TPG Daily Links: Get Down To Brass Clicks

The world of the internet today brings you Minecraft DOTA, three versions of Windows 8, taking a peek of Edgeland, a lunchbox PC, Dark Souls GFWL drama, Part 2 of Dad In A Dungeon and more.

PC Hardware/Software

Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Plus Review – OCC

Seahawk 100 Lunchbox Computer – Acme Portable

Windows 8 Gets Three Editions – Official MS Site

Raspberry Pi Begins Shipping – Official Site

Audio Codec Decoder – Hardware Secrets

SteelSeries Fnatic 7H Headphones Review – Kit Guru

PC Gaming

Online Petition Demands Drop of GFWL For Dark Souls – The Escapist 

Minecraft DOTA – Official Forums

A Dad In A Dungeon: Part Two – Rock Paper Shotgun

Taking a Peek: Edgeland – Distraction Gaming

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