The Witcher 2 Giveaway: Geralt For A Day

Our friends at GOG and CD Projekt RED, have donated four (4) keys for their fantastic RPG, The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition with all the bells and whistles.  To enter this contest, tell us a funny/sad/awesome story about how you would live your life if given the ability to become Geralt of Riva for 24 hours.  For those of you not familiar with the lore behind The Witcher, read up on Geralt here.

Rules and details are inside.

The Rules:

  • No Profanity
  • One entry, per person, per e-mail address, per IP
  • 72 Hours Only
  • Post your first name and last initial
  • Give us a Day In The Life of Geralt as played by you

TPG team members will decide on winners based on their favorite stories.  The individuals with winning entries will be contacted via e-mail with their GOG key shortly after the contest has concluded.

This contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  The winners are: Adam, Steven, Karel and Rob.

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29 thoughts on “The Witcher 2 Giveaway: Geralt For A Day

  1. Waking up, pain, dryness in my mouth, sand under my eyelids…

    Waking up, darkness, thirst, pain…
    Waking up, forgotten thoughts, forgotten memories, forgotten everything…
    All at once I feel that I am real, one of the forgotten feelings strikes me with all its power. But it is good, I do want to feel something like that. Actually I really do want to feel something…


    So I feel that I have to stand up, and I am blindly moving my arm to find some prop. Finally I found a thing solid enough to lean on it. Something with rough surface, that reminds me nothing. Its sharp edge cuts my skin, and then I feel pain. But it is good, it is nice that I can feel again. So I pull myself toward the cutter thing and I sit. There are shapes slowly forming from the omnipresent mist. It means I can see anything else than darkness. Is it good? Can I name things I am seeing? It’s a boat that I am sitting in. There is water all around it. And a moon on the sky above me. Do I like this picture? No. I am indifferent to it, as always. Am I indifferent to the body in a long silky dress, lying on the bottom of my boat? No! However I don’t know why, and this ignorance is not a bliss, it is torment. I am learning the world around me with my recovered senses. First I am touching. A pendant, a sword, a pouch. Then I am looking. Wolf’s head, Sword of destiny, empty. Suddenly a glimpse. I remember everything! I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday. Pitchfork, pain, darkness, Yen. I breathe. I cannot breathe. I remember more. Death. And the contract.

    Some stories are told, that he has come with the rain. Others, that he has came out from a mist. Some say that the ground in the village was all red of blood, and some, that it was gray of ashes from burnt houses. There are songs telling about White Wolf taking his ruthless vengeance in just one day. Some are ending with him disappearing like a wind. Others mentioning a demon which is buying a soul of dead warrior for one additional day of life given to him, to avenge his beloved. Nobody knows what is truth, if there is any truth at all.

    What I can say to you, is that this soul collecting demon, he was indeed very unlucky monster after all.

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  3. I will smack that guy with the hat (TheEnigmaticT) for not promoting this at GOG forum 😀 And because I will be Geralt he will give me all future releases to spare his life

  4. I would spend all that time preaching how bad DRM..oh wait i’m already doing that. Ehemm I would save the princess who is in another castle…and that’s Mario
    I haven’t played The Wichter 1 or 2 😦

  5. I would travel to the Blue Mountains to the abode of the free elves(those wondrous creatures) with Triss, swim in the river Yaruga and enjoy the natural beauty around me. By nightfall i will reach Dol Blathanna at the foot of these rocky mountains and spend the night there (with Triss and Enid an Gleanna of course 😀 ). An unforgettable experience, for sure…..

  6. I would spend all the time influencing and intimidating people with my witcher powers.
    Also, lots of sex with Triss. I have a thing for redheads.

  7. I would explore the world and all it’s wonders. I’d climb mountains that I thought I could never see, travel the deserts for the treasures that mankind has not the endurance or ability to seek. I’d hunger for the lusts of life that I fear to take advantage of in my mortality, simply for the sake of it. And when I’ve lived my life to feel that I’ve done what I wish, thirsts sated and my adventure lusts quelled, I’d do it all over again to make sure I didn’t forget anything. A world of people, places, and a universe that constantly changes, there’s no way I can ever finish, and I’ll enjoy life for what it is.

  8. I would spend the entire day laying down in the sun and enjoying the wonders of living in a world full of surprises. Personally I would just wanna relax and enjoy being free.

  9. Name: Lester O.
    Entry: If I where a Witcher like Geralt, the first thing I’ll do is run and jump rooftops. I’m a guy on a wheelchair who’s been handicapped since birth, so that alone is a great boon.
    After that, I’ll go get my buddy Dandelion and go hunting the local monster threat. Maybe a Bruxa, who knows. Then I’ll collect my reward, which probably includes private time with the local hottie(s).

