Star Prospector Giveaway: Your Favorite Sci-Fi Gaming Moment

TPG, in association with Cryptstone Games, is offering five (5) Desura keys for the futuristic sci-fi strategy title, Star Prospector.  To enter, use the comment section to tell us your story about a sad/funny/intense/memorable moment while playing a sci-fi PC game.

Rules and details are inside.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 48 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Post your story about your favorite sci-fi gaming moment.

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their Desura code shortly after the contest has concluded.

The contest is now over.  As always, thanks to everyone who participated.  The winners are: Russell, delsus, Kostas, Jayvan and oasis.

21 thoughts on “Star Prospector Giveaway: Your Favorite Sci-Fi Gaming Moment

  1. Omikron: The Nomand Soul.
    I know, I know, the contest is about my personal story. But this time nothing can beat those four words and the game itself is surely one of the bigest Sci-Fi adventures that I was ever a part of. So as a tribute to it, let me just leave a title alone :-).

  2. Jayvan, Lean:
    Well, my most scariest moment would have to be when I encountered the game, “Amnesia: Dark Decent.” The crazy atmospheres the game offered scared the hell out of me. But one in-particular stood out, this was actually an easter egg, so it was wierd at that. I was walking towards a boulder, until I heard the sudden shrieks, quickly I swivveled round 180 degress, and to my horrors one of the monsters was right in my face! I shrieked like a little girl, I must admit. After researching I found out this was an easter egg lol, sucks for me.

    • Thanks for the story! Amnesia is most certainly one of the more scarier games available on PC. I have yet to play it, not because of the fear factor, more because I have no time.

  3. one time when playing fallout new vegas, I was playing an evil character that had angered both the NCR and the legion, and so they sent their death squads after me at certain places. Except one time, both squads spawned at the same time and place, and they ended up fighting each other instead of me, so I killed the maimed survivor and looted all the bodies.

  4. While playing System Shock 2 I found myself stranded at the top of freight elevator in a large storage room with only 4 armor-piercing rounds and 2 mechs roaming around below. This is sad because it’s where my System Shock experience ended.

      • I tried many times to escape the storage room, but died every time. The non AP round were virtually useless against the mechs. I only had five game saves (saving over the oldest one as I went on). Supplies in the game are very limited. I just didn’t manage my bullets well.

  5. As for myself, one of my favorite sci-fi PC-gaming moments was while playing Dead Space. I recall being out in space (clock count-down before I would lose breath I die) trying to find the exit to the next area in the game. I was circling something similar to a satellite dish or some sort of rounded metal surface. I was circling said surface, & all of a sudden, three aliens start crawling down, rushing towards me. In a fearful effort to take them all down, I shot one alien down to the ground, & shot the other one in the legs. the other one got up, & ate at me, almost killing me in the process, until I shook it off of me, punched it, & kicked it’s head off into the distant sun. My ammo was running low, as was my oxygen & health, when another alien rushes behind me. With barely two or three second left, I whipped out my gun & made a single shot to the alien’s face…& killed it. With roughly 12 seconds on the clock, I raced to the door across the corpse of the dead aliens.

    Hurt greatly, & running out of oxygen & ammo, I rushed towards the door, to have one final alien running after me. Screaming several words of worry & profanity, I rushed to the door…

    “9…7…5….2……1…………” –& thus closes the door. I made it through within a split second, & alive too. Plenty of loot inside…but it was ALL AIR-TANKS…you know, those items that I forgot I had in the first place? Argh…

    Thanks for the opportunity, TPCG crew.

      • Thanks, it’s good to see you enjoyed it, regardless of how poorly it was written…oh well. I was really frustrated that I forgot about the air cans. I think it was because I didn’t play it for a while (busy) & forgot to check my inventory ’cause I wanted to just get into the action.

        On a side-note, I see that you’ve maintained the site since 2011. How has that been for you so far? I’d imagine that managing a blog/website is pretty fun.

      • It will be a year in July. For the most part, it has been fun and rewarding. It ended up being a lot more work for me than I initially anticipated. In the beginning, TPG was going to be interviews only and maybe I would write up the occasional review. A few weeks later, I started thinking about putting together a “consumer advice list” where the cost would factor into a recommendation. I could not do cover as many games as I would like by myself so I sent out the call to others. On average, I work on the site for 5+ hours a day so it has almost become a non-paying full-time job.

