TPG Freebie: Puzzle Pirates

Developer Three Ring offers up their F2P casual MMO title, Puzzle Pirates.  Set sail on the high seas as you encounter battles, and of course, search for treasure.  You can download and play Puzzle Pirates via Steam.

3 thoughts on “TPG Freebie: Puzzle Pirates

  1. Ahh Puzzle pirates. I found this game about four years ago and never left it. One would think the whole thing centwers around the puzzles ,wich it does :however, the game as a whole is as deep or shallow as the player makes it. Add to that the other half of the game is the social interactions.

    The game sports lots of older gamers like me [never could get into world of warcraft due to age gap] and for a pay for play it is very reasonable in price and gets cheap after you have played for a year. If you are inclined to try it I suggest you go the subscription route, this allows you to play everything. The othe route called Dobollons allows you to pay for just the parts of the game you want to do, but I myself enjoy having everything at my finger tips.

    • In the description field it says, “No subscription required”. I am now assuming this means you do not have to, but it can help you out?

      Can you really play this and be competitive without buying?

  2. Well part of the game is indeed no sub. You can do all the core sailing and fighting puzzles for just being there but they wiil get you with what you cant do. Certain weapons, crafting puzzles [Although all puzzles types have one free day a week], and even the abilty to own ships are set aside for those that pay to play.

    Like I said above it was well worth the funds spent to have the whole game experience. I folks are curious they should try the free side of the game, but have a care! If you like the causal puzzles it puzzle pirates has a real good chance of turning you into a paying player. I know because it has had me diong so coming up on five years now.

    And you can become a master of all the free games and indeed compete with long time players. However what you can do is limited by what is free, again beware if you like what you see you will hunger for all the other things offered to those subscribe.

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