Tavern of Heroes Demo Available

Optim GameStudio have release a demo for their point-and-click RPG title, Tavern of Heroes.  IndieDB has not yet approved the demo links, but you can grab the demo for Windows, Mac and Linux via MediaFire.  In addition, Optim has also launched a funding campaign on IndieGoGo.

3 thoughts on “Tavern of Heroes Demo Available

  1. This is a blatent ripoff of Battleheart by Mika Mobile for the iOS. Almost exactly the same game mechanics, profile and art style. It’s a copycat game. Its a damn shame people try to profit off of other peoples creations.

    • As I said before many times, battleheart is the reason I started this project. Being an ex-WoW player, I’m trying to bring more of that experience and what I like from both games in one. It will become more obvious when we are done with the skill tree system and the tavern with dynamic quests we are working on right now 🙂

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