        The most time consuming aspect is the logistics involved to create contacts, research titles and make sure the guys are on the right track with their articles. The downside is if you get sick like I did over the last 2 1/2 weeks, things can get backed up in a hurry. The last two days have been the best I have felt in a while, but I still have a lot to catch up on. Plus, we hopefully will be launching the new site in July. I have no web development skills at all so this is all new to me. Just got thrown in the deep end. Mike Bezek has been helping me so that is a great asset to have.

        In all honesty, the entire success of TPG has been those who have contributed without pay. Yes, they keep the games they review, but writing an in-depth quality article takes days and sometimes a week or more. I have been pretty lucky to wind up with this particular crew.

    • Ah. Sounds like tough work. It’s cool that you keep the games you review, though.

      Well, I’ve only been around for a short while, but good luck with your site…It’ll be nice to see how it develops over time.

      • More like tough work you love. 🙂 A quote I remember is, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” I hope to make that happen with TPG.

        Thank you for reading and commenting. I love interacting with people who are fond of PC gaming as much as I am.

  6. Easily the most memorable sci-fi gaming moment for me would be my first few hours playing Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies in 2004. The feeling of scale as I walked out of the spaceport for the first time and went off to explore the landscape was unlike any game I had ever played before. A friend and I began to do missions and happened across a campsite of other new adventurers on a hill. We talked with them for probably 15 minutes and they told us about a nearby player town that we should check out. The experiece of walking through a completely player built city, checking every open house for vendors, looking at the exotic items and decorations was amazing. I played the game until Jump to Light Speed was released, as my computer didn’t have the specs to run the expansion.

  7. One of the most memorable sci-fi games I ever played was The Dig. It had a decent storyline which starts of as a sort of mystery, as the player is stranded on an alien planet and tries to understand what happened to the civilization that once inhabited the planet, all the while trying to keep the crew alive and finding a way home.

    The exploration & puzzles that the player has to overcome ends the game with a moral decision the player has to make. But the most emotional factor of it all was the orchestral & choral music. I truly enjoyed the game and wished there was another chance to explore that experience again.

  8. The year is … very early 90’s (hey, memory goes in old age!). I was sat in front of my first PC, an 8088, playing a dodgy copy of Might & Magic III (*not* Heroes, the proper RPG series) (and yes, it has plenty of sci-fi elements in it) (and by dodgy, I mean I couldn’t level my characters – now that is copy protection worth it’s salt). It was late afternoon on a winter day. The lights were off in my bedroom and I was facing the wall with the door behind me. I was absorbed deeply in eliminating the way-higher-level critters I was up against (for what was probably the 10th consecutive hour that day).
    With my face close up the 14″ monitor, I feel a breeze on my right ear. Sudden. Cold. Threatening… I snap, scared, utterly petrified. I turn around and in one swift move I slap my father right across the face with the back of my palm, his glasses flying across the room and out the slyly opened door.
    Not sure to this day who was more scared. Him or me.

  9. I loved System Shock 2 and I still rate it as one of my fave games of all time, but I also have to say that the original Half-Life really blew me away when I first played it. The intro where you get on the tram thing and travel through the Black Mesa facility was so brilliantly realised, and it looked and felt like a real living place. I must have restarted and watched that intro dozens of times, each time watching the goings on in the facility, like robots hauling boxes and scientists wandering around.
    The build up to when the experiment starts going wrong was also so well done, and very scary. I got my first PC in about 1997 so I never got to play some of the hailed classics like XCOM and System Shock 1, but these were the 2 games that opened my eyes to what PC gaming had to offer. Both 1st person, both 1 man against the odds trying to survive, both very different styles – stealth RPG vs FPS, both very atmospheric, and for me defined what really makes a great game.
    Even though those games came out over 12 years ago I can still picture in my mind going through the levels. The thought of those damn spiders and the ‘mothers’ in SS2 still bring a smile to my face when I remember how much they made my heart pound when I came across them. They don’t make them like that any more =/

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