duty after all to protect Witcher” replied Diablo back in a small stutter.

    He said the truth, he was chosen to be the hero to protect this land, but in the back of his mind, he remembered being a farm boy, life was hard yes but it was nothing compared to the life Diablo had to go on with.
    Leaving his old, simple kick back life, leaving all his friends behind, his home, even the crush he secretly had, for something to risk his own life, to protect one land, to keep a simple princess who was clearly shown she could fight for herself and protect herself while with knights. Why it had to be me he asked himself, the sword, the evils bane was the only thing he truly felt he had left of this new life he had.

    As they approched the stone, to where he had to slam the sword back into, the countless thoughts of his old life, and not letting the sword go raced through his mind.
    Beads of sweat dripped from the side of his face, his heart paced faster and faster with each giving step, his sights on the Princess, who carelessly walked towards the stone.
    He wouldn’t give up the sword, giving it away, felt like he was going to give away his own life, returning to it which it came felt like suicide, he didn’t risk his life so hard just to give it up now.

    Issy taken one more glance over to Diablo, feeling odd about him, she brushed off the uneasiness she felt, after all the evil was gone forever.

    Issy pinched the sides of her red and white gown, walking the steps up to the stone, Diablo following her right behind. Issy then stood next to the side of the stone, where it held the sword, seeing the family Waveform simbol in the middle of the stone.
    ” Please Diablo, return the sword into the stone and it shall be all over” Issy ordered softly, watching Diablo approaching the stone, his bangs hidden his eyes. He stood in front of the stone, staring down at the lifeless object. He couldn’t explain the feeling he felt, anger, some how within him began to rise up.

    Dianlo grasp the sword with both hands, slowly lifting the sword above his head, in the pose bout to strike it down into holder.

    • Thx Adam to the opportunity to replace my old story.
      Also I did notice a misspelled word “Dianlo” from the last sentence it should be Diablo the name of the hero.

  13. He was nothing like I remembered him to be. Those familiar, glistening eyes had been replaced with dark pits. His chest was shallow and sunken. The strong, proud angles of his face remained, but with an aura of foggy discontent. As he opened his mouth to speak, it was as if the seal of a mausoleum being broken.
    “Daniel,” his voice groaned, “Your life is about to change.”
    So many questions raced to my head. I had not seen my older brother Alexander for three years, and tonight he suddenly appeared at my doorstep with the countenance of a corpse and a cardboard box in his arm.
    “Alex, what happened to you?”
    His face cracked into a smile as he placed a hand upon my shoulder.
    “Come on, show me around your new place,” he said, completely ignoring my question.
    My recent promotion at the programming company I worked for had allowed me the money to put a down payment on a single floor suburban home. Even though he had been gone for years, I felt self conscious showing the simple place to my brother. After all, just months before his disappearance, he had achieved enormous fame among the gaming counter culture for dominating a series of very high profile tournaments. As I finished the tour, I turned to him and spoke.
    “Ok Alex,” I said, “come clean, what happened?”
    “It’s not something that happened, its happening, and I have come here to allow it to happen to you.”
    “What the heck are you talking about”, I asked him incredulously. Alex had never been one to speak in riddles.
    He turned away from me, and placed his hands inside the box he had been carting. A shiny black orb about the size of my fist was produced, and he lifted it towards me. I could feel a subtle energy pulling from the object.
    “What is it?”
    “That, Daniel, is an extremely high powered magnet which is digitally programmed to manipulate matter in specific ways.”
    He then reached into the box once again, and this time handed me a thin sheet of what seemed to be the same material.
    “Close your eyes and put the sheet over your face, do not open them until I tell you too.”
    This whole ordeal felt unbelievable, everything was too bizarre to comprehend. He was my brother though, and I trusted him without question. Closing my eyes, I placed the thin metallic sheet over my head. It was cold, and seemed to wrap and pulsate around my flesh. Once it had been applied, it seemed to emit what felt like a cool breeze. I had the sudden feeling that I was in outside, and that my living room was far away.
    “Daniel,” I heard my brother speak, “for the past three years I have been in a completely different world. A multibillionaire who will remain unnamed spent the later portions of his life as a patron for new technology in magnetic waveforms. The two objects which I have brought work as a medium to manifest this power. Through this technology, a system was created called New Olympia, which acts as a test base for its interaction with human life. Within New Olympia, twenty Gods struggle against one another in an eternal battle for power. Each of these gods are portrayed by a human player, and when that player dies, he must find a new person to take his place as the avatar of that God. When I won those tournaments three years ago, I achieved fame, and was approached by a fallen master of New Olympia to take his place. I took the mantel of a God named Valerious the Defender, and was eventually slain by a nemesis God, The Witcher. Daniel, because you exhibit the traits of strength, compassion, and duty which Valerious is known to possess, and because you are the only person within this life I can trust, I am calling on you to take my place as this entity.”
    “Alex, this is all ludicrous”, I shouted, “It just cannot be true!”
    “Open your eyes brother”, was all he said.
    I did open my eyes, and an explosion of pulses emanated through my entire body. When my vision cleared, I looked upwards to see the sky streaked with read. I lowered my gaze to an immense plain of fallen corpses, and realized this must have been the field where my brother had fallen. A volcano erupted in the distance, and the environment around me was lush with imaginative splendor. In awe, I dropped to my knees, and began at last to believe. Somewhere in the distance, muffled, I heard my brother speak.
    “Remember Valerious, this world can be a heaven, but its current ruler commands it as would Diablo himself. It is your task to take it back.
    The last of him I heard was his footsteps fading away, which was overtaken by the sound of the wind whipping by my ears. I felt alone, abandoned, scared and overwhelmed. More importantly, I finally felt a sense of purpose.

