CD Projekt RED Says Thanks To Fans

Nothing says, “Thanks.” like a dude wearing a knight helmet along with a manly maid.  Check out this entertaining video from our friends at CD Projekt RED.

5 thoughts on “CD Projekt RED Says Thanks To Fans

  1. This company is very quickly becoming my favorite developer. It is coming from them putting effort into what they do and how they do it and trying to do it better, unlike my past list of favorite developers who got there by being slighlty less evil.

  2. So these are the people who made my two favourite RPGs….suddenly it feels so personal seeing them in the “flesh” instead of having some PR guy or just the lead of some department saying thanks.

    Yes, I enjoyed seeing the sex cutscenes as far as gaming goes….just give us a head’s up next time. The first one appeared just minutes into the game and I hooked up my PC to the HDTV…in the living room! Luckily the family was out that evening and I haven’t hooked the sound system yet.

    Anyway thanks to them also for making such masterpieces.

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