Get Ready For The Steam Summer Sale With SteamTool

One of the drawbacks to Steam is your games will always install into the directory where Steam resides.  With the Steam Summer Sale rapidly approaching, some may want to take this time to free up some much needed hard drive space.  With SteamTool, you can transfer your already installed Steam games to another directory, separate partition or an entirely different HDD.  For those who have used this application, share your thoughts in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Steam Summer Sale With SteamTool

  1. Nothing fantastic. With Valves resources, you think they could have come up with something themselves that worked in XP AND Windows 7! Instead they just use a freeware utility and wrap it up in a nice UI! The fact is casual gamers are more likely to have XP and a smaller hard drive. these technological answers for XP are not going to work!

    As to this utility working with Windows 7+, I still say they should not be using flaky freeware but should have developed something themselves. D2D and Impulse have and they have 1% of the cash of Valve!

    Too little too late I feel.

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