Nitronic Rush: Commander Update

The boys from Team Nitronic are keeping things alive with Update #4.  The patch includes:  2 new Hardcore levels, 7 new Community levels, 45 new announcer phrases, 4 new music tracks, several bug fixes, and a brand new vehicle called The Commander.  You can download Nitronic Rush for free via the official site.

4 thoughts on “Nitronic Rush: Commander Update

  1. In a word, Wow! This was somehow able to be way better than I expected. I just spent about an hour and a half playing around in this game. Well to be fair it was more llike 30-40 minutes playing and the rest trying to figure out the controls. The game was designed for use with an XBox controller, which I don’t have, and the keyboard controls don’t lend themselves to the type of gameplay required. Luckily I do have a controller and Xpadder. I finally found a setup that let me drive on both roads and walls and to jump and perform some basic stunts. However it doesn’t work so well for flying. And I really want to fly that Delorean!

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