Modern Wolfenstein 3D Remake: Wolfram

Chain Studios has released a standalone version of an updated Wolfenstein 3D entitled, Wolfram.  Included in this game are the first nine levels from Wolfenstein 3D and one secret level.  Many of the features spotlighted are graphical in nature such as: per-pixel lighting with bump-mapping and parallax mapping.  Also, a local achievement system has been incorporated and you do not need to have the original Wolfenstein 3D in order to play.  You can download Wolfram free of charge via ModDB.

2 thoughts on “Modern Wolfenstein 3D Remake: Wolfram

  1. This looks really good. For someone just learning a new engine and trying to get their bearings a remake like this an excellent idea to pursue. It is immediately recognizable and and can gather a larger audience than just a generic “retro” game. For my part I foresee myself blasting some robot Hitlers in the near future.

    And once again it is our Russian friends who can take something old a remake it anew. Spasiba tovarishch.

    • I agree totally. A great way for a small group of inspiring devs to get their feet wet. I think this is similar to how the group who developed Portal got started and eventually got hired on by Valve.

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