TPG Cast Episode 3 Preview: Your Questions Answered

We will be recording Episode 3 of the TPG Cast on Wednesday, June 20th.  To make our show a little more interactive (in addition to our regular topics), we are asking our readers to e-mail questions about anything regarding the site.  Curious about the inner-workings of TPG?  Always wondered how we are able to work with developers for review copies or contest codes?  Interested in the process and relationship when interviewing developers or digital distributors?  How did TPG get started?  Even hard-hitting questions about Phil’s favorite breakfast cereal or Armaan’s life in the barren wasteland of Canada will not be ignored.

Simply send your questions via e-mail to admin at truepcgaming dot com with “TPG Questions” in the Subject Line.  If e-mail is not your thing, feel free to use the comment section to ask your questions.

11 thoughts on “TPG Cast Episode 3 Preview: Your Questions Answered

  1. It would be interesting to get some history on TPG. So I will put forth some basic questions like:

    Who are you and how did you get started?
    Where did the idea of TPG come from?
    How close is the current site to your initial vision?
    What successes and failures have you had and what did you learn from them?
    Have you had issues making sure the site was compatible with the various browsers?
    Some websites add new features as betas, why did you chose to offer new features this way?
    Some web designers become experts in navigating their own site, did you have this problem when arranging TPG?
    How do you feel about adding DRM and DLC to websites?

  2. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

    If Skynet sends a Terminator back in time to kill John Connor and it succeeds, how would that work exactly? Would the future the Terminator is sent from change to reflect that, or would it simply create a new timeline? If it is the former, how would that even work, like you blink and everything is just different? If it is the latter, then what is the point of Skynet doing that in the first place?

    What is the deal with that “through the ropes” DDT Orton always does? People are falling from the same height (or even lower actually) than they would with a regular DDT, so in kayfabe it shouldn’t really be any more devastating or anything. Not to mention other people always have to help him do it. Why wouldn’t a wrestler just not step up on the ropes in the first place? Or at least they could step all the way through before he has the chance to drop them.

    What is your favorite item to order at Mexican restaurants? Please include type of meat (e.g. pork enchiladas).

    • The middle word in Life is If. Does this have any profound significance on the middle word in Death is Eat?

      When going for your undergraduate, why do we have to take math? I mean it’s not like I’m going for a degree in math or chemistry.

      A hypothetical glass is currently holding 50% of it’s total capacity and the question of wether it is Half Empty or Half Full is supposed to reveal something about a person. Wouldn’t it be more telling to ask what is in that glass?

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