Blizzard Store – 33% Off StarCraft II

Until June 13th, Blizzard has slashed the price of StarCraft II down to an extremely tempting $39.99.  Grab your copy via the Blizzard Store here.  Also check out the United States portion of the StarCraft II World Championship.

3 thoughts on “Blizzard Store – 33% Off StarCraft II

  1. I didn’t. Still no LAN plus the travesty that is Diablo 3, the RMAH and the stupid DRM mean me and friends are not buying from Blizzard until all of this stops. So, probably, forever.

    • I agree with this sentiment. I was on my way to the level of fandom where I would buy a game just because it bore the name Blizzard, but online DRM put an end to all that. Up until this year I didn’t even have internet on my gaming rig so I was very sensitive to these issues.

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