  14. Full name, zero contrived usages entry with the help of creative punctuation 😉

    Names usages are italicized and red for easy identification.

    Max and Lilith were enjoying a quiet night in; a little wine, a little music, and a little romantic conversation. Of course, most of the conversation, and all of the romantic were from Lilith’s side of the table. Max’s mind was nowhere near the matters at hand, having just come off of a 22 hour retro gaming binge with his oldest (and dumbest) friend, Tim. His mind was a wash with pixels and pugilism, combos and cheat codes. For half the night he had been convinced that the mole on Lilith’s cheek was a chain chomp, trying to grab each bite of food as she brought it to her mouth. Lilith must have through that this sudden fascination with her lips quite arousing because she kept swirling the food around her lips. This only made the chain chomp more active. If Max didn’t know that it was chained to her mandible this might have alarmed him, as it was he knew that he could always Tanooki stomp it pretty easily if things got out of hand.
    ‘Wait …moles aren’t animated and there’s no such thing as a Tanooki.’ Max thought to himself. ‘ Ok Max, time for some air.’

    “I’m going to head down to the corner real quick and get us some cheese.” he said as he abruptly rose and exited the door
    “Wait.. I think we’ve got some Camembert in the…”
    Max was already out the door and halfway down the stairs before she could finish. Knowing that the quickest way between two points it always through the hidden passageway, Max exited the building and cut through the narrow and dimly lit alleyway on his quest for cheese.
    Off in the gloom Max could hear a group of men talking. It wasn’t until Max got within proverbial(and literal) spitting distance that he realized what was going on. This was a drug deal, and right now Max was a witness.
    “Hey *bleep*’er.”, shouted the larger and more copiously tattooed individual. ‘Strange’ thought Max, ‘I don’t remember turning the content filter on.‘
    “What’d you see!?”, screamer the ornate and intimidating fellow.
    Max managed to wake from his gamer-daze long enough to process the situation and identify the biker jacket the obvious gang member had on. This guy was a Diablo. “ I…I…I don’t want any trouble here. I’m no hero.” pleaded Max, although he wasn’t entirely convinced of either clause. A couple rounds street fighting might be exactly what he needed to clear his head.
    Not entirely submitting to his delusion, Max did the most passive thing he could think of, wave. “Form up boys!” cried the biggest of the Diablos.
    Max knew the advantage of superior numbers and here was Max 4 attackers no defenders. ‘Quest for cheese be damned!’, he thought to himself. If he ran at full clip he just might be able to get back into the street before the small, wiry one jumped him and … no… he would need a speed boost power-up or a P-wing to escape them now. His best bet was to stay and stand them down. Perhaps they were reasonable…*THWAK*! A swing from the gang member closest to Max connected hard with his ear and he could have sworn he heard the large one yell “Mortal Kombat!”.
    Max looked up in time to see a strange ‘Achievement Unlocked: First Blood!’ banner fade out of sight above his head before abruptly becoming aware of incoming blows. Max managed to jump a low kick(UP) from the fighter on his right followed by another from the small one behind him(UP). Quickly he moved into duck(DOWN) and the man behind him tumbled over him into the two in front.
    Now that the familiar techno beat had started Max could feel a bit of the rhythm of the fight and didn’t feel like he was doing too badly. Another duck(DOWN) to avoid a jab form the big one. Max sidled back and forth, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, and was met with another fist to the back of the head. Max needed to go on the offensive. He gave a tentative kick(B) which met only air followed by a moderately powerful kick(A) to the chest of the weakest looking fighter. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. The little fighter grabbed his foot and the others grabbed his arms.
    The big walking mural made his was in front of Max. “You should’ve ran.” he sighed angrily as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a gun. He held it point blank to Max’s head and pulled the trigger.
    Max opened his eyes and looked back at the confused gang leader. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Three more shots right to the chest. Max just looked back blankly, glad he had finished the Konami code before getting caught, and relieved that it had been enabled in this game.
    “He must be some kind of witch, er,, something. I’m outta here!”, the little one cried and the rest shortly followed suit.
    Max quickly picked up a wheel of Brie from the corner store and headed back to his apartment. He walked in the door and was immediately greeted by Lilith. “Honey, I forgot we are out of papertowels could you run down to the store and grab some.
    “Sure.” He said smugly “I’ve still got 26 more lives.”
    Achievement Unlocked: Over the Moon: Retrive Cheese for Lilith.

    • looks like html formatting was disabled here. Name excerpts

      This guy was a Diablo. “ I…I…I don’t want any trouble here
      Max did the most passive thing he could think of, wave. “Form up boys!”
      4 attackers no defenders. ‘Quest for cheese be damned!
      “He must be some kind of witch, er, something.

      • Ah nothing… Sorry 🙂 Good luck to everyone ! I still keep my fingers crossed. I lost 2 chances to get the key today, and u know what they say, third time’s the charm 🙂 But, if it s not the charm, then I’ll just stop tortuting myself and wait for the full game for 1 more month. Thanks for this givaway TPC!

  15. I feel like my head is going to explode. I don’t think I am going to make it to tonight or tomorrow morning for you to decide!

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