    P.S. People don’t read the rules….

  10. I awake in a strange far away land in an strange body.Where am I? who am I? Who is this girl next to me and she must’ve ate alot of beans yesterday!.I finally arise out of bed to be greeted by the girl who c keeps calling me Geralt.I Guess I better play the part and pretend to be this Geralt (and not a bad part to play if I do say so myself).

    How did I get here? Why can’t I remember anything arghhh!..I decided to go to the local pub, maybe having some drinks will help the old noggin remember. While entering a pub a Bard and dwarf come running at me,this could be trouble. “It’s us Dandelion and Zoltan where have you been geralt!”apparently they know me,Better not blow my cover.9hrs of drinking,singing and loosing bad at dice poker,I stumble back to my tent forgetting even why I went to the pub in the first place.

    But when I open the tent I am greeted by teh red hair,although he hair isn’t the only thing that’s red.With her eyes burning with anger that I Skipped out on seeing battleship with her to play “stupid computer games”.

    Wait a minute,it’s all coming back to me now!!This is all a premonition!!!..I won a witcher 2 code from you guys and have been playing it for 24hrs straight!. My girlfriend will get over me skipping out on seeing battleship (matter of fact I think she’ll thank me) and I get to play an amazing game,it’s a win win!,except I foresee me sleeping on the couch for a few days till she cool off ;P

  11. Geralt for a Day
    By Steve S

    There would be so much to do and say,
    If I were Geralt for a day.

    I would trade with dwarves, but not with “squirrels,”
    When in the pubs I’d talk to girls.
    I would show my prowess with my fists,
    Then slaughter Drowners in the mist.

    There would be much fun and play,
    If I were Geralt for a day.

    With my sword of silvering gleen,
    I’d clear out monster wherever seen.
    Mix a potion, drink it fast,
    Then slay foul creatures while it lasts.

    There would be so much for me to slay,
    If I were Geralt for a day.

    I’d cut my hair so iconic white,
    And then dye it black just for the night.
    I’d visit a tailor, and buy new boots,
    Then take Triss to dinner in my new suit.

    She would not know what to say,
    If I were Geralt for a day.

    As the night begins to fall,
    I’d look back upon it all.
    Not one thing would I regret,
    Besides, it’s not quite over yet.

    There would be so much to do and say,
    If I were Geralt for a day.

  12. Day In The Life of Geralt
    by Abdullah M

    I opened my eyes to the glaring rays of moonlight. It was 4:00am, and everything was supposed to be dead silent and dark. What is this terrible

    drumming in my head? Surely it wasn’t because of the ONE HOUR of Witcher 2 I played before sleep. The Dark Edition I got off Ebay for $666 sure

    was a steep and ominous price, but it was well worth it. I caught a glint of something shiny in the corner of my eye, and turned to see my brand

    new Wolf Medallion resting neatly on my desk. I stood up and walked towards it when it dawned on me. My room is pitch black! How is it possible

    that I can see in the dark like a CAT? I grabbed the medallion and placed it around my neck and went out of my house into the garden. The smell

    of flowers and plants immediately overpowered my senses, and I had this sudden urge to pluck and gather as many as I can. Having done so, I sat

    on my porch where I waited patiently for 8:00am, while preparing breakfast using the ingredients I had just gathered. Work beckoned.

    The swinging Gamestop doors welcomed me, as I headed to my office to clear some contracts. Tedious. One had been sitting on my to-do list since

    last month. “Clear the Amalur stocks by next week, and you’ll receive a bonus!” – Andresz, read the message left on my table by my supervisor. I

    folded it and placed it in my leather jerkin. Jerkin?? I mean jacket. Too much Witcher again. I rubbed my eyes, the light sensitivity having

    lessened a bit somewhat, and walked to the Xbox360 aisle to do my morning stocktaking.

    Without warning, I felt a huge tugging and vibrating on my neck and chest! I looked down into my shirt, and saw my medallion shaking

    tremendously. Instinct took over, as I straightened up my back, put on my game face and took out my trusty steel game cabinet key, anticipating

    the first customer to walk though the doors. Bloody hell, it’s only 8:15am, and May 15 is still one day away! Freaking fanboys, I know it’s been

    twelve years, but stop hounding me already! It’s MAY 15, MAY FRAKING 15, not 14!! When nobody came through, I lowered my guard, but my medallion

    was still vibrating. Perplexed, I looked around and noticed a pile of Mass Effect 3 copies waiting to be placed on the shelf. Beside them, a box

    of Dragon Age 2 discs were waiting to be placed on the ‘on-sale’ shelf. I went nearer, and felt a surge of hatred as I brushed my hand on the big

    EA logo on the box. My medallion was going crazy! Staring at the Mass Effect 3 copies, I remembered its monstrous ending, and the feeling of

    hatred surged again in me. I raised my hand towards the box, imagining the Igni sign engulfing the entire box, thinking how amazing that would

    be. And it did! A ball of flame exploded from my hand and flew straight towards the box, completely incinerating it. Andresz’s going to be mad!

