Old School Giveaway Contest: Your Most Frightening PC Gaming Moment

TPG, in association with GOG.com, is offering a chance at one of four old school classics in our latest giveaway contest.  Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2, Thief II and Icewind Dale II are all up for grabs.  To enter, tell us a story about your most frightening moment playing a PC game.  Jump scares in Doom 3 and FEAR?  The eeriness of System Shock 2?  The Oceanside Hotel in Bloodlines?  Almost everything in Amnesia?

Rules and details are inside.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your story about a frightening moment in PC gaming.

There will be four winners ranked from 1-4.  The first place winner will be given first selection and so on until there is one game left which will be given to the fourth place finisher.  TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their GOG code shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is over.  Thanks to all who participated.  The fourth place winner has been contacted via e-mail.  (5-21 @ 7:08am MST)

21 thoughts on “Old School Giveaway Contest: Your Most Frightening PC Gaming Moment

  1. The scariest moment I have ever had is when I tried to play Penumbra. I had no IDEA what I was getting into. I got it in a Humble Indie Bundle and decided to try it. The lack of weapons you can use to protect yourself and the sheer terror of the dark actually made me quit playing the game. It sits on my hard drive and any time I happen to look at it a shiver runs up my spine.

  2. The monsters in Quake were standard fare at first, easy targets, predictable. I entered a large room with switches on either side of a door and began the process of opening it. It ground open slowly, the darkness beyond playing tricks on my eyes. And then it leaped from the shadows. A fiendish creation that covered the distance in a single bound. It tore me to shreds before I could react.
    Mike W.

  3. Doom. Everything. Ok, a face to face with the Cyberdeamon in Tower of Babel. Can anything beat that fear? See? I even remember the level name, how scary was that?

    But, nothing beats Wolfenstein 3D and those close encounters I guess.

  4. I promise that this is a true recount of one of the scariest moments I had in gaming and not an exaggeration of things for the sake of the competition.
    1999, I was 14 years old, and really starting to get into gaming. I loved all games, played everything I could get my hands on. Since games came a bit later and were not so promoted in my country, it was not until the middle of 1999 when I got my first Thief game. One of my friends gave it to me for my birthday and I was happy even though I did not know ANYTHING about the game itself. (had an old modem connection at that time, but did not use it much, so did not check what the game was about). Anyways, the party was over, my friends went home, my parents went to bed and I was left alone in my room with Thief CD on the computer desk. Since I was always curious about new things, especially games I did not wait much to install the game and try it out. A big black install screen with white crooked THIEF letters popped out and I pressed Install, Next, Next, Next, Finish…. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I started the game and moments after I was watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppV2EMfbk0w .

    Nothing can describe the feeling I had, but I still remember it, chills going down my back, but also a growing excitement of something new and so …. dark. The atmosphere of “Thief” game was UNBELIEVABLE. From the moment I started it (excluding some small part with tutorial) I was immersed into such a dark, twisted and tense atmosphere that you could not describe it. Since I started playing it near midnight, with my headphones on and lights out, the whole feeling of being in another – dangerous – world was amplified. While I was playing I could hear the footsteps of the nearby guards, the breathing of my character and beating of my own hearth. I felt as if I, myself, was there, trying to sneak past the guards and do the task I was given to and that if I did not complete the task that some demonic forces would jump out of the screen and take me with them.

    I remember that I spent hours of first mission, and while I was on the edge of my chair the whole time, I still managed to do it without any excesses. And then came the second mission. I remember as if it was yesterday, that I had to go down a well into some mines and run through these mines to enter a prison and free some man who was important for the quest. There was a lift inside the mine, which you had to take and go to the deeper level of the mines. And I did. I entered it, I pressed the button down and it started descending. Before you knew it, I was up in the air, screaming my lungs out at the undead that popped out on the screen as my lift stopped. At 3 am, my father rushed into the room, completely out of his mind, not knowing what had happened, seeing me in shock and some (“sick and abnormal” – his later words) game on the computer. First he slapped me so hard that he kicked that game demon out of my mind instantly. Then, he yanked the computer cable out of the wall and rushed out with the computer case in his hands. I was left petrified half from the hit I recieved, half from the scene I had witnessed in the game.

    My father did not let me use the computer for a month, and he never wanted to give “Thief” back to me. Many nights after I could see that figure at 1:04 (in the clip) in my mind… and that eye just haunted me. Only years later I was able to to try it again, but since I was much older and much more experienced with games, the effect was not as big as the first night I tried it. (Don’t get me wrong, it was still pretty damn scary, I was just a bit tougher 🙂 )
    That is the moment I am sure I will not forget while I am alive, and Thief will definitely stay one of the damnest, scariest, freakiest (and hardest) games I have ever played.

  5. Clive Barker’s Undying is the only game I can’t install at all! I have beaten most of the games that are considered “horrendous” like the very first FEAR, Amnesia, Penumbra and Condemned. And I even played them (except Amnesia) when I was living alone. I don’t know why but Undying gives me the chills.

    Maybe I should try playing it once again, but I’m ****ing scared of opening this box below. WHY DID YOU REMIND ME THAT?! :p

  6. There is one thing that’s always freaking me out every time I encounter it in a game. The thing is The Witch from Left 4 Dead. Crying in the distance, sitting somewhere curled up, like a bomb, you never know when it’s going to set off. And when you’re too close, there comes the attack, a furious, mindless aggression, an amuck and terrible screams. The tension, the adrenaline buzzing in my veins, the terror!
    Every time I heard her I had to fight sudden urge to turn around and run for my life. Preferably to the nearest safe house to barricade myself inside and hide under a desk with a gun ready to fire.

  7. System Shock 2 without a doubt is the scariest game I’ve played. That game used to make me jump. Out of nowhere things would pop up. My wife used to laugh at me when I played it.

  8. Return to catstle Wolfenstein with out a doubt for me. The undead always stirred when you were in the dark and hemmed in, The horrible schocker monser that were always stalking you the next hall over and seemed to just know what you were up to. To the Heavy tread of the Robot cyborgs looking to missle you to death. That game was the most intense soundscape I have encounterd, and is still the standard that I measure a game by, However the most chilling sound in the game was the sharp click of high heels.

    Those Nazi babes with thier sub guns were the worst because you always heard them long before you encountered them. Worse you would hear the click click of thier heals, then it would all go dead quiet you would halt in dread looking for where the attack would come from. The next time you heard the heels you were in for it.

    The devs of that game should be given much credit for the fear they were able to make with just plain sound.

  9. I’d got a nice horror story that an old PSX is inolved in :->

    However when we are in PC realm there is also one really immersive game, that took me at the edge of abyss. The name of this old masterpiece is “I have no mouth and I can’t scream”. This game was really dark and suggestive in storytelling, And because of the thick atmosphere, I have just managed to finishe it with one character of five: Ellen. In the game there is no explicit horror moments that I remember, but all the evil and fear was growing slowly in my own mind and at the end it has erupted with a wave of grief. To make a long story short, let’s say, that there was a way to destroy an AI that was tormenting you for over 100 years, which demanded to get close to it’s vital parts. But those were protected with yellow elements, and Ellen was afraid of yellow for some reason. I’d expext many things from a game, demons, devils, psychokilles, but I wasn’t at all prepared to the actual solution of the Ellen’s phobia source…
    Now, after about 10 years, I am still afraid if I am ready to try the game with other characters, as I don’t know what fear is waiting for me within their souls.

  10. > > > The fourth place winner has been contacted via e-mail. Awaiting his choice.
    Teehee, what choice would he have?

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