Steam Profile Analysis

Have you ever wondered what percentage of Steam games you own have never been launched?  Thanks to you can now pull back the curtain on this and many other pieces of statical information based on your Steam ID. Feel free to post your information in the comments section below.  Did you think your stats would turn out like they did?  If uploading an image, be sure to block out usernames if you do not want your Steam ID public.

24 thoughts on “Steam Profile Analysis

  1. Not so bad, over 50% launched. However it does mean, that other 50% I could not ever buy and save some money. That’s the effect of steam sales and indie bundles.

      • There is always a plan of playing them, but then it turns out to be no time :-(.
        And while indeed indie games are thos most likely casaulties for not being played, they are also a winners. There is an AAA game on the 4th place of my most played games, which is Bunrnout Paradise (which is funny, as I really don’t like racers). But first 3 places are indies, SMB, PvZ, and Chime (and all of them I’ve bought separately of any bundle).
        The first bundle game is on 19th place, and it is Botanicula, and it was quite special bundle (I already had all other games bought before, even Windosil).

        A good things are Steam summer camps, or treasure hunts, which encourages to play some games for acievements.

  2. Username: Andytizer
    Games Owned: 164
    Games Played: 89
    Games Never Played: 75
    Percentage Played: 54.27%
    Total Hours: 679.40

    Doesn’t quite add up to my total World of Warcraft hours though, scarily enough.

  3. Username: Asthota
    Games Owned: 71
    Games Played: 37
    Games Never Played: 34
    Percentage Played: 52.11%
    Total Hours: 156.60

    Also, Fallout: New Vegas adds up for almost half of my total playtime. And I still haven’t bought the DLC. 😀

  4. Games Owned: 165
    Games Played: 103
    Games Never Played: 62
    Percentage Played: 62.42%
    Total Hours: 1060.00

    For some reason Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game never gets recognized. so that another 250 hours

  5. Games Owned: 245
    Games Played: 189
    Games Never Played: 56
    Percentage Played: 77.14%
    Total Hours: 3245.10

    1700 hours in garry’s mod. I’ve spent my last 3 summers playing it almost exclusively, I don’t have any time to play it much now though.

  6. Just thought I’d leave a comment. I can’t speak for every independent developer, but for us it’s not just the purchase that matters, but having people play the game. The money keeps the games coming, but having people play the game, take notice, and engage is a huge morale boost. For those with unplayed indie games, just buckle down and try one at random. You may be surprised!

    • I do not know if it is matter of never having the intention of playing or feeling like these games were beneath them somehow. The deal is there are so many games being throw at consumers right now. Fantastic, cheap games that one person cannot hope to play all of them.

  7. Very cool site, something is foul in the state of Denmark tho. It brought to my attention the amount of errors in my Steam Account. Now, I know that if I play Borderlands, I can’t beat Zombie Island until I’m blue in the face, but because it is DLC, I will never register any Steam gameplay hours, at least according to my account. That said, there were quite a few games that I know that I have launched and played for short periods of time, yet there is now record of any gametime in Steam. The biggest offender is Half Life 2—-I’ve been a PC gamer all my life and bought Half Life 2 shortly after release, it was my FIRST Steam game, there is no way that my gametime should be 0.0 hours. Kinda sad to see the games I’ve plugged the most time into as well. :OP

      • I thought it was just the application, but then I saw the exact same results in my Steam account, so weird. The app matches with Steam’s info, but Steam’s info is blatantly wrong. Wonder if there’s a gap in accuracy, if it’s been so long since you played a game or something. Still an awesome app tho, I love seeing all the different stats condensed like that.

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