Get Games May Day Sale

In celebration of the European holiday, May Day, GetGames is offering some great deals on PC games.  Some of titles on sale include: Human Revolution, Serious Sam 3 and FEAR 3 for the low price of $9.99 each.  You can find the complete listing here.  All of the mentioned games above require Steam activation.  Yes, even us Yanks can get in on the money saving fun too.

3 thoughts on “Get Games May Day Sale

  1. You can’t go wrong for that price with DXHR & Serious Sam 3, fantastic games. Okay DXHR isn’t quite up to par with the original in terms of exploring, expansive dialogue trees & npc chatter but it’s still good (except for the boss fights and AI). I appreciate you mentioning Fear 3 Adam as there will be someone out there who may still like it but honestly that game is a complete waste of money, definitely one of the worst game purchases I’ve made in years =[

    • The original FEAR was extremely well done. I could not get past a few hours in the 2nd due to the overly terrible UI. I have not played 3, and honestly, have no desire to do so.

  2. I wasted 40 hours playing Deus Ex HR, played non-stop for 2 days when it was released and I didn’t even read all the e-books and beat it only once! It’s definitely a must-buy.

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