    What is happening to me? I felt my body tremble with power, and my head started to ache again. I knelt down on my knees to catch my breath, and

    closed my eyes. I leveled with myself. This is too weird, I need a drink. Maybe some mead. MEAD?? I mean beer..I mean, coffee. I closed up the

    shop temporarily, and walked across to the pub called “The Lion”. I entered and sat at the bar, waiting for the owner to attend to me.

    “You look like crap, Gerald. Long night?” Dan The Lion said.

    “Yeah, pretty much. Coffee. Black.” I replied.

    “Tricia was asking for you yesterday at the party. Why didn’t you come?”

    “The Dark Edition came in yesterday. There’s no way in the world I’m gonna skip my unboxing.”

    “I never understood you and video games. What’s more weird is, you VIDEO yourself unboxing a game, rather than unboxing a girl!! Hah!”

    “I never told you who was holding the camera for me, did I?”

    “You don’t mean.. Shannon? Tricia’s gonna be mad!!”

    “Then you better keep your mouth shut, Dan. Anyway, how much for the coffee?”

    “Three bucks”

    “No. On the house.”

    I flicked my fingers in front of him, and walked out, leaving Dan strangely contented with himself.

  13. Dear Diary!

    I can’t do this anymore. Playing this macho, killing monsters, lying about my true identity… I just want to go to the main square in Vizima and shout into the world: “It’s not me! It’s just a persona I use to be more autenthic!”. But I know I can’t do that, so, until my life is finally over, only You will know my true feelings, my dear Diary.

    Because I do have feelings! I’m not just a mutant killing machine! I’m a person! But after a day like this…

    6:00 AM: I woke up to the the sound of a Cockatrice. Great. Another one. I already killed 5 of them yesterday. I hate them. They are ugly.

    6:00:05 AM: Okay, that was fast, at least.

    6:30 AM: Heading to Vizima. The swamp is smelly, and ugly. No butterflies, birds, only drowners and other monsters. Yuk!

    7:00 AM: I’m in Vizima. Anywhere I go, people talking about me behind my back, but I can hear them: “Mutant!”, they say. “Fearless killer!”, they say. “Sensual lover!”, they say. “I think he heard us!”, they say. “Why is he writing everything down in that little pink book?”, they ask. They don’t understand me. Not at all.

    9:30 AM: I was in the tavern. In the “Hairy Bear”. What a dumb name. Bears has fur, not hair… They did not even know what a bear looks like. Not like there are any bears in the area… The dwarfs eat them. They would be scared to death on the sight of a toy bear. Oh, how I miss Mr. Rupert… The interesting part: I met a guy. He was a little tipsy. He came to me while I was drinking, he said “I want to be your friend”. When I said no, he started to speak about how he heard about “everything I did”: how I killed the leader of the Order, how I took the Scoia’tael’s side in the war and how destroyed a Kayran. I have absolutely no clue what he was talking about. He must be an idiot. He was more drunk than me. Maybe because this was the problem. I chased him away. I don’t like drunk people.

    11:00 AM: Went to walk in the town. The weather was good, the air smelled like flowers… Oh, wait, no. I’m in Vizima, you know. There are no flowers. Only blood, sweat and piss in the air. Gods, I miss Kaer Morhen. Once I saw a squirrel family. No, not the elves, the furry ones. No, not the dwarves either. They were running on the ground, looking for ancorns. Or just played a little bit. They were cute.

    11:23 AM: I guy hired me to bring him a couple Wyvern eggs. Great, really. First, I have to wake up to kill a giant frog-chicken, now they sand me to kill some dragon-chicken. Because I’m a witcher, I can’t even have a day-off. Kill this, kill that, bring me it’s brain, it’s head, bring me feathers… Gods, I hate my job. I just want to be a cook. I like cooking. But who would employ a witcher as his cook? Guess who? No one. The faster I’ll finish this job the better.

    12:00 PM Oh, on my way to the swamp another guy stopped me. No, he did not ask how do I do, no, he just wants me to kill some drowners. The best thing I can kill them right away. Oh wait, of course not, because they are coming at night. Not midday. What is now. I think it will be a long day…

    13:00 PM At least I’m at the Wyverns. There are 5 of them. Let’s get to work.

    14:00 PM At last they are dead. All of them. I have to eggs, too. Some interesting thing happened, what I don’t understand. Once I almost dead. But in the last minute, a thing happened. My vision blurred, and I stood at the exact same point where I stood before I attacked them. AND THEY WERE ALIVE! ALL FIVE OF THEM! Madness… This is madness.

    16:00 PM I’m at the druids. They are good folks. They’re a little silly, that’s true, but what should I do? All of their foods made of mushrooms. And not all of them is healthy. I met Morenn, too. I wanted to talk about the last time we met. It was a mistake, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship. After I told her, she ran away. Looks like she wanted more.

    21:00 PM The drowners are here. I go and kill them. Hurray…

    21:10 PM I’m finished. The ground is full of drowner corpses, my sword is full of drowner liquid, and my cloths are full of drowner bits. Now I can go to wash them again… And no, I can’t ask Triss to clean them with magic. The last time she nearly killed me, just because I said she could use her magic to help me with the dishes, not just to maker her clothes disappear…

    22:00 PM Time to sleep. It was another great day… I just want to sleep. And a friend. Yes, I have Zoltan, but he only interested in drinking. There is Dandelion, too, but he only wants to talk about women, and my “heroic deeds”, to have something to sing about. But I can speak to no one about my feelings, about how I hate this job, about how much I would leave this all behind me… Only you, my dear Diary. Only you…

  14. If I woke up one day as Geralt of Rivia?

    I would get up. I’d take off my leather pyjamas, and put on my leather pants and tunic. In the bathroom (or, depending on where exactly I’d wake up, in the bathcave or bathwoodenshack), I’d brush my teeth, probably with a sword, and comb my hair — when it’s that long, you have to take care of it, otherwise, it could turn all white and — oh, never mind. And yes, I’d probably try to comb it with my sword.

    Then I would relax and listen to the birds’ chirping for a while. One Aard and one Igni sign later, the omelet would be ready, which, together with the stale loaf of bread from the village I saved last week, would make for a fine breakfast. (I don’t suppose I would be carrying a fork to eat it with, but hell, I still have my swords, right?)

    After breakfast, I suppose I would need to do some actual witchering, since bread doesn’t grow on trees. I’ll just have to hope it won’t be another manticore — I’ve fought four of the beasts over the past five days, and it’s getting awfully monotonous. Must be their mating season. Also, I should mention that those stings *hurt*. Especially when you’re trained to always offer the monsters you’re fighting the only part of your body that’s soft, but at the same time, doesn’t protect any vital organs. Suffice to say that in the next inn I visit, I won’t be asking for a chair, and I’ll drink standing.

    And then there’s this business with that noble’s son who needs me to escort him to idontknowwhere and teach him something, it was all in the leaflet I was given. I think I should have read it, but it was rainy, and I really needed to dry those boots. Anyway, I remember seeing something like “fence” and maybe “wordplay” on the leaflet, so I guess I’ll be teaching him about smugglers and how to get the best price for something when you know lots of puns. I’ve no idea how this is supposed to make him a better fighter, as his father wanted, or why he insisted on me taking my best sword, but whatever.

    And in the evening, I’d finally return to the village to see if I could impress the local ladies. I think I’ll just play an enigmatic stranger, that tends to work surprisingly often. I’ll just stand in the corner, and sooner or later, my seductive and mysterious posture (manticores, remember?) will attract one of them, and the rest of the night will be ours. We’ll dance through the darkness (well, she’ll dance, I’ll wobble; but on average, let’s say we’ll dance), and the firtst light of the morning will catch us in the middle of—

    —me turning back into my ordinary self. Dammit. How embarrassing.

  15. This may not be the most fantastical answer… but given the short time frame and being stuck in the real world, I would likely try to get as much SCIENCE! done as possible.

    I’d go donate as much blood as I could manage while still being able to function as well as multiple skin and tissue samples. Witchers have a resistance and sometimes immunity to disease given the right mutagens and all, so no doubt the biology from a witcher combined with modern medical science could lead to huge advancements. Being able to “slay the monster” of AIDS or something similar would be pretty awesome.

    If I were actually Geralt of Rivia in his own world, I’d just go about slaying any “real” monsters I could find while enjoying the local varieties of booze, redheads, and significantly enhanced graphics.

  16. Seems like I have promoted this giveaway more than enough, as at least 2 of the winners came through my GOG thread, sorry to other entrants. But yeah keep following TPG! 